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Submitted by EverydayDigitals 1020d ago | opinion piece

What Microsoft Needs To Show At The Xbox 720 Announcement

Everyday Digitals - In February Sony officially kicked off the start of the next generation of gaming consoles (sorry Nintendo) by announcing the PS4 along with a ton of forward thinking features that showed that Sony got the memo about its current generation pitfalls. Things like instant streaming of games, the alleviation of load times, seamless gameplay sharing, and tons of other social gaming experiences that look very promising. A lot of this wasn't actually shown and still has to be proven as more then ideas, but it sparked excitement among gamers nonetheless. If the rumblings are true, in the next couple of weeks we should hear what Microsofts plans are for the 8th generation of video game consoles. Sony set the bar relatively high in most areas and has owned most of the positive conversation online ever since. It's time for Microsoft to show (some) of its cards and let their fans know exactly what they can expect. (Halo 5: Guardians, Microsoft, Tag Invalid, Windows 8, Xbox LIVE, Xbox One)

hennessey86  +   1021d ago
A good start
Would be the Xbox 720
iGAM3R-VIII  +   1020d ago
lool nice one :P

Anyway, I think that showing a lot of IP's is a must an the new features should be good enough
abzdine  +   1020d ago
I only want tech demos, not the lying campain they had with Natal which never saw the light of the day the way they showed it and people believed in those things!

aiBreeze  +   1020d ago
Agree, it's time they bring their A game and for me personally, they need to show that core gamers remain an integral part of their personal plans.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   1020d ago
1.) the actual console
2.) The final specs
3.) Tease some new Ip's/franchises
4.) innovative next gen service and entertainment. (TV, Movies, DVR, Skype, ETC.)

But most importantly MS must confirm, or deny the rumors that have been building up for the past 2 months.

This is probably a personal request but the official name of the new console. So I can quit calling it the dreadful 720 already.
Nitrowolf2  +   1020d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if MS revealed the console and made a joke about it during their show XD
Jakens  +   1019d ago
I believe it would be funny to hear the number 720 said in the MS conference. Of course the number would have to be used in a way that is not calling the NextBox the 720. I want this only because I liked that title being associated with the new Xbox.

Wouldn't mind a good jab at Sony as well. All in good fun.
Legion  +   1020d ago
Exactly... I would say open the show with nobody talking at all... simply the Xbox 720 sitting on a dark stage by itself. Then a light turning on and shining on it from below. (green hue)

And then the huge video pops up of the console, camera panning around it getting every curve of the system showing us every single angle of the console.

And then the commentator can step in and say this is what you came to see.

And only THEN do they go into the specifics.

Just make a big show about how they SHOWED the actual system.

EDIT: and of course they do what I mentioned earlier in another post. Start playing a game show the beauty that the game has and set the controller down and say... "And please notice... we are not connected to the internet." then pick up the controller and show him login to the internet after he had just played a game offline. Then go into the internet features of it... ending all speculation of an always on requirement.
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Kinger8938  +   1020d ago
And not to call it the Xbox 720, that would be an awful name imo
dasbeer88  +   1020d ago
Games, games, and MORE games!
showtimefolks  +   1020d ago
Very simple

And when you are thinking about media features or cable box forget about it and talk about games

Xbox 360 was all about taking care of core fanbase for first 4-5 years than it did a complete 180 and went towards casuals. If MS think Casuals will buy new Xbox than they will be surprised like Nintendo was when a lot of those casuals moved on to mobile gaming

Sony did it right this whole gen, early on they realized their calling card and they stuck with it, if MS wants success than talking about software support at launch and a better xblive maybe some sort of reward system like PSN plus

This gen it's a 2 horse race and its ps4 vs xbox720

Okay your cards right and success will come otherwise struggles
SCW1982  +   1021d ago
NEW IP's than I will be interested in owning a Microsoft console again.
ZodTheRipper  +   1021d ago
They have to show that they care about gamers because recent rumors (TV, Entertainment? no big investment in gaming IP's this generation?) made it seem like they don't. If that's the case, they don't need to show their console at E3 but rather at CES or something like that.
EverydayDigitals  +   1021d ago
Yeah they definitely have an uphill battle to climb with the hardcore crowd. They're trying to have it both ways...we'll see if they can pull it off.
colonel179  +   1020d ago
From Major Nelson's blog:
"On Tuesday May 21st, we’ll mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment."

