#XboxReveal - Official 720 Reveal Dated

MajorNelson Writes:

'On Tuesday May 21st, we’ll mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment. On that day, we’ll be holding a special press event on the Xbox campus and we invite you to join us via the live global stream that will be available on, Xbox LIVE and broadcast on Spike TV if you are in the US or Canada.'

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AngelicIceDiamond1580d ago

Now fanboys will have something to officially troll in several weeks.

sengoku1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

ahgg finally an official announcement

darthv721580d ago

and 'games' was listed first. I like that.

nukeitall1580d ago

Sh!t is about to get hot in here! Especially for trolls and fanboys.

I couldn't care less and is just really excited. Problem is, it is a freaken month away!

DragonKnight1580d ago

@darthv72: Doesn't really mean anything, but "TV" was listed too so that pretty much confirms that the Nextbox is going to be about tv in part.

Braid1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

About friggin' time. People were kind of going insane over the vague rumors recently. Finally Microsoft will be putting an end to the trolling (and ironically, open the road for new ones).

I'm expecting to see some Alan Wake 2 footage myself. Yeah folks, you heard it here first.

darthv721580d ago

I know its just the wording but they could have made it alphabetical:

"entertainment, games & TV"

View it that way if that suits your preference.

1580d ago
BlindGuardian1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

so this happened exactly as the rumors predicted it was going to

wonder what other rumors will be confirmed as well...


the fact that the are placing "games and TV" at all on the same sentence with "games" on a game console announcement is in itself cause for concern

gaffyh1580d ago

@BlindGuardian - True, but the source that first leaked this date did also say that an internet connection was only required for certain apps. In any case, I'm just glad that MS has officially announced the event, but it feels very late IMO, because E3 is only a couple of weeks later.

nypifisel1580d ago

That they put "Gaming" first doesn't mean anything. Now I'm a PC gamer but I have liked what the PS4 has shown so far (Since it will effect PC gaming positively). But what you probably can read into that "of games, TV and entertainment." Is that games will be sharing focus with entertainment and TV. Which would actually speak for it to be less about games than the PS4.

A box can do many things decently or one thing great! So I for one did not like that wording.

van-essa1580d ago

Hahah N4G, never change. This place is still ruled by the Sony fanboys.

Anyway, on topic, It's great to finally have an official announcement. I can't wait to see what they have in store for us.

DragonKnight1580d ago

@Donkey Kong 286,000 Points: "The fact that they chose to put "games" first speaks volumes about their priorities."

No it doesn't. If anything all it does is try to ease the potential backlash of "we've focused more on TV and Entertainment but look, it still plays games."

I can't believe people are reading into the order in which Major Nelson placed these mediums. Really?

darthv721580d ago

Im not into marketing but isnt it generally that you lead with your strongest point?

So putting games first may not seem like much to those who dont care for MS but it could be the premise that it will be a focus like the other two.

i mean all of these consoles do more than games. They all offer tv features and other forms of entertainment. so what is really the harm in how they word it? If they word it in the order of importance or alphabetical or whatever....we all know that all three will be points of interest for someone.

how these points appeal to people will differ. What should matter most is if they will give a price and date of availability.

minimur121580d ago

when it is officially announcd, I wonder how many comments will get greyed out from n4g for trolling

greenpowerz1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

I'm having trouble figuring out to which rumors you are referring to. Are you talking about the new positive rumors supposedly corrected after getting more detailed info or the old misunderstood abused negative rumors based on the misunderstanding of the new info? *head explodes*


"First, I'll admit some things that I originally hinted at in the first pastebin are now not going to happen. the date, as you may know by now was pushed back back to May," So this is Vgleaks article about how a different source had the same info

"We have recieved new information about the latest Xbox Roadmap. Our source unveils new details for Durango, Xbox mini and the Microsoft Strategy"
First ones that came across the info independently from the PasteBin guy.

The dude that first reported on the leaked info and 720 reveal date, first corrected the reveal date, then weeks later corrected his misunderstanding of the xbox hardware as you most likely know due to the amount of stories that floated around the web two weeks ago(Not on N4G ;)

Just putting all the rumors out there since you were not clear on which ones you were talking about :)

BlindGaudian writes: "the fact that the are placing "games and TV" at all on the same sentence with "games" on a game console announcement is in itself cause for concern"

Multi Tasking Media Consoles are what made next gen, next gen! and has shaped the rest of the digital realm/industry. I doubt a envious hater's opinion is going to undo what consumers expect from electronics in this day in age, when the spend their hard earned cash. LMAO

just_jeff1580d ago


I don't think they, nor Sony, deserve any extra credit for focusing on "gaming." They are videogame consoles, that is their primary function.

