Steam finally adds download rate limiter

Well it's about time, a much requested feature has been finally added to the steam beta, the ability to set how fast you want to download a game. With this ability, you can still download games through steam while doing other things that require an internet connection on your computer, without having really slow speeds.

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JonahNL1823d ago

I hadn't noticed it yet. They added some extra features to the Downloads tab as well. Awesome.

TechnicianTed1823d ago

My connection's so fast I don't even notice when I browse the web while downloading.


bumnut1823d ago

Mine too, I can usually download a 15GB game in 20 mins.

Its a nice feature for people with slower connections though.

Irishguy951823d ago

I can download a 15GB game in...21 hours.

sourav931823d ago

Ooh 15GB in 20? Nice. Takes me around 40 mins. What's your d/l speed?

bumnut1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Im on Virgin media 120 Mb, I started out at 50 Mb, then they doubled it for free, then they put me up to 120 Mb for signing up to Tivo.

I can honestly say that 50 is fast enough for anyone, I would not have paid for 100 but it was free!

They are meant to be rolling out 250 Mb soon too

sourav931823d ago

120?! Nice. I'm on the virgin 60. Was on 30 but they doubled for free because of TiVo. Same as you lol. The thing is, even though you might say 50 is enough, people change they way they use the internet as their speeds get faster. So a person on a 10Mbps connection will use the internet differently to someone with 120, like yourself. So they will never be a limit (at least not for a while) to how fast our internet needs to be.

ReubenPatrick1823d ago

15GB in 20 mins huh....

How about 10 days....

metalgEer1823d ago

I wish we had 50MB internet speed here in Australia...... 15 GB here takes a week or 2 for me to DL and while I am downloading I can not even browse the web so I can only download late at night when I go to sleep.

peowpeow1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Hey metal some areas support 100Mbit. I know a few of my friends under Telstra cable or fibre? (most expensive ISP but what can you do?).

Took about 30-40 minutes to download that much. That's steam/origin though, fast servers

RockmasteR1822d ago

I can download 15 GB in........ 40 hours

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Skyshark19421823d ago

I haven't been on steam for a while, so i'm going to check this out.

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The story is too old to be commented.