Defiance Review - Arkfalls Commence | FPSGuru

FPSGuru writes:

'I have to admit, Defiance and I go way back. I worked at Trion back in the day, admittedly those days were still pretty early in the design and planning stages of Defiance. I remember reading some of the early design docs for Defiance and loving the concept of the game... Loving the thought of what could be. I remember when I saw the first gameplay demo... It was VERY rough, most of the textures were just placeholders, but there was still a lot of potential visible even then. Granted, as tends to be the case, over the past several years of development lots of things have changed from the original design. This happens with almost every game that goes through the development cycle... ideas get scrapped, new ones get added, team members change, focus groups get polled and their results get taken into account... Whatever the reason, games of this scope and scale rarely make it from point A to point B with all the same ideas and plans in place. Either way, here we are now, a couple years down the road since my days with Trion and I finally have a completed copy of Defiance in my hands to take for a spin.'

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