Capcom: All Canceled Projects Were Unannounced Games

Capcom has confirmed that the recent cancellation of several Western developed games does not include any titles that have already been announced. This includes Dontnod Entertainment's Remember Me.

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majiebeast1371d ago

If its Onimusha or Megaman i will burn Capcom to the ground!

Wedge10821371d ago

Most likely it was a bunch of junk that nobody wanted anyway.

Abash1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

Hopefully DmC 2 was one of them, we need a true Devil May Cry game again

Blacktric1371d ago

"All Canceled Projects Were Unannounced Games"

Because that makes it better, right? What if one of them was Dino Crisis 4?

I swear to God I'll destroy Capcom HQ if that's the case.

HammadTheBeast1371d ago

Yes, but everyone just loves the dlc right?


Pillsbury11370d ago

Isn't that all that crapcom is making now?

listenkids1370d ago


Like 4? Trololol.

VersaVulture891370d ago

I'd hate to see a Dino Crisis, Onimusha or Megaman game canceled. Capcom has been letting fans down for years. I've played Capcom games a lot during the past few years, but they're not the great company they used to be.

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Neckbear1371d ago

I don't think I want to see Onimusha or Megaman made by western devs...

Wedge10821371d ago

I'd take a WayForward Megaman.

ApolloTheBoss1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

Godmars2901371d ago

Remember what kind of shape they're in creatively, then be thankful Onimusha was canceled at least.

That FP Megaman they canceled before all this mess had me curious.

raiden-491371d ago

I think they where all Megaman just to piss us off....

Blaze9291371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

I love how they just forgot about that Resident Evil PSP project...

honestly Capcom, this gen you have been absolutely terrible.

Venox20081371d ago

wow, thats just what I 've wanted to say :) anyway those games and..

Haunting ground 2

sourav931371d ago

Get in line buddy. I've already got my flamecannon (yes cannon, not thrower) ready.

adorie1370d ago

This is Capcom we're talking about here. Trade in your flame canon for a solar flare.

OrbitalBT1370d ago

"If its Onimusha or Megaman i will burn Capcom to the ground!"

makes it hard to believe that video games don't encourage violent behavior. my guess is you forgot to place a "sarcasm" label.

hulk_bash19871370d ago

Yeah because I'm so sure he meant that literally. /s

OrbitalBT1370d ago

yeah, i just don't get why someone would care to go out of his way to type that, or be so angry over games. anyways, whatever.

PooEgg1370d ago

I dislike Capcom too, but I agree with Orbital, some of these comments are over the top. As for me, I would never even joke about burning a company to the ground, because in this day and age comments like that are not funny and they reflect badly on the gaming community.

MYSTERIO3601370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

i don't get it, why can't they just outsource these western developed games? I will be very upset if one of them is Onimusha or Dino crisis

TBONEJF1370d ago

SERIOUSLY CAPCOM must BRING BACK MEGA MAN!! pronto. I'm sick and tired of them not release certain titles like u said ONIMUSHA. But too me i think CAPCOM is paying out too their greedy a$$ executives so they can close out CAPCOM in definitely

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sherimae24131371d ago

so i guess it safe to assume that i will never see a game for the vita made by capcom in the future -_-

rainslacker1371d ago

I'm sure their fighting games will be ported over at some point. Wouldn't mind seeing some of their RPG selection for it.:(

Sadly they don't seem to want to support the Vita. While I don't agree with all their business decisions this gen, they still have some good games in their catalog.

sherimae24131370d ago

even if its just ports of their ps2 games,
i will be very happpy....
hope they have something for the vita, in the future....
they support the psp.. why left the vita now..
they would gain profit for it since until now its not been hacked right?

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GodsPerfectK7ng1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

A new Onimusha would be Epic!! Must be for the reboot of resident evil!

Dante_0071371d ago

My guess would be a DMC2 Since the first didn't hit gold in their standards or dead rising3

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