Far Cry 2 - Video Presentation

Ubisoft presents in Live the forthcoming FPS title, Far Cry 2. Enjoy the video.

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tony3557d ago

for any hardcore gamer. its the best i have seen since project offset or crysis. runner up for game of the year in my list.

sonarus3557d ago

yea looks nice. I like the gun jamming and the fact you can pull out bullets from your body with pliers

Rice3557d ago

huh wat....You can do that....Oh man i guess this game is going on my buy list...

power of Green 3557d ago

I agree with #1 in the gamer zone looks stunning and behind that Warhound. These are the best looking FPS's I'v seen.

power of Green 3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Thats why I'm glad MSFT designed the 360 just like one.

If you look at the inteface menue in this second video you can see its running on the 360(red button on the right and green on the left).

Wasn't talking about PC but now that you mentioned it I'm glad to be a 360 owner due to the simularities. Its going to be a toss up between these two of which one is the Cryisis of the consoles; WarHound is already labeled as such.

mighty_douche3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

I'll just get it for the PC, the console (either console) version is always heavily gimped.

power of Green 3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Dungeon Hero, Alan Wake, Gears of War 2, Splinter cell C will be graphical monsters.

All this footage is just for show much of its polish isn't even added yet.

iAmPS33557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

POG, those titles are nothing compared to MGS4 and GT5:P, your console can barely run Gaylo 3 at 640p 30fps, they're gonna need voodoo to make Far Cry 2 run on your ToastBox 360!!!!!

BTW that footage was not from the 360, they were showing the PC version.

And Queers of War 2 ??? LOL, won't offer that much improvement, just some destructible enviroment simulation, gelly materials and water worse than Uncharted, 360 can't do much more than that.

doodle3557d ago

can you please complain to the MODS about this

POWER OF GREEN aka MART is a 35 year OLD gamer who was caught RED HANDED by RESISTANCE100 when he commented at his blog.

So how many accounts do you have MART aka POWER OF GREEN

LOL @mart

That was the PC version. the x360 version wont look like that. The PS3 version might since the DEVS said that PS3 owners would be "ecstatic" at UBIDAYS in may

lol Warhound/Call of Juarez FART aka POG you bring these garbage looking game to contest UNCHARTED

Others again MART aka POG was caught red handed at RESISTANCE100's website

LOL mart .....graphical monsters like Splinter Cell/Dungeon Hero / even those cartoon games are compared to ULTRAREALISTIC UNCHARTED

x360 designed in such a way that you get RROD minutes after purchase

doodle3557d ago

OMGGGG this FART talks trash all day

Others this is WARHOUND FOOTAGE . It looks nowhere near CRISIS/FARCRY 2/HAZE

War Hound looks like a generic N64 like Game


MART aka POWER OF GREEN was caught red handed by RESISTANCE100


what a shame ? a 35 year OLD gamer is doing this

Oilers Fan3556d ago

Doodle, I come to the open zone to see funny comments by the likes of ken, kaz, bill gates, dark sniper and most of them are hilarious. You on the other hand are just freaking annoying. So this includes your other accounds of nasim,tidus, and the million other accounts you have. You are not funny, and are just annoying unlike the rest. I cant stand reading your damn comments and i just feel like smashing your ps3 infront of you while you watch.

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mighty_douche3557d ago

meh... Get out of the jeep already... SHOOT SOMETHING!

belal3557d ago

yes but not any GOTY lol it wont even shift units i belive. it will sell well but not like 5 mill each.

ps3 will be the better choice mgs4 FTW kilzone2 FTW crisis on ps3 FTW far cry on ps3 FTW face it 360 is doomed

----------------------------- ------------------------------- ----------

PEACE OUT the BOSS has spoken

mr_potato3557d ago

Lol im sry but the begining of that vid looked so much like Haze.

yes i know Farcry 2 will kill the game in graphick dep but the quality of that video was pure sh__It

tony3556d ago

don't know what video did you watch.

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The story is too old to be commented.