Nintendo Proves Again Why The 3DS Is The System To Own

Brett writes - "In case you missed Nintendo’s newest “Direct” video where they showcase their coming attractions to the public, it was, well, pretty damn good. Just like the February edition where Pokemon X and Y were announced. In the portable war between 3DS and Vita, here’s why the Vita is sitting on the ropes begging for somebody to cut his eye…again. While some things announced were for the Wii U, such as New Super Luigi U, the clear focus was portable gaming. And that wasn’t a bad decision by any means."

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xHeavYx1857d ago

And not a single new IP was seen, plus 5 games have Mario in some way (either as a main character or as part of the "supporting cast) Yeah, go buy your 3DS

KentBlake1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

I don't get people disagreeing with a fact. I have a 3DS, but it's the same old IPs over and over. Good games, alright, but hardly new.

princejb1341857d ago

Agree the only game I'm excited for is yoshis island

ape0071857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

dude in quality and quantity the 3DS beats the crap out of the vita, the 3DS has fresh ideas and tons of games, not mini ps3, who the F*** want to play nfs mw downscaled or lbp karting, people are smart

super mario 3D land is a fresh "handheld only" take on the legendary series that is keeping going STRONG (sales, scores, respect) since 1985, not a game that went STALE after 8 years KRATOS !!

Highlife1857d ago

You can have your handheld toy. For it will be the last. As for the games not be STALE you have to be kidding yourself it is the same old sh!t year after year.

ape0071857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )


"You can have your handheld toy"

another generic internet tough guy

grimmweisse1857d ago

Another generic keyboard warrior!

eferreira1857d ago

Don't have to bring the vita into this. It's targeted for a different audience. I enjoyed need for speed on the vita, it was perfect for my on the go trips.

I enjoy both handhelds but I tend to play my vita more. Does that make me stupid?

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1857d ago

"the 3DS has fresh ideas"

Re-read the first comment.

"who the F*** want to play nfs mw downscaled or lbp karting, people are smart"

I kinda do, plus Little Big Planet Karting isn't on the Vita genius. That statement followed by the "people are smart" bit was just LOL worthy.

"super mario 3D land is a fresh handheld only"

So is Gravity Rush. Only Gravity Rush is alot more "fresh" than anything Mario related 32 years/thousands of games after his inception.

"not a game that went STALE after 8 years KRATOS"

Not exactly handheld related but i guess you had to say something.

Mounce1857d ago

@ape007 - So you're a butthurt fanboy in your first post.

And your second post, you call someone a TOUGH GUY for calling your handheld toy a handheld toy?

How the fuck is he a TOUGH GUY for calling an electronics product, a video game handheld Toy, a TOY? How does that make him TOUGH?!

Insecurities much? My god the defensive mechanism on you is as blatantly obvious as the sun in the sky. rofl

ape0071856d ago


thank you for analyzing my personality, i want you to be my personal therapist

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Neckbear1857d ago

Bravely Default? Project X Zone? The shitload of eShop new IPs?

Anon19741857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

So, still no reason for anyone over the age of 13 to buy one, I take it. There's nothing wrong with that, Nintendo certainly knows their demographic, but to make the bold claim that "the 3ds is the system to own", perhaps you should add a disclaimer or something, because I certainly don't see any reason to own one. Don't blow smoke up our asses. Clearly the 3DS isn't the "system to own" for everyone.

Again, this isn't meant to disparage the 3DS, but let's face facts. It's not for everyone any more than the Vita is.

testerg351857d ago

Well it does seem that that 3DS is meant for a lot more people than the Vita is.

Anon19741857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

I never said otherwise. But to claim it's "THE SYSTEM TO OWN,"...for whom? Kids? Women? The elderly? For everyone? While it may appeal to a bigger demographic of those in the market for a mobile game device, it's certainly not for everyone. I would never dream of writing an article claiming the Vita the only game console you'll ever need, or something equally ridiculous.

I just hate it when articles make grandiose claims like this, even in opinion articles, because anyone with half a brain is going to read that title and roll their eyes. As if a handful of upcoming kids games somehow "proves" anything, other than Nintendo is marketing the 3DS directly at kids and has no intention of letting up (nor should they).

I mean, could and article be any more biased? It doesn't offer up any comparison or rationale to even attempt to back up it's claims. At least try! This isn't an opinion piece so much as it's a bloody advertisement.

Edit below: Oh come on now. It's not like it's a huge industry secret. Nintendo has geared every single product primary towards kids for the past 20 years, and I've said over and over, it's not a bad thing. Nintendo knows their core demographic and they cater to it. There's nothing inflammatory or divisive about pointing out something we've all known for decades, and something Nintendo has never tried to hide.

I'm not trying to start a fight with anyone, other than those that think "opinion piece" means you should turn your articles into chest pounding for your favourite piece of tech.

chadboban1857d ago

"Over the age of 13"

Come on man, you can't be serious. Those kind of generalized statements are one of the many reasons why the gaming community is so damn segregated and always fighting amongst ourselves. If there's nothing that interest you on the system, that's more than fine but don't use the "just for kids" thing as an excuse. That's just plain weak.

Also, try selling Shin Megami Tensei 4, Soul Hackers, Bravely Default or Monster Hunter to kids below 13, because honestly most of them won't care. The 3DS has a nice library of games that appeals to everyone and it continues to grow. I hope to see both it and the Vita succeed because honestly, the Vita is in real bad shape right now. Hope Soul Sacrifice can probably turn things around.

3-4-51857d ago

IF it's fun and it's a good game, then why complain about it.

Just because a game has Mario in it doesn't make it worse.

You complain about that but I'd guess you'd probably love a sequel of your favorite games.

xHeavYx1857d ago

You are talking with a COD mentality. Nintendo has been spamming the same games for years, with 1 or 2 improvements or slightly better graphics

AdvanceWarsSgt1857d ago

Nintendo spams Mario the character, I agree.

Nothing wrong with making neglected games/IPs like Luigi's Mansion or Kid Icarus: Uprising though. In fact, along with new IPs, that's what Nintendo fans want Nintendo to do.

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DA_SHREDDER1857d ago

Cannot wait for Project X.

Cam9771857d ago

No it isn't. They've been relying on old franchises for too long, Nintendo should really buck their ideas up and change their predictable, tiresome release style.

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LOGICWINS1857d ago

Five Mario spinoffs and more sequels? Oh yes! People are lining up at Target for their new 3DSs right now.


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