Blu-ray reality check

With HD DVD deader than "Cavemen," Blu-ray survives as the only high-definition disc format. But for how long? With on-demand and, ultimately, online streaming and movie downloads, Blu-ray could look prehistoric in a hurry.

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LightningPS33749d ago

Sony could not have f*cken up worse if they tried. Next time focus on the games Sony. F*ck the day you got that stupid idea in your head, it was your downfall.

Actually the arrogance of winning the last 2 console races ended up being your downfall.

HarryEtTubMan3748d ago

Jealous XBOTS dont u see the sales of the 400-500$ ps3???/


GETPWNT3748d ago

Well done, lighting ferus. You have pwned every droid on this site with undeniable truth. The ONE thing they can't do ;)

Expy3749d ago

Another one of those digital download articles, clearly doesn't understand the market and the technology. ZERO for this article.

wow4u3749d ago

It happened to another story of mine once too, a perfectly valid story, but the Sony Defence Force on N4G reported it over and over with their BS reports:

Spam: (56 minutes ago)
Reported by: crazy25000

Lame: (1 hour ago)
Reported by: Jeanne

Lame: (1 hour ago)
just another opinion. Everyone has one on Blu ray.
Reported by: LightningFerus

jiinn3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Half of the traffic on the internet *right now* is already Digital Distribution of Media.

Plastic Discs are dead.

This is the present. Have you never heard of iTunes? Amazon Unbox? Pirate Bay? Napster? BearShare?

You're kidding yourself if you think that Digital Download isnt *already* the dominant distribution model.

The only people who arent doing it today are those who dont understand what BitTorrent is. When the masses get turned on to how easily these things work -- that you can pay a couple bucks and start watching your movie straight-away -- it will be all over for plastic discs of *all types*.

For f-sake, take a look at the Netflix ad on this page, here on N4G -- you know they *also* have a Download Rental Service eh?

I havent bought a non-game plastic disc in *YEARS*.

3749d ago
Alvadr3749d ago

'Plastic discs are dead' - Errrrm no.

Only tech-junkies and internet nerds commit themselves to digital downloads. The market requires something physical, people like a collection. If your hard drive dies then, bang, you have lost all your movies!

Digital downloads will not replace physical media for meny years to come.

Spydr073749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Yup, and decades ago when they made the first car that could fly the need for streets no longer existed, either. Yet here we are, still driving our cars on the paved roads of yesterday.

HD download may very well be the way of the future. It certainly does have some hype, and deservedly so, it has many advantages to its plastic cousin. But not all of the six billion plus people in the world even have access to a computer/internet, nor will everyone prefer digital, and so the need for will stay. Credit and debit cards haven't stopped those who still carry wads of cash, have they? An all out replacement may occur, but for now, long term coexistance is more likely.

Sayai jin3748d ago

Plastic disc are not dead, but I do see DD and Blu-ray/dvd disc becoming just like CD's and MP3's. MP3's did not make CD's obsolete, but it gave consumers an alternate.

I think a blu-ray reality check is that blu-ray one the format war between HD DVD and them. We are in a new era with other technology on the horizon, some might say it will be 10 ears while other say within the next few years. So lets agree to disagree on that. Another thing to think about is old technology. DVD shows no current signs for slowing down. DVD will still be the main choice for most consumers for a while, but that will not stop blu-ray owners from enjoying eye dropping visuals, but wait, thats just it the averge consumer does not care about those kind of visual, well at least not yet.

u got owned3748d ago

DD is the future not BR. Deal with it.

TheExecutive3748d ago

its funny how all the 360 and HD-DVD supporters are claiming DD is the future

Butt-hurt a little bit?

I have an idea, start paying attention to the tech industry and learn from it. then and only then will you start to gain long-term insight into what actually happens with the console/movie industry. Until then, you guys just look retarded.

mr_potato3748d ago

jiin currently your the moron who doesnt know anything cause bittorent is free and doesnt require you to pay anything.

After we have seen how mp3 destroyed part of the music industry you can be sure the same thing won't be happening with the movie one.

gonzopia3748d ago

"DD is the future not BR. Deal with it."

The far... far future. But if you want to download 20GB movies, be my guest. You'll be in the minority.

tethered3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

@ u got owned

I think you should change your name to:
*I got owned*

A little bitter? lol

@ gonzopia
You are 100% correct!

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nix3749d ago

slowly warm up to blu.

"nothing mends a broken heart like time, love and tenderness"... LOL! q:

Farsendor13749d ago

the people that are downloading stuff from the net sure aren't buying most of it.

think disk is still the way for developers,business,movie studios,gaming studios,music studios to earn money. but piracy needs to get a low blow and fast

Percy3749d ago

this moron says "Blu-ray survives as the only high-definition disc format" then goes on to say "With on-demand and, ultimately, online streaming and movie downloads". People who want to own a physical hd medium will buy blue ray it is there only choice. I don't know why he compares it to downloads thats a whole other group of purchasers. How many people have had their whole itunes library wiped out and had to purchase songs more than once. Who has the internet speed to do this i know where im at the fastest i get is 10megs and that is quite expensive. These people just have sore bottoms for some reason do to hd-dvds loss.

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