Microsoft and Yahoo Meet to Discuss Merger

Senior executives from Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O: Quote, Profile, Research) and Yahoo Inc (YHOO.O: Quote, Profile, Research) met on Monday to discuss Microsoft's takeover bid for the company, according to two people familiar with the matter.

The meeting was said to be the first since Microsoft made its unsolicited offer for Yahoo, worth nearly $42 billion, on January 31. Yahoo rejected the offer as inadequate last month.

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decapitator3533d ago

Man, if is going to happen, it should happen already. Microsoft needs yahoo to compete with google.

sonarus3533d ago

its goin down. really could care less about this. hopefully msn messenger and yahoo messenger don't merge. i like having both

decapitator3533d ago

To the best of my knowledge, I though Yahoo IM already had some sort of integration with Windowns live messenger?

sonarus3533d ago

yea you can add msn friends on yahoo and yahoo friends on msn. But yahoo is better for file transfer and photo sharing but i prefer msn interface. so like i said i like having both

heyheyhey3533d ago

jeez, again?

what an offer though

$42bn and they'll still get whupped by google- M$ should just spend that money on studios and exclusives for Xbox instead

EZCheez3533d ago

I would go buy another 360 tomorrow.

That's probably enough to R&D and make the next two generations of consoles.

Ariexv3533d ago

Gaming isn't their only focus, that's the truth for both Sony and MS. 42 billion is more then enough money to pretty much secure pretty much every single 3rd party game for the rest of this gen and the next, but MS is about Software as well and Google is a bigger threat to their company then Sony is.

heyheyhey3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )


exactly my point man- if M$ pour in all that money into Xbox then they could secure many many more customers such as you and i

it sounds crazy, but i think it would pay off eventually, despite the fact that the Xbox division isn't all that profitable for M$ and pouring in even more money would cause problems- it would eventually pay off though

the main issue is that spending all that money on Yahoo is not smart- Google would still kick ass

sonarus3532d ago

lol every once in a while gamers utter something smart. bubbles @ Ariexv

Z F1GHT3RS3532d ago

the xbox division is profitable. they have been making small profits since the halo era. people dont think so. but they do.

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RealityCheck3532d ago

I stayed with Yahoo even during the rise of Google but at the first sign that Yahoo is loosing its identity to Microsoft's assimilation I will be jumping ship and joining the Google crowd.

I've been involved in several acquisitions over the years and it never ends well for the company being acquired.