Blu-ray Enabled Nintendo Wii A Reality? - Ermm No, It Was A Spoof So Stop Believing It Already

1PStart writes: "Over the course of last week, the big rumour to hit the gaming websites was that a Nintendo Wii with a Blu-ray drive was on the way. Apparently it had been spotted in Tokyo, and was getting readied for an official release.

Of course, the whole thing was absolute bullshit. There was no truth in it whatsoever, and some of the game sites who took it seriously, and reported it as fact should be ashamed of themselves.

For starters, look at the site which was used as the source: It's a website which plays on the idea that so many legitimate news organisations use the tagline 'unconfirmed sources' and then spill out a pile of invented rubbish, to create a funny site full of obviously spoof stories."

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kspraydad3564d ago

approved this lame ass story?


meepmoopmeep3564d ago

for $250 the damn thing doesn't even play DVD's... wtf

Bnet3433563d ago

Anyone who thought this would become a reality need a reality check.

RealityCheck3563d ago

@ 1.1, somebody called me?

Nintendo Wii with Blu-ray? Not going to happen.

Nintendo's focus, and they are very successful at that, is the family\kids\casual gamers. They have no vested interest in movie entertainment.

PopEmUp3563d ago

is worth 100 times than the wii offers

Goodfella783563d ago

give us some credit not all of us are thick inbreeds,most of us are hardcore gamers who in a technological sense can smell hardware bs a mile off,should of kept this bs revalation for the retards on april the 1st,peace out.....

thehitman3563d ago

Royalties for Sony/BDA if that was to happen it bring up the value of the wii a ton. Wouldnt be a bad idea on Nintendo part to make a blue ray Wii. They seemed to have bypassed dvd I dont think they should make the same mistake the 2nd time around.

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