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Community1609d ago
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Majin-vegeta1609d ago

Still waiting on the sequel to COD4.

RyuCloudStrife1609d ago

Dedicated Servers or GTFO!!

KillerBBs1609d ago

Well said.

Client side servers are the worst. I would settle for, just to get rid of that.

Greedy pigs will not support there servers!

gdblose1609d ago

I just want the game to reward the player(s)that have a good or great connection and not be penalized by the people that have the sh*tty laggy connections that plague these COD games. My daddy pays good money for us to have the best Internet speeds(50mbs)and If he could... he would pay Infinity Ward to have dedicated servers for their next game. Please Infinity Ward make this little girls dream come true and have dedicated severs. Thanks! Please give me a bubble and Ill have my Daddy send you $100.00

4lc4pon31609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )


how about a well designed single player story or just dont add it this time since all COD single player stories are crap and possible a new engine with some innovation

i stopped playing COD after MW2 when they decided to shaft the 3rd person portion of the game. you know 3rd person may have only had like 15k dedicated players but 3rd person in MW2 was absolutely amazing.

Ill never play COD again unless they either re-add 3rd person multi or build a 3rd person game

irepbtown1609d ago

I doubt any FPS will top COD4...

Sad thing is, the ones who made it can't even improve it. I hope they do well; I wan't to like COD, but I'm struggling to at the moment.

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Ken221609d ago

As i and many others.

Lior1609d ago

My new born baby saw this game coming

HammadTheBeast1609d ago

Make sure he/she isn't exposed to this trash.

Oh, and congrats :)

IAmLee1609d ago

Brilliant, this is all we need... another CoD game...

1609d ago
dcortz20271609d ago

The sad thing is, it's true. Not much has changed since COD4, if anything, the series has gotten worse!! I wish people would stop buying this trash and demand quality!!

2pacalypsenow1609d ago

i thought mw2 was preety good the maps were fun

_QQ_1609d ago

Without the amazing and inovative gameplay...

Plambey1609d ago

the sarcasm is strong with this one!

MYSTERIO3601608d ago

Ill most likely be getting BF4 instead if it supports 60FPS, split screen multiplayer and more game modes i.e. Onslaught.

RedDeadLB1608d ago

I seriously doubt splitscreen will be supported in BF4, but hey, one can dream.

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LightSamus1609d ago

Activision won't be pleased - you know they'd have done something over-the-top for its reveal.

BuLLDoG9091609d ago

yep, they sure ruined the surprise for activision..
who'd expect a new cod to release,

famoussasjohn1609d ago

They haven't really done any type of over-the-top reveals for a while. There's usually an announcement about the announcement trailer being available on a certain date. The announcement trailer ends up being 15-30 seconds. Nothing really over-the-top about that.

shadowwizard1609d ago

Tesco will get sued over this, lmao.

Root1609d ago

Well even if they did I think the horse meat case comes first :D

ardivt1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

you clearly don't know too much about the marketing of modern entertainment products.

all those undesired leaks...
if activision didn't want leaks it wouldn't send out the cover art to retailers.

KillerBBs1609d ago

everyone gets sued... but nobody pays.

Klonopin1609d ago

Judging by your avatar i can understand why.

IanVanCheese1609d ago

Meh it's not like we didn't know another COD was coming. It's basically just gonna be BLOPS 3 in all but name.

Blackdeath_6631609d ago

i agree on the fact that a new cod game surprises absolutely no one. activision can go crazy on tesco if they wan't but honestly even a patato could see that coming the name of the game and the box art is pretty much irrelevant at this point

supersonicjerry1609d ago

different developer. Its the same engine but with different tweaks so it won't be like BLOPS at all it will be like the modernwarfare series unless they use the new engine they said they have which I think they probably might. I just said they way to many times ehh it's the internet.

spicelicka1609d ago

i hope is stays a ghost and doesn't come to life...

bunt-custardly1609d ago

"Ghosts" implies covert ops. I wonder if they will go with completely hi tech gear or more hands on.

Ducky1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

"BlackOps" also implied covert ops...

... yet it was still an explosion-fest with barely any subtlety.

bunt-custardly1609d ago

Isn't black ops meant to represent operations that are not officially sanctioned or acknowledged by the government no matter how they are carried out? Whereas covert ops are any operation that involves a low military presence and signature?

Ducky1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

^ Not really.

Both types of operations are there to conceal the identity of the group/govt behind them.
A BlackOp just has the additional element of being more clandestine (meaning, the operations existence is hidden)

So, you can have explosions in both BlackOps and CovertOps.
Hooray, I guess.