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Ability of Playstation 4 Equivalent High-End PC

Developer of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt spoke about the PlayStation 4 (PS4) that will be launched this year. He said that the PlayStation 4 is a Personal Computer (PC) in the high-end class. (PS4, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

viatext  +   945d ago
of course
RyuCloudStrife  +   945d ago
Yes, and I believe it'll stay there for 1-2 1/2 years because of OPTIMIZATION.

Do you PC gamers know what that means?


Yeah that's exactly how the PS4's graphics will be CGI, Deep Down says *HI*.
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CGI-Quality  +   945d ago
Why take a dig @ PC gamers? This is why they talk about console-only people to begin with, because of nonsense like that.
CommonSenseGamer  +   945d ago
You know, I recall it was said the PS3 was capable of Pixar quality visuals....

I'm not doubting the capability of the PS4 but just like every piece of tech, its outdated as soon as it hits the shelves.
forum67  +   945d ago
what do you mean by "you PC gamers" ? o.0
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SlapHappyJesus  +   945d ago
Another console fan lapping up the pandering most game journalism takes to.
Buy yes, PS4 is absolutely on the level of a high-end gaming pc.
No sarcasm here.

PS4 iz soooo BEAST!
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decrypt  +   945d ago
High end PCs.. Run games far above 30fps period.
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The_Infected  +   945d ago
"If you look at a PC, said Cerny, "if it had 8 gigabytes of memory on it, the CPU or GPU could only share about 1 percent of that memory on any given frame. That's simply a limit imposed by the speed of the PCIe. So, yes, there is substantial benefit to having a unified architecture on PS4"

But PC gamers think they know more than an architect. I just choose to ignore dumb arguments and play. Can't wait for next gen consoles:)
T900  +   945d ago

He is a Sony Rep so obviously will talk down PCs, its common sense.

I believe in benchmarked evidence on what really is the real deal. Hard OCP did an article on PCIe 2.0 VS 3.0.

It was observed never mind the 3.0 standard (which is quite new), even the 2.0 is no where near being a bottle neck.

Hard OCP had 3x GTX 680 in TRI sli and 3X HD 7970 in crossfire to prove this point.


If PCIe was such a bottlneck we wouldnt see a benefit of higher performance GPUs on the PC, performance would just stagnate because of the bottle neck. AMD and Nvidia would be running behind increasing the PCIe spec.

Even then if Mark Cerny feels like PCIe is a bottleneck which benchmarks prove it isnt, why doesnt he discuss PS4 bottlenecks?

1. GDDR 5 RAM used with CPU (GDDR5 is high latency RAM), CPUs dont do well with high Latency.

2. The CPU is a tablet CPU, which is probably the reason why the games are running at 30fps.

3. The GPU is a mobile GPU, its hardly mid range as of today. Probably a reason why BF 4 is said to be 720p.

So why not bring up PS4 bottlenecks before bringing up PC bottlecnecks which according to benchmarks dont even exist. Until mark cant show us benchmarks showing this limitation, we will have to take Hardocps word on it.
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cayleee  +   945d ago

Everyone has their own definition of High end. For Sony apparently 30fps is high end.

Since their standards are low its no surprise they think PS4 is high end.
inveni0  +   945d ago
Let's just wait for side-by-side comparisons.

Oh wait...you can't do that with exclusives.

And I think the point here is that PS4 games are going to look and play awesomely, and you won't feel left out if you aren't playing on PC.
ATi_Elite  +   945d ago
The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race!
"OMG Not another ATi_Elite Post I hate this guy" LOL

1. @ The Science Guy: YES I know what Optimization means cause Nvidia and AMD release Driver updates CONSTANTLY that improves the performance of New and OLD Games.

Besides Optimization can only get you X amount of Performance improvement but over all you still need RAW Power to achieve 1080p 60fps on Ultra.

2. Ability of Playstation 4 Equivalent High-End PC:

FALSE!!! A High end PC can Game at 1080p, Stream at 720p, SKype, Web Browse, Do your Taxes, and Burn a DVD/CD all at the same time.

Now a PS4 is capable of 1080p Gaming, they have a Streaming service although no Resolution has been stated and I'm sure it will come with a web browser but other than that, that's it.

