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Call of Duty: Ghosts outed by Tesco - box art appears online

Call of Duty: Ghosts - expected to be this year's Call of Duty title - has been outed by UK retailer Tesco. (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Majin-vegeta  +   769d ago
Still waiting on the sequel to COD4.
Blaze929  +   769d ago
" Still waiting on the sequel to COD4. "
oh, i see what you did there

RyuCloudStrife  +   769d ago
Dedicated Servers or GTFO!!
KillerBBs  +   769d ago
Well said.

Client side servers are the worst. I would settle for, just to get rid of that.

Greedy pigs will not support there servers!
gdblose  +   769d ago
I just want the game to reward the player(s)that have a good or great connection and not be penalized by the people that have the sh*tty laggy connections that plague these COD games. My daddy pays good money for us to have the best Internet speeds(50mbs)and If he could... he would pay Infinity Ward to have dedicated servers for their next game. Please Infinity Ward make this little girls dream come true and have dedicated severs. Thanks! Please give me a bubble and Ill have my Daddy send you $100.00
4lc4pon3  +   769d ago

how about a well designed single player story or just dont add it this time since all COD single player stories are crap and possible a new engine with some innovation

i stopped playing COD after MW2 when they decided to shaft the 3rd person portion of the game. you know 3rd person may have only had like 15k dedicated players but 3rd person in MW2 was absolutely amazing.

Ill never play COD again unless they either re-add 3rd person multi or build a 3rd person game
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irepbtown  +   769d ago
I doubt any FPS will top COD4...

Sad thing is, the ones who made it can't even improve it. I hope they do well; I wan't to like COD, but I'm struggling to at the moment.
Ken22  +   769d ago
As i and many others.
Lior  +   769d ago
My new born baby saw this game coming
HammadTheBeast  +   769d ago
Make sure he/she isn't exposed to this trash.

Oh, and congrats :)
IAmLee  +   769d ago
Brilliant, this is all we need... another CoD game...
jennifer22ward   769d ago | Spam
dcortz2027  +   769d ago
The sad thing is, it's true. Not much has changed since COD4, if anything, the series has gotten worse!! I wish people would stop buying this trash and demand quality!!
2pacalypsenow  +   769d ago
i thought mw2 was preety good the maps were fun
Axonometri  +   769d ago
COD the new Mario
_QQ_  +   769d ago
Without the amazing and inovative gameplay...
Plambey  +   769d ago
the sarcasm is strong with this one!
MYSTERIO360  +   768d ago
Ill most likely be getting BF4 instead if it supports 60FPS, split screen multiplayer and more game modes i.e. Onslaught.
RedDeadLB  +   768d ago
I seriously doubt splitscreen will be supported in BF4, but hey, one can dream.
LightSamus  +   769d ago
Activision won't be pleased - you know they'd have done something over-the-top for its reveal.
BuLLDoG909  +   769d ago
yep, they sure ruined the surprise for activision..
who'd expect a new cod to release,
shaun mcwayne  +   769d ago
famoussasjohn  +   769d ago
They haven't really done any type of over-the-top reveals for a while. There's usually an announcement about the announcement trailer being available on a certain date. The announcement trailer ends up being 15-30 seconds. Nothing really over-the-top about that.
shadowwizard  +   769d ago
Tesco will get sued over this, lmao.
Root  +   769d ago
Well even if they did I think the horse meat case comes first :D
MrDead  +   769d ago
ardivt  +   769d ago
you clearly don't know too much about the marketing of modern entertainment products.

all those undesired leaks...
if activision didn't want leaks it wouldn't send out the cover art to retailers.
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KillerBBs  +   769d ago
everyone gets sued... but nobody pays.
Klonopin  +   769d ago
Judging by your avatar i can understand why.
IanVanCheese  +   769d ago
Meh it's not like we didn't know another COD was coming. It's basically just gonna be BLOPS 3 in all but name.
Blackdeath_663  +   769d ago
i agree on the fact that a new cod game surprises absolutely no one. activision can go crazy on tesco if they wan't but honestly even a patato could see that coming the name of the game and the box art is pretty much irrelevant at this point
supersonicjerry  +   769d ago
different developer. Its the same engine but with different tweaks so it won't be like BLOPS at all it will be like the modernwarfare series unless they use the new engine they said they have which I think they probably might. I just said they way to many times ehh it's the internet.
spicelicka  +   769d ago
i hope is stays a ghost and doesn't come to life...
bunt-custardly  +   769d ago
"Ghosts" implies covert ops. I wonder if they will go with completely hi tech gear or more hands on.
Ducky  +   769d ago
"BlackOps" also implied covert ops...

... yet it was still an explosion-fest with barely any subtlety.
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bunt-custardly  +   769d ago
Isn't black ops meant to represent operations that are not officially sanctioned or acknowledged by the government no matter how they are carried out? Whereas covert ops are any operation that involves a low military presence and signature?
Ducky  +   769d ago
^ Not really.

Both types of operations are there to conceal the identity of the group/govt behind them.
A BlackOp just has the additional element of being more clandestine (meaning, the operations existence is hidden)

So, you can have explosions in both BlackOps and CovertOps.
Hooray, I guess.
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OrangePowerz  +   769d ago
Doesnt show a guy with a gun in his hand so cant be box art for a FPS :D
GEO9875  +   769d ago
Cod is a fps, you know that right? So is gonna be a fps... >_>
OrangePowerz  +   769d ago
I was referring to all the covers for FPS games in the last few years that always show a guy with a gun :)
ExCest  +   769d ago
We should show a guy with a bendy straw instead.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   768d ago
Gun in right hand, orange in the other (EA style)
enkeixpress  +   769d ago
Such a boring name.. they could of come up with something more interesting than that.. just 'Ghosts' lol XD

Box art looks nice though.
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Maninja  +   769d ago
I'm actually really digging the title cause ghost was such a badass character and having the title of the game reference him makes me hopeful for this one.
GiggMan  +   769d ago
First Zombies, now Ghost!!!

