What Microsoft Needs To Show At The Xbox 720 Announcement

Everyday Digitals - In February Sony officially kicked off the start of the next generation of gaming consoles (sorry Nintendo) by announcing the PS4 along with a ton of forward thinking features that showed that Sony got the memo about its current generation pitfalls. Things like instant streaming of games, the alleviation of load times, seamless gameplay sharing, and tons of other social gaming experiences that look very promising. A lot of this wasn't actually shown and still has to be proven as more then ideas, but it sparked excitement among gamers nonetheless. If the rumblings are true, in the next couple of weeks we should hear what Microsofts plans are for the 8th generation of video game consoles. Sony set the bar relatively high in most areas and has owned most of the positive conversation online ever since. It's time for Microsoft to show (some) of its cards and let their fans know exactly what they can expect.

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iGAM3R-VIII2036d ago

lool nice one :P

Anyway, I think that showing a lot of IP's is a must an the new features should be good enough

abzdine2036d ago

I only want tech demos, not the lying campain they had with Natal which never saw the light of the day the way they showed it and people believed in those things!


pompombrum2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

Agree, it's time they bring their A game and for me personally, they need to show that core gamers remain an integral part of their personal plans.

AngelicIceDiamond2036d ago

1.) the actual console
2.) The final specs
3.) Tease some new Ip's/franchises
4.) innovative next gen service and entertainment. (TV, Movies, DVR, Skype, ETC.)

But most importantly MS must confirm, or deny the rumors that have been building up for the past 2 months.

This is probably a personal request but the official name of the new console. So I can quit calling it the dreadful 720 already.

Nitrowolf22036d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if MS revealed the console and made a joke about it during their show XD

Jakens2035d ago

I believe it would be funny to hear the number 720 said in the MS conference. Of course the number would have to be used in a way that is not calling the NextBox the 720. I want this only because I liked that title being associated with the new Xbox.

Wouldn't mind a good jab at Sony as well. All in good fun.

Legion2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

Exactly... I would say open the show with nobody talking at all... simply the Xbox 720 sitting on a dark stage by itself. Then a light turning on and shining on it from below. (green hue)

And then the huge video pops up of the console, camera panning around it getting every curve of the system showing us every single angle of the console.

And then the commentator can step in and say this is what you came to see.

And only THEN do they go into the specifics.

Just make a big show about how they SHOWED the actual system.

EDIT: and of course they do what I mentioned earlier in another post. Start playing a game show the beauty that the game has and set the controller down and say... "And please notice... we are not connected to the internet." then pick up the controller and show him login to the internet after he had just played a game offline. Then go into the internet features of it... ending all speculation of an always on requirement.

Kinger89382036d ago

And not to call it the Xbox 720, that would be an awful name imo

dasbeer882036d ago

Games, games, and MORE games!

showtimefolks2036d ago

Very simple

And when you are thinking about media features or cable box forget about it and talk about games

Xbox 360 was all about taking care of core fanbase for first 4-5 years than it did a complete 180 and went towards casuals. If MS think Casuals will buy new Xbox than they will be surprised like Nintendo was when a lot of those casuals moved on to mobile gaming

Sony did it right this whole gen, early on they realized their calling card and they stuck with it, if MS wants success than talking about software support at launch and a better xblive maybe some sort of reward system like PSN plus

This gen it's a 2 horse race and its ps4 vs xbox720

Okay your cards right and success will come otherwise struggles

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SCW19822037d ago

NEW IP's than I will be interested in owning a Microsoft console again.

ZodTheRipper2037d ago

They have to show that they care about gamers because recent rumors (TV, Entertainment? no big investment in gaming IP's this generation?) made it seem like they don't. If that's the case, they don't need to show their console at E3 but rather at CES or something like that.

EverydayDigitals2037d ago

Yeah they definitely have an uphill battle to climb with the hardcore crowd. They're trying to have it both ways...we'll see if they can pull it off.

colonel1792036d ago

From Major Nelson's blog:
"On Tuesday May 21st, we’ll mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment."

So no, they won't focus only on games!

ichimaru2036d ago

do your reading comprehension skills aid you?

Good_Guy_Jamal2036d ago

Gamez!! I want new IP's. In fact, only 3 Microsoft IP's I want from this gen to be discussed at the event are Forza 5, Alan Wake 2 and Crackdown 3.
I want something new from Rare, Twisted Pixel, Lion Head and those 4 new studios like Black Tusk.
Halo 5 can wait until next year for a reveal.

CGI-Quality2036d ago

Alan Wake isn't a Microsoft IP, but I agree, it would be a great addition to the show!

Urusernamesucks2035d ago

It was made by one of theyr developers studios and im pretty sure its not on the ps3 or wii, wich matters. And ms could probably force it into being an exclusive for next gen

BABYLEG2036d ago

Gamers are so hyped.. If the Next Xbox is too good to be true.. There will be fistfights. If its not, there will be fist fights. Next Xbox name should be the Xbox Benchmark

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