Rumor: Wii U spring system update available tonight

The Wii U's big spring system update might be available tonight. Nintendo's home page updated to say the "Latest System Update" is available now though currently the spring update isn't. This means that there is chance that the new update is hours away.

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MNGamer-N1696d ago

Faster, faster! Hurry up with the goodies!


if by "goodies" you mean games then yes hurry faster, faster!!!

Shnazzyone1696d ago

I'm assuming if it is set for thursday(reasonable timing with virtual console coming out friday) 12am pst. Checked now and still no update. Hoping 12am eastern though so i can get it done tonight.

jcnba281696d ago

Yes! Faster OS, virtual console and Rayman Legends online demo. Bring it!

NegativeCreepWA1696d ago

Here's to hoping my power doesn't flicker, breaking another one.

Ever since launch day, I'm terrified of Wii U updates!

jcnba281696d ago

Well you will be happy to know after this update you be able to download all future updates with the console turned off.

NegativeCreepWA1696d ago

Will that prevent a brick, if your console loses connection to the internet while updating though?

Elem1871696d ago

It will only brick if you lose power while its updating, not downloading.

Any device will brick if it loses power while its updating its firmware, including iOS devices and android deviecs... its not something specific just to Nintendo.

ZeekQuattro1696d ago

The Wii U doesn't brick if you lose internet access. It bricks if you for some reason you unplug or turn the console off while the update installs.

NegativeCreepWA1696d ago

Either way it should have a fail safe like any other device.

My first Wii U bricked on launch day because my power flickered.

Elem1871696d ago

Sorry NegativeCreepWA, any device will brick if you unplug while its updating its firmware.

Shnazzyone1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

I wonder what would happen if you unplugged an ps3 mid update install. Oh, the same thing. Wonder about 360... same thing. Never unplug your system during an update install EVER! So you should apply this fear to all consoles. So maybe get a generator if you somehow live somewhere where brownouts are common.

The fact people got angry about that whole thing is like getting pissed at the computer company when you dump a whole soda on your computer and it stops working.

NegativeCreepWA1696d ago

Actually it rarely happens and most devices have a fail safe in case this happens.

Btw, that's the worst comparison ever.

Realplaya1696d ago

It's funny because the whole power off talk was incorrect wasn't breaking systems.

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legendoflex1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

That entry's been there for at least a week, and refers to a past system update. (You know, the one that was released last month, hence after the "before December 4" update?)

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