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Next Generation Consoles Will Kill Young Gamers

Ed Smith of IBTimes UK writes: "I want to pull games away from that lucrative, pocket-monied core market of teenage boys. But how? Well,with the next generation of consoles, hopefully.

"I hope it happens; I hope games become more expensive on the consumer end.

"I want teenage boys to be priced out of videogames, basically. I'm hoping for videogames that will appeal to grown-up tastes. Money is a language publishers and console makers understand. If they find all of sudden that their target market is now watching Newsnight, they'll have to start watching Newsnight, too." (Industry, Next-Gen, PS4, Xbox One)

gamer42  +   763d ago
the average age of a gamer is 20-30 (30-37 in the 2005 survey, excluding iphone, pc, and only includes consoles and gaming handhelds), this comes from the entertainment software association. This means the majority of gamers are around your age or higher already. I have teenage casual gamer friends who like COD, madden, and thats it. I also have friends who would rather play uncharted, journey, SMG, and metal gear. You really can't only blame the teenagers for the popularity of games like COD, since it's gamers of all ages who buy it and will continue to do since it's 'cool' right now.

Also not everyone wants a serious game with underlying messages and such ( young and old) the majority of people, like it or not, just play games to pass the time and to have fun. They don't want games about about watergate, they want games about raceing and shooting and other simple stuff. that's where the money is and that's where game companies will stay as long as it's there. With or without the younger audience.

P.S I'm also still in my teens so my view may be biased
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SgtFuzzy-T  +   763d ago
how dare you put Iphone and Pc in the same excluding category :P
SpinalRemains138  +   757d ago
Your not biased. You're only stating what your needs are at this point, just like the writer of the article.

The thing is, your gaming tastes will indeed change when you become an adult. You will still probably enjoy shooters and racing games, but you will also learn to appreciate the deeper games more. That's the author's point. He wants the adult market to dictate development to suit his gaming needs.

This is all speculation anyway. I myself hate gaming on a phone and i hate motion gaming and shovelware, and yet there they are. Thousands of those titles abounding. No matter how many teens quit gaming, those titles will remain because adults play those games too. Everyones tastes are different I suppose.

There are also cultural differences. Japan doesn't play cod like the West does. They love their weird rpg games and such. In the end I dont think it matters much. There will always be devs making games for everyone. Some sell better than others but the niche markets are there.
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Donnieboi  +   763d ago
Most teens don't buy their own games with their own money. Their parents front them the cash, so I don't see how this will change anything.
dcbronco  +   763d ago
If your parents are "fronting" you money there are far bigger problems at home than video games.
Donnieboi  +   763d ago
lol. Yeah, I guess I could have used a better term for that. "Giving", perhaps.
GT67  +   763d ago
Been gaming since intellivision console "BURGER TIME"
i'll stop gaming when they open my coffin lol... even then gaming on psp haaaaaaaaa
Muigi  +   763d ago
You need to get laid.
bumnut  +   763d ago
You need a wife and a kid, then you will understand!
GT67  +   763d ago
@ muigi

ah, excuse me son watch your mouth
same to you bumnut

my kids are grown graduated from college and married with kids im a ganddad. as i said been gaming since Intellivision burger time 1984.... will be gaming in my coffin with my psp........
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Muigi  +   761d ago
@ GT67 Um I'm 21 and in college. Don't tell me what to do I live in America I can say what I want. Your married and a granddad and? Like who isn't at your age lol. What was your point in saying that?
jeffgoldwin  +   758d ago

"Don't tell me what to do I live in America I can say what I want"

You can say what you want and not get arrested, smartass, but that doesn't mean you wont get ripped on by others for making stupid comments, like you did.

You live in America and go to college, yet you have no idea this is how it works? And besides that, you spout off a jerk insult, and then cry when you get proven wrong that the previous post stating he does need get laid because he already does (as it apparently your life's goal--someday).

You really need to get smacked in the face all of the following reasons: a.) your stupid b.) for crying when someone didn't agree with your insult c.) for expecting someone to respect you being a jerk when you mouthed off first d.) for giving college kids (like myself) a bad name with your disrespectful, incompetent, and self-righteous attitude.
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SgtFuzzy-T  +   763d ago
Like this mens above me said teenagers get parents to buy games so it would only stop, "older" people that still have bills and stuff to pay, it would stop them from buying games so much

and you said you were 23 in the article if I'm not mistaken, your not that much older then the people that are playing these AAA titles FPS's so get off you high horse your not so much more sophisticated then everyone else.

lastly so that type of games are you looking for..... there is quite a variety of different good style games out there that are not just all FPS's.
dcbronco  +   763d ago
Opportunist just refuse to acknowledge that people like violence. From the days when a executions was entertainment to today's UFC and NASCAR. People want broken limps and car crashes. There isn't anything in our history that says otherwise.
GodsPerfectK7ng  +   763d ago
I thought people follow the (rated 18) on the game cover so what is the deal here???
ZoyosJD  +   762d ago
Honestly, it's bad parenting and kids naturally trying to get into what they are restricted from and told not to do. It's a rebellious nature of things...particularly here in America.

Now I'm not trying to stereotype, but there is some truth behind the these things when you look into the statistics.

There are a lot of good people, and even kids, but just like finding a hidden gem, you have to wade through a lot of **** to find them, may that be trolling forums, random games, or ****talking lobbies.
GodsPerfectK7ng  +   761d ago
If they are mature enough for games I'm good with that. They understand the concept of what is right and what is wrong then it is no problem I Believe. Probably 80% of teens though I imagine play COD or mine craft and that is a great game for teens!!!
dcbronco  +   763d ago
Yeah, kids should be guided to that "higher education" game. That's the one where sheep are fed into a system of money hungry opportunist that leave them indebted to the system for the rest of their lives. It will only kill them once it has no more use for them.

Games don't kill people, stupidity does. And the people that believe games kill people are just too stupid to realize they are being pimped by a pimp that pretends to protect them from another pimp.
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   763d ago
LOL @ the Article title...
josephayal  +   762d ago
sorry but nintendo will never surrender
enkeixpress  +   762d ago
"I hope it happens; I hope games become more expensive on the consumer end.

"I want teenage boys to be priced out of videogames, basically. I'm hoping for videogames that will appeal to grown-up tastes."


no.. just no.. *slow facepalm while shaking head*
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