So no, they won't focus only on games!
ichimaru  +   1020d ago
do your reading comprehension skills aid you?
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1020d ago
Gamez!! I want new IP's. In fact, only 3 Microsoft IP's I want from this gen to be discussed at the event are Forza 5, Alan Wake 2 and Crackdown 3.
I want something new from Rare, Twisted Pixel, Lion Head and those 4 new studios like Black Tusk.
Halo 5 can wait until next year for a reveal.
CGI-Quality  +   1020d ago
Alan Wake isn't a Microsoft IP, but I agree, it would be a great addition to the show!
Urusernamesucks  +   1019d ago
It was made by one of theyr developers studios and im pretty sure its not on the ps3 or wii, wich matters. And ms could probably force it into being an exclusive for next gen
BABYLEG  +   1020d ago
Gamers are so hyped.. If the Next Xbox is too good to be true.. There will be fistfights. If its not, there will be fist fights. Next Xbox name should be the Xbox Benchmark
nigelp520  +   1020d ago
Hardcore Exlusive titles not for Kinect. Killer Instinct 3 or any Rare game will sell me
colonel179  +   1020d ago
I would buy the console ONLY for that game! UNLESS it's ruined like they did with Banjo and Kazooie
isarai  +   1020d ago
You do know they only have Rare make Kinect games now right?
IronFistChinMi  +   1020d ago
Rare have only made Kinect Sports, which has now been handed over to another studio (Big Park). Unless you know what they're currently working on, then your statement is false.
EverydayDigitals  +   1020d ago
People are making a big deal about showing the actual hardware. Sure it would be nice but in all actuality what the plastic box LOOKS like is really meaningless compared to what it actually DOES.

I agree with most. New IP's is a big deal to me. From all accounts the specs will be on par with the PS4, give or take. Curious to see if they wil go with a proprietary HDD like with the 360 or will they let users install their own off the shelf drives like the PS3. Don't want to raked over the coals this gen for storage, especially if I have to install every game before playing.

Lastly, I thought the Kinect was a bit gimmicky and they used it as a test to see if there was interest. With the Kinect 2 I'm actually hoping for something...magical? Now that every console will have one it will be interesting to see if developers take some creative risk and create something unique with the technology.
SOULJER  +   1020d ago
Enough. There five thing that't needed free Live. Exclusive games. NEW IPs. NO always on bullshit. Pretty girls holding up the new system, is always a plus throw that in there.
knifefight  +   1020d ago
ALL 9 of the RAMS!

LordOfAdmirals  +   1020d ago
Thats 1 rams more than teh sonies!
Themba76  +   1020d ago
well they can show me that it's not always online because if it is then it's time to move to a PS4.
M-M  +   1020d ago
My list.

-Explain if there is always online or not(they need to hurry up and debunk or confirm it already, the rumor has been on the internet for a good while.

-Explain their system's architecture, specs etc.

-Bring new IPs.

-Show the console, controller, and the new Kinect. They don't really need to show all three, if they want to save some of it for E3.

-Debunk or confirm if they're supporting used games.

-Show what's innovative about their console, and what separates it from the rest of the consoles currently out or the ones that are releasing in the future.
GamersRulz  +   1020d ago
I don't think they would go in detail about specs unless it's on par or higher than PS4. I expect them to say very general terms like, 8 core AMD, 8Gb of RAM.

I expect a lot of new media features, windows integration...etc
greenpowerz  +   1020d ago
MSFT needs to show something much more than just more powerful next gen hardware with new IP's with purty graphics.

They got to show their vision for the future with their new platform and how it is the device that will be the nerve center of your home.

-Its sound and video processing plus video scaling has to be almost audiophile and videophile quality. That would be a head turner

-Multi tasking would be a huge plus. Example: playing a game then jumping on the web while the game is paused or not, would be a megaton

-Offer so many new features for XBL gold that offering multi player for free is a worthy trade off. New features so foward looking and advanced no xbox owner would not want to be without regaurdless of playing for free. That would be a megaton.

