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This Guy Can Pilot A Helicopter And Snipe Enemies At The Same Time

Kotaku - Sure, you could opt to use an aircraft's weapons when in an aircraft. Or, you can use the altitude to your advantage as a sniper, as sSantzuu does here in Battlefield 3. One of these options is more impressive, if not more dangerous than the other. (Battlefield 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Donnieboi  +   765d ago
Nice lol! That was crazy! Some people are just SO good that they can take crazy chances like that in a match, and still come out in the the top 3. Amazing.
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Lockon  +   765d ago
This one is pretty good too

Donnieboi  +   765d ago
Hahaha! I loved how he T-bagged him after! Yo, since we're sharing video's--have you seen that notorious one where a dude jumps out of his burning jet, and while parachuting, snipes the enemy through that enemies jet window, then lands on & steels that same guys jet?

Epic! These guys are monsters.

Check it out below:

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RedDeadLB  +   765d ago
That's some pretty imaginative shit.
InUrFoxHole  +   765d ago
Not to shabby! I thought I was cool doing that with the huey mini gun. Sniping like that takes practice and good hand eye coordination.
brave27heart  +   765d ago
What you didnt see was the hundreds of attempts it took to get those few kills. Imaginative yes. Really skilled? Debatable.
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REDGUM  +   765d ago
This only happens in BATTLEFIELD. Lol. Great stuff.
4lc4pon3  +   765d ago
not even realistic at all. No wonder games these days are piss poor. jump out of a heli, snipe in mid air, return to heli. Yeah ok jump out of heli, attempt to snipe, get hit by suicidal heli, dead
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   764d ago
Realistic would mean no respawns and a permaban from the server once you die.

No game is truly realistic.
CaptainCamper  +   765d ago
Awesome ability to do that but I cannot help laugh when all the Battlefield 3 fans dog on COD fan boys for it being so unrealistic....
InUrFoxHole  +   765d ago
BF3 is more realistic in some ways but by no means is it a military sim. Operation flashpoint was more realistic than BF3. My main complaint about cod now it's like ur running on a hamster wheel of death and dedicated servers of course.
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   764d ago
Irregardless on how the shot was taken he still had to compensate for bullet drop. The way the air vehicles behave in BF3 is meant for fun instead of authenticity.
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Erudito87  +   765d ago
ive done better

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boldscot  +   765d ago
Come on guys, when did anyone ever say that Battlefield 3 was realistic?
If your looking for realism you best stay clear of Battlefield and Call of Duty.
DwightOwen  +   764d ago
No shit. Play Arma on PC if you want "realistic".
SITH  +   764d ago
The ultimate lone wolf.

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