I think what most people are "afraid" of is the possibility that the other features could take away from the "gaming" part of "videogame console." They're concerned that MS, instead of focusing 100% on gaming is now split. A certain % goes to gaming focus, another goes to trying to work on deals with TV networks and Cable companies and making that work, another goes to Kinect tech. Their concern is that somewhere in this last gen MS saw the potential of the casual "gamer" and how well the Wii sold... and that MS is slowly moving away from strictly "gaming." Next Next gen could see the new X-Box as just having a feature to play games. It's a entertainment hub for the living room: It plays movies, streams movies, it has DVR functions, has apps... oh and you can play videogames.

Microsoft is a smart company, they've done the research. They know their is a limit to the gaming market audience. They're a company that lives to make money, what company doesn't. This gen could be a vision into the future of what the X-Box will ultimately become... A TV and Entertainment device that plays videogames...

There are some that would like that to happen, but it would be a shame if the videogame industry lost X-Box as a "game" console.

Good_Guy_Jamal1580d ago

Good to finally have an official date. With any luck the naysayers can shut up about a console that hasn't even been announced yet.

bintarok1580d ago

Not really surprised TBH, Micro goes to use the word "home entertainment center" for the new xbox. It might only be ideal for those who don't want their entertainment room being cluttered by cable boxes, consoles, etc.

I guess it boils down to each company's business plan, if one just imitates another then you'll see the opposite fans may go ballistic over copying ideas. Like the old Apple slogan, 'Think Different'

Let Sony be Sony, and Micro be Micro. Not Sony be Micro, or the other way around.

Bigpappy1580d ago

good to see has stuck to their guns. This is how they always reveal (Just before E3). M$ marches to the beat of their own drum. They will continue as planed. No need to rush because the competition decided they needed to.

I look forward to see what they have to offer so I could compare the 2 offerings. I really what to see what Kinect 2 will be all about. I have already seen some of the new gestures illustrated on the PC, but I know there is much more. E3 is where the surprise game line-up will be shown. Console release are always exciting and the hype is going to build from here on.

Army_of_Darkness1580d ago

"Ms marches to the beat of their own drums"

No need to rush just because the competition did?! Lmfao!!!! Oooh boy.. if you don't know why i'm laughing this hard then your lost too...

Sevir1580d ago

and co have been hard at work on! I'm excited to see what they offer, i dont care too much about the TV offerings, its the games that interest me!... I'll be watching it for sure!

SilentNegotiator1580d ago

"and 'games' was listed first. I like that"

It's easy to order your list to appease people. Let's see if they actually break their way of doing things from the last few years, though.

Boody-Bandit1580d ago

The only thing I am interested in May 21st is MS to confirm whether or not they will support used and rental games.

InMyOpinion1580d ago

@DragonKnight - Why would other features take away from games?

I watch Netflix on my Xbox 360 and Halo 4 still plays the same. Do your PS3 games lose quality when you browse the web on it?

It's a stupid argument. Having more features built-in doesn't have to take away anything from how the games look or play.

insomnium21580d ago


I think he means the way Kinect took away from core gamers with x360. The amount of core games went way down compared to the first half of x360's lifecycle when Kinect arrived.

This event will be watched by the millions and we will see if MS is willing to put some effort and please the core gamer or if they will continue the casual line like they've been on for the last 3-4 years. There's no running away now. The truth shall set us free. LOL!

Word of caution though. Unless MS comes out banging with core games (exclusive new ips too) there will be a meltdown of the internet.

camel_toad1579d ago

Forget fanboys, this is great for people that like games who don't care what system they play on.

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ardivt1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

I hope the hardware is as promising as the ps4 hardware seems to be.
epics and konamis tech demos look stunning

Shuyin1580d ago

You mean EPIC's and.. Campcom's, right??

ardivt1580d ago

I meant kojimas FOX engine. But You're right, it's not really konami

NobleTeam3601580d ago

Wow someone who actually gave a good comment? I never thought I'd see that on this website.

grailly1580d ago

it's just before E3, I wonder how they'll handle it. They are going to have to do two big unveils in under a month, I hope they have enough content.

Christopher1580d ago

They have games and a bit more info to show at E3. They just don't want E3 to be all about the console being shown and have it overshadow the games.

Cam9771580d ago Show