-Rumored petaflop game streaming services if true and announced would be a deal sealing megaton

-HMDI-in for external devices if announced would be a megaton

-Backwards compatibility Xox Mini or Xbox SOC will be a deal sealing megaton

-EA partnership with exclusives services or exclusives games will be a megaton

-Demo 720 rumored dual GPU with Battlefield 4 would be a megaton.

-Windows 8 core built into the 720 allowing indy game developers to easily make games on 720 that were made for PC by doing little to make that work with 720 allowing xbox owners to access a huge marketplace of games would be a megaton.

-Kinect on par or further along than PC hacks would be a megaton

-Theme and skin options for the dashboard(customizable UI)

-Greater zone effects like optional avatars or a choice of a mature scheme.

-New IPs/games are good but being able to play them on any MSFT device with a scaler with true next gen design, like kinect in some cases. Deep smart glass functionality or on board 720 internet streaming ingame and game related would be a megaton

-The acquisition of a major 3rd party dev would be icing on this cake.

I could go all night
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Serjikal_Strike  +   1020d ago
Prepare yourself for disappointment just in case, seems like you are expecting a "megaton" of news

I think they have to save some for E3,just like sony is
EverydayDigitals  +   1020d ago
I agree they have to show more than just comparable graphics to PS4 and the usual 4-5 Xbox exclusives. Sony showed a lot of cool features on top of the standard gaming that separates it from the pack.

Streaming PS1-PS3 games

Easy sharing

No load times

Separate mobile chip for background downloading

Unless Microsoft has built there own streaming service and plan to place servers all around the world soon I don't see them mentioning a streaming service anytime soon.

I don't think XBL will go free...instead they'll probably offer more value to the existing package and offer a higher premium package.

Dual video cards? Keep dreaming unless you want a $500-$600 console.

I sure Microsoft will have SOMETHING that no one has thought of yet. As much as some gamers hate to hear it I think they're betting a lot on their entertainment/TV features and deals. It opens the XBox to a lot larger market than being just a gaming machine.

Like I said, hopefully that can juggle both by showing some new IPs along with the entertainment stuff.
dcbronco  +   1020d ago
Not saying you, but people have bought into a lot of rumors about the next Xbox. The one leak we know was real because MS said so shows a system with two GPUs. We have also seen several patents MS has filed that show two GPUs. So I'm not sure how every still ignores the things we know they were working on to focus on the things that were just repeated over and over. Also, since anyone can buy two APUs(both with a GPU) at Newegg for the cost of the GPU in the 360 at launch, how does dual GPUs make the console $600? I'm pretty sure MS gets some kind of discount.

It seems the next Xbox will offer some new music service.

MS does have a streaming service. Again, look to the only leak acknowledged to be real. It was a part of their plan for years.

And the new IP thing we hear over and over. I do think MS will introduce new IPs. But the constant talk of it while people look at all of those Sony exclusives comes off as a silly business decision. One that Sony seems to have learned from(see, Zipper closed).

I believe MS used this generation to establish themselves financially in gaming. They have done that as the 360 brings in a lot of money. Now I believe they will push hardware and new IP. But they will be smart enough to quickly drop what doesn't work.

I think we will see new Forza, Gears, Fable and Halo. But we will also see new Crackdown, Perfect Dark and a couple of new IPs. Maybe even a new Viva Pinata for the kids, the --ucking kids. So all of the Blu-ray , new IP talk can go away. Though Nazi drones won't be able to make the switch on their own. Could someone start repeating something else?
GamersRulz  +   1020d ago
you are making megatons out of anything man.

-Show kinect MEGATON
-BC with 360 MEGATON
- Show 1.23TF GPU MEGATON sorry I mean DUAL GPUs MEGATON

You will be severely disappointed for the next 7 years. I can't wait to see this DUAL GPUs hahaha
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Animal Mutha 76  +   1020d ago
I love your optimism. Hope you are right. Bring on the megaton!
kickerz  +   1020d ago
I like your enthusiasm, but what is a megaton? Is that one of the Transformers?
Amigaengine  +   1020d ago
For some odd reason I do believe that MS and EA will announce some kind of marriage.
Jakens  +   1019d ago
Too many dirty thoughts come to my mind when I read that one.