DAY 1 baby!!!
GiggMan  +   769d ago
Wow I was just kidding :-(
GEO9875  +   769d ago
Still not funny
elhebbo16  +   769d ago
well at least it isn't some generic box art with explosions in the back and some guy walking with a gun in his right hand while looking to his left.
CanadianTurtle  +   769d ago
Oh great, now we know for sure that it's a prequel of some sort. Why in hell would I want to play a prequel to the MW series? Who even asked for that? Who the hell thought that would be a good idea?
At least for black ops 2, they added futuristic weapons which turned out to be pretty fun to use. But come on, for a multibillion dollar franchise, where's the innovation?
Oh wait, I'm sorry that was a stupid question.
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ardivt  +   769d ago
maybe they make a mw "old engine" prequel for this gen and for making as much money as possible before even the 12yo get bored by the series. release date november as always

but there were rumors about another title. maybe this could me a new "only next gen" cod series.

activision has many studios working on call of duty and the next gen title could be a day one launch title for both new consoles.
andjudunno  +   769d ago
Ghost Recon was amazing
a_squirrel  +   769d ago
iGamerZero24  +   769d ago
So burned out on COD ! Only care about next gen and moving forward....now a next gen COD with a new engine would interests me a little.....COD has madden syndrome IMO..
venom06  +   769d ago
who even cares at this point??? No dedicated servers, no new engine, insane lag compensation = another wasted $60/whining and complaining within 5months...

and what sense does it make to be set "in the future", but use "modern weapons"??? that about as stupid as being set in modern times and using WW2 weapons. What's the point IW? Just to say, "ooh look, we doing something different with CoD.. its in the future".... doesn't make much sense..
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ardivt  +   769d ago
you seem to care enough to write this gibberish
Braid  +   769d ago
That box art I can tell is the real deal. It looks too real to be fan generated, or "fake" if you will.

So, congratulations, I guess? A new year, a new COD.
Saleem101  +   769d ago
Rinse and repeat aim assist confirmed..
UltimateUnknown  +   769d ago
Call Of Duty: GHOSTS?

We already played Ghosts. Just go on Black Ops multiplayer and every person is using Ghost Pro.
KillrateOmega  +   769d ago
Yeah, this seems very legit. Mainly, because of that box art. It just fits.
Salooh  +   769d ago
So it will be a prequel or spin off..
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dkgshiz  +   769d ago
Another Carl another day. I just don't see the fun in these games anymore. I mean I can see having a lot of fun with COD4 and MW2. But after that Its basically been rehash after rehash of the same old boring carl games. The only thing different they do is speed the game up. I played Black Ops 2 recently and I started to get sick from the fast movements in the game.
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GodsPerfectK7ng  +   769d ago
The cookie cutter series is back, black ops 3 next year!!!!
Cyfyxtfg  +   769d ago
bub16  +   769d ago
what a rubbish name
Braid  +   769d ago
That's a fitting title, actually. Call of Duty is now indeed a mere ghost of its former self.

I miss the COD games with WW2 storyline, they were quite minimalistic yet extremely atmospheric and intense compared to those Hollywoodified explosion fests filled with action-movie cliches that are done a bazilion times before. With these sales numbers however, it seems like there's no going back to those good old days anymore.
-Gespenst-  +   769d ago
I want to procure the master copy of this game and stomp it until it's a fine powder. Then I'll snort it, puke it up into a toilet, and flush it away.
ardivt  +   769d ago
cool story bro
just play what you want and don't try to convince other people to hate what you hate.
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famoussasjohn  +   769d ago
But telling people what they should be playing is more important! I don't see why it matters what people play. The demand for the game isn't dying down, so nothing is really going to change for the cycle of this series.
artdafoo  +   769d ago
All these people talking bout ruined the surprise, what damn surprise ? Nobody knew there was another Doodie game coming this fall ?
A2X_  +   769d ago
Ghosts? Like the possible improvements of the game?
Garethvk  +   769d ago
They always have a leak of some kind in April/May. Then they have a few weeks of internet hype, show it off in early June at E3 and open the p.r. flood gates.
GodsPerfectK7ng  +   769d ago
Is there a new graphics engine yet lol!!!!
nypifisel  +   769d ago
lol NO! I urge everybody to stop buying these games, instead of just talking about how bad they are. I for one has had enough of the same game. I want new experiences, don't ruin it for all of us!
Ravenor  +   769d ago
Then buy a different game?
nypifisel  +   768d ago
Yeah I haven't bought a COD game since COD4, It was already pretty obvious that MW2 was a rehash too.
up2snuff  +   769d ago
Another futuristic COD......just what I didn't want. Great, more Target Finder Noobs using their Black Hats and Shock Charges. Lame. Modern Warfare is what I want, not gimmicks!
iamlegend9999  +   769d ago
So it was real. But what about the part where current gen was going to be left out?
ardivt  +   769d ago
I hope there are two different titles.
One modern warfare prequel for current gen
And a new cod series with new setting, engine and time period.
MaryMcNeill24   769d ago | Spam
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