PC's Do more than just play Games. So Why do people try to just Limit PC's to Gaming ONLY machines when they are Multi-tasking Computers. Gaming is only ONE part of what a High End PC does.

3. "Graphics are NOT everything blah blah blah" = Typical Fanboy reply after I start talking about 1600p @ 60 fps on Ultra.

Yeh I'm tired of talking about Graphics too cause I wanna see some Console Games with Huge Open worlds, more Gameplay Genres, and BETTER NPC A.I.

4. Now Gaming wise Yes I would AGREE a PS4 is CLOSE to a High End PC if the PC's ONLY function was to Game.

The PS4 is gonna do some wonderful things. Take Knack for example, that Game looks AWESOME graphically and gameplay wise and I'm 100% sure this is only the tip of a lot of gaming innovation on consoles.

5. I realize Sony/MS Marketing departments gotta do what they gotta do to get the Fanboys HYPED up to shell out $500 dollars on a new system that has NO BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY but this PS4/X720 vs. PC debate is STUPID...........

Especially since PC's do more than just play Games which is the main point of my Post.

People trying to Pigeon Hole the PC into just being a Game ONLY Machine and NOT taking account of all the things a PC does very well all at once just doesn't sit right with me.
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Kanzes  +   945d ago
PS4 can stream a 4K movies
yess  +   945d ago
Calm down and go play some Minecraft or something.
FanMan  +   945d ago
Why do I get the feeling that you spend more time bashing consoles and jerking off to pcs than actually playing games on pc?
BitbyDeath  +   945d ago
Pretty sure devs who have hands on experience have a bit more knowledge than you ATi.
ShinMaster  +   945d ago
@ ATi_Elite
Every time a developer (who's had actual experience and knowledge of a console) says something positive about certain consoles, you
PC "elites" get insecure. Always trying to prove something.

Nvidia doesn't develop games. Updating drivers doesn't even compare with console optimization. PC games have to be able to run on a wide range of systems.
Comparing console specs with PC specs is also pointless. You can call consoles "low-end" all you want, but at the end of the day, the PS3 version of games like Tomb Raider look as good as the PC version on medium-high settings. If they can squeeze Crysis 3 into consoles with ~512mb of ram, they'll be able to do a lot more with 8GBs.
Specs aren't everything, when games look and play the same.

""PC's do more than just play Games""
You're preaching to the choir. We all know that. Almost everyone has a computer. People just choose not to play games on them.
I don't know why that's so hard to understand.
Fishy Fingers  +   945d ago
Console guys bashing PC guys. PC guys bashing console guys... Who wins? No one, you all look like douchbags.

It gets boring to reading in every single thread.
MrDead  +   945d ago
PC can do this PS4 can do that blah, blah, blah.... None of you deserve to play on any platform, you are all as sad as each other.

I think I hate all of you, and you will not be getting an invite to my birthday party... which will have a bouncy castle..... and the Playboy bunny petting zoo.
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ATi_Elite  +   941d ago
Penthouse is way better.

no comment on bouncy castle
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Sarobi  +   945d ago
Hmm, interesting.
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Majin-vegeta  +   945d ago
Idk if this has been confirmed yet or not.Are we allowed to use external hard drives??
landog  +   945d ago
16x anti aliasing
60 frames


a high end pc from 2011 is already far, FAR beyond anything ps4 can do
Salooh  +   945d ago
PS4 will be able to run current generation games with the specs you are saying. What was shown is another level of gaming that pc still didn't provide(Only1 or 2 games right now that take a little advantage of it). We all know pc is powerful then consoles. It will always be like that but you forget that PC is tied in consoles hands. Developers won't take advantage of pc until the next generation consoles released. So get over your ego. PS4 is great news for you even if you don't like it. Give credit for the good side of consoles. We are getting great games such as killzone and you can't play it without ps4. It's a shame you mis this kind of games to show off. Pc still don't have 8gb of gddr5 but you see us show off ?. Gaming is not only about specs..

Pc can run games on 4k but doesn't mean developers will use it.
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Pandamobile  +   945d ago
"Pc still don't have 8gb of gddr5 but you see us show off"

Yes. In just about every submission that mentions PS4 hardware this is brought up at least once lol.

"Pc can run games on 4k but doesn't mean developers will use it."

Developers don't have to use it. All they have to do is support it (which a lot of engines already do). People with Vision and Eyefinity setups are usually running games at resolutions higher than 4K already.
Salooh  +   945d ago
It's not only the ram. There are other new things the ps4 will bring us. Such as the apu or the features like playing while downloading the game. Or entering a live streaming and controle instead of the host. Downloading while the ps4 is turned off. Or controlling the ps4 with vita(may even let us do it while we are outside). Gaikai.....etc

As you see. There are benefits of next generation. PC is not only for gaming. consoles focus on them so almost all the specs go to it so both are different. It's stupid to compare. If i had the money i would take both because both give us different experience.

Remember that i'm just telling you the good side of the consoles. I'm not saying which one better..
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Somebody  +   945d ago
"PC is tied in consoles hands"
"PS4 is great news for you even if you don't like it." and then you said:
"We are getting great games such as killzone and you can't play it without ps4" How is that great for PC gamers?

And console gamers wondered why some PC gamers hate console gamers. PC gamers have been using DX9 for years and were eager for DX10 to make its debut. Nooo...instead MS released X Box 360, forced Alan Wake (the first game that supposed to be a glorious DX10 masterpiece) to become a console exclusive and suddenly DX10 development was stunted. DX11 offered better performance but not many cared to develop it until recently. And we're supposed to be to be happy that consoles held PC gaming back?

For years we have been called arrogant Elitists (the latest one would be PC Nazis) who played on unoptimized and expensive hardware. Fools in the eyes of console gamers because you can play the same games on the much more cheaper and optimized consoles. And yet...console makers unashamedly stole features, parts, the very architecture from the PC to make the next gen consoles and console gamers told us we're supposed to be thankful for that?

For every console generation released, there are several generations of PC CPUs and GPUs that had come and gone. Your precious PS4 APU wouldn't have existed if there aren't any PC gamers willing to buy AMD and Intel's CPUs (I add Intel because it's latest CPUs forced AMD to concentrate on the lower end of the market thus attracting Sony and MS for next gen). Your beloved GDRR5 would've been obscenely expensive if it weren't for PC gamers who made the price go down by buying card after cards since 2008.

It's more like the consoles needed the PC more than the PC needed it. Go ahead, have fun with your PS4. I'll still be building my own gaming PCs and help develop the several generations of PC hardware. Hardware that will future consoles will eventually steal - What? Where do you think your PS5's quantum CPU comes from?

So give credits to the good side of PC gaming (those who mod, benchmark CPUs, overclock stuff that are already stable, wrangle with thermal pastes and play with dangerous voltage settings) because your future consoles depend on them.
landog  +   945d ago
"PS4 will be able to run current generation games with the specs you are saying"

you are kidding right??

ps4 will only being doing 720p in bf4

but you think it could run bf3 in 2560x1600???

im not understanding

ps3/360 have run games 2 full generations behind pc games since 2007, now pc is over 3 generations beyond ps3/360

ps4 is already a gen behind pc dude, you are completely out of your mind if you think ps4 will even be able to come close to a high end pc from 2011

this fall is gonna be so funny, everyone thinks they'll be gaming on ps4 in 1920x1080p native at 60 frames in games like the witcher 3....lol.....with that beasty 1.6ghz cpu and that laptop mobile gpu i wouldn't put in my grandmas pc

we will be lucky, lucky if games like the witcher 3 are even full 720p on ps4
Salooh  +   945d ago
You guys are are proving me that you are arrogants and i never looked at you that way. You just want to complain..

CPU: Core i5-760 Quad 2.8GHz or Phenom II X4 965
GFX: GeForce GTX 460 or Radeon HD 5850

Battlefield 3 on ultra. Ps4 can run it with these specs. Battlefield 4 is better then battlefield 3. It use different engine so it's different generation games. It's like saying battlefield 2 use the same specs of battlefield3..

I never said ps4 is better then pc. I may be wrong, i'm not accurate but it's obvious that next generation games should run current generation games on ultra. I'm just saying enjoy what it bring instead of complaining >.< .