Edit: +Bubbles
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Munky  +   1020d ago
- Games, new IP's as well as familiar titles.
- Unveil the console / Final specs (close to par with PS4)
- No always online
- BC
- UI run through
- New features
- Kinect 2.0
- Games
- Games
- Games
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FrigidDARKNESS  +   1020d ago
Project from Black Tusk Studios, hame from Respawn Studio.
Plagasx   1020d ago | Trolling | show
TemplarDante  +   1020d ago
core games > Media/tv garbage
hakesterman  +   1020d ago
This is what i believe to be true. It is going to be very Close to $ 500.00 console. It will have DVR capability's that will eventually be turned off due to legal litigation from Tivo. It will require an always on internet Connection, No Used Games will be allowed on the system, it will not be backward compatible due to cost factors. They will Focus on home entertainment and Kinect motion games. Probably very few Exclusive games accept the Kinect games that most people don't even want. This in all likely hood will have a very shaky launch that may end with it being their last console.
MrsJazzy  +   1020d ago
What you're describing would be a worst case scenario of massive proportions. If Microsoft manages to be that dumb by requiring an online connection AND restricting used games they deserve everything that's coming to them.
Jakens  +   1019d ago
setipaneqabu   1020d ago | Spam
hazelamy  +   1020d ago
giving the thing a name would be a good start.

it's already had loads, 720, durango, infinity, nextbox xbox 3.

i just wanna know what to call it. O_O
Theyellowflash30  +   1020d ago
- The console
- Not always online
- Cheaper plans for Xbox Live
- Games
- Shit other than Kinect
- Won't block used games sales
g-nome  +   1020d ago
A black box that will bring world peace , an end to all console wars.
PS4isKing_82  +   1020d ago
I want a blue dragon sequel, new crimson skies, one or two new ips, a new project Gotham racing, and ya a next gen halo would rule too. If you show me all that Microsoft, I will be pre ordering ur new console ASAP!!!!!!
aman84r  +   1020d ago
Microsoft is the antichrist over here nothing can please n4g.They know where they are successful and prioritize on that.
zoks310  +   1020d ago
Just do the exact same thing Sony did + reveal the console. Thats it, that all they can do with 60 minutes.

They need someone like Mark Cerny to present their console (don't put no corporate exec on stage with the console in their hands), because Cerny just set the standard for console reveals. The cerny reveal/portation was damn near perfect.

Outside of that, this reveal feels lame, i mean Sony had a 45 second teaser video, a leaked controller and, damn near final spec leaked before their actual event. So i ain't feeling the hype for the xbox, the hype just ain't there for me.

Hopefully MS can sway the hype before the event.
Jek_Porkins  +   1020d ago
If people think they are showing off a ton of games you'll be in for a disappointment, they are saving the bulk of the games for E3.

I want to see the actual console at the Xbox reveal, maybe a few games and some of the features and specs that the Xbox will be able to do. They don't have to go all out, because that is what E3 is all about.
josephayal  +   1020d ago
Halo 5
Hercules189  +   1017d ago
Halo 5 can wait til 2015, but instead i would like to see a sequel to halo 3 odst, but make it a lot larger, and have the original firefight as default but add reach's options. An open world fps squad stealth game seems like a very original concept and having the halo title also guarantees sales.
dcbronco  +   1020d ago
How many items does it take the article o say new IP's?

I'm sure it also mentions price, the console and no Kinect.

I also pretty sure I've read this article 10 or 12 other times.

Can there be sub categories to articles. Like "List that you've already read" or "Always on Pro/Against"?
llMurcielagoll  +   1020d ago
I get the feeling on May 21st when it's revealed, they will show us the console system and probably troll Sony in a subtle way.
Droid Control  +   1020d ago
Show the box!
MrsJazzy  +   1020d ago
I hope I can play games I buy on the new Xbox on my surface or Windows 8 machine.

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