Sony Aims To Invest Nearly $110 Million In Terre Haute Plant, Adding More Jobs

TERRE HAUTE - Sony, on the heels of its Blu-ray gaining the global high-definition DVD format, seeks to invest more than $101 million in new equipment and more than $7.4 million in property improvements at its Terre Haute plant.

The company, which plans to add at least 65 jobs, sought and received the first of two required approvals for tax abatement on the projects Thursday from the Terre Haute City Council.

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decapitator3751d ago

Am curious to see how big the next blu-ray profile update will be. Am sure it will bring a lot of things to the table...hopefully.

Mainman3751d ago

From what I know on the subject, the new profile (2.0) will only add internet capability to the current profile (1.1).

I could be wrong though.

pharmd3751d ago

i see nothin but blu skies from now on!

heyheyhey3751d ago


i am interested to see what exactly this investment will bring

maybe a BD player on my coffee mug or beer jug????

xplosneer3751d ago

cheaper prices because of more efficient production FTW.

Maddens Raiders3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

did anyone notice what the girls in the Carpet One advert were holding in their hands? Thought that was either very clever or a hefty coincidence. 8D

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