Sony to show off Miku Miku Hockey on PSVita this weekend in Japan

Viva la Vita: "Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia in collaboration with Crypton Future Media have announced a PSVita Miku Miku Hockey Smