New Call of Duty coming November 5?

Did Target leak what the newest Call of Duty game will be called and when it will be released?

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mcroddi1697d ago

I hate the rumors but I buy this one...

Thatguy-3101697d ago

I'm confused. Wasn't there a rumor about the next COD being only for next Gen? Last week news about it being called dark skylines.

Cyfyxtfg1697d ago

we knew it would be caled ghost months ago. That new article wasnt talkin bout nothin

HammadTheBeast1696d ago

There's no need for rumors with CoD, I don't know why people are so surprised at every turn.

Majin-vegeta1697d ago

November 11 is the release date.Go back and you will see that all the COD have been released on the second Tuesday of November.

mcroddi1697d ago

True on the second Tuesday but this one doesn't show that...

majiebeast1697d ago

Is this even a rumour Cod always releases in November.

mcroddi1697d ago

I guess the fact that they have a title is good enough for it to be a decent rumor!

RonyDean1697d ago

What a lame ass title to call the next Call of Duty. Most likely true tho...

LOL_WUT1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

The sub title really is lame

Speed-Racer1697d ago

Meh, I'm done with the COD franchise anyway. Too many crying babies complaining about camping and tubing. The hacking is still a major problem as well. They can keep their trashy title.

mcroddi1697d ago

What if it's GROUND BREAKING?!!?!!

up2snuff1696d ago

Camping and tubing.......2 things that ruin COD. People will be glad you're quitting. Two cheeseball tactics for non skilled players!

Speed-Racer1696d ago

If it's one thing I've realized, unless you're in a clan, there is a very slim chance that you'll end up with players who actually have any form of strategy. Everyone just runs around aimlessly getting shot and not looking out for their team mates, either out of greed to get kills or are just plain stupid. I hear ya on the tubes (and that's debatable because COD would have gotten rid of them entirely if it were that much of an issue, which is why there is a limit to its usage), but you can't tell me you haven't had fun doing a bit of camping, especially as a sniper. It's not like you have to set up a tent but you could remain hidden in a spot for one or two kills and then move along. It's a strategy. I'd much rather do that than run around aimlessly.

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The story is too old to be commented.