This game on ps3. Imagine ps4 games. You missing this game because of specs fighting >.< ..

Edit: Just read this. You may get convinced to not compare a pc to console. It's not fair for both to compare. Just get both if you can..

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elhebbo16  +   945d ago

Yea because the system is already out in the market and your not just drawing an opinion because of your PC elitist feeling, right.
microgenius  +   945d ago
your comment proves you dont know shit about computers
just_jeff  +   945d ago
quick question guys... why do PC guys like to tote going over 60fps, can you even tell the difference from 70fps vs 90fps? Does is make animations even more smooth? Is there a point of diminishing results? Or is it just bragging rights? who can get the most FPS at Ultra setting at the highest resolution?
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   945d ago
Well I can tell the difference between a 120hz tv and a 60hz tv.

PC is about setting your own goals... you can go all out and buy the best stuff in the market or you can build the best for what you can afford. FPS directly relates to how smooth the game plays... 30FPS feels sluggish and isn't as responsive as 60FPS while 120FPS offers a more natural fluidity in the animations and effects and maybe an edge in being able to react sooner to what happens on screen. 60FPS is the best balance... it's easily achievable even with low end 2012 PC parts which brings me to another point that PC offers a completely custom experience. If your PC's not able to max out a game at the framerate you desire you can always adjust the visual settings to suite what your looking for... whether you want the best visual quality and don't care about the FPS or vise versa.
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just_jeff  +   945d ago

Thanks, I'll have to experience this high frame rate one day. It's refreshing to get a level headed response every now and then.

... apparently some "disagreed" with my question. I wasn't judging, it was a real question.
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Bladesfist  +   945d ago
Mid range components are not equal to high end. High End is very expensive for a reason. Consoles are very cheap for a reason. Performance.
gamernova  +   945d ago
All I have to say is that you'll all see when new consoles are released. And one side will be saying "it isn't about graphics." Lol
mrmancs  +   945d ago
pcfanboy= a pc can run games at 1080p!!! And the ps4 can't??
SoCalledMe  +   945d ago
Ok,ok first of all consoles are made to sell to as much people as they can , and that's why they cant have 500$ gpus in them , and that's totaly resonable ,but you just cant deny that there are some much stronger PC components out there then those in the PS4 , but sence this console gen lasted so long no one is truly utlizing that tech , when next gen games come out you'll see the difference between PS 4 and a high end rig ...
Mogwai  +   945d ago
I love how everybody gets all love struck with a new console and say all manner of things and then the honeymoon period wares off and its not quite as rosey as once thought, i have no doubt ps4 will be awesome but i am not gonna start gushing over it and buy it a ring just yet.
LeoDDestroyer  +   945d ago
What I think is causes all the debated is that it seem to me that developers definition of high end is different then what gamers thinks. I mean when they make games they have to account for a wide variety of specs which range from very low to ultra. So I thinking when devs say high end they mean high end but when gamers say it they mean ultra. And judging from gaming hubs like steam you can see that these really expensive cards are the ones used the least.
strickers  +   945d ago
Sony this, Sony that. 3rd party dev being quoted .
kingduqc  +   945d ago
A high end pc can do 4k
a ps4 can do 1080p

now tell me it can compete...
Master of Unlocking  +   944d ago
landog + 17h ago

ps3/360 have run games 2 full generations behind pc games since 2007, now pc is over 3 generations beyond ps3/360
Er, no. Just, no.
There are no such things as generations for PCs, there are millions of PCs in the world, and each one is unique, and the vast majority of them are dated hardware compared to which the PS4 will look like extraterrestrial tech. So no, you can't say that, simply basing that statement on a few hardcore gamers' gaming rigs in wartime configuration, which are the minority.

And frankly, if the PS3 was running 2 gens behind pc games, it wouldn't be able to run games like God of War III, Killzone 2 or 3, or Gran Turismo 5, which are yet to be seen on pc ( technically equivalent games, I mean)
The xbox360 however, yeah, I agree.

Damn, you PC people really are not liking it one bit, the PS4 news I mean. It's like Sony's system is gonna maul your genitalia to bits when it's released or something...

...can't wait for it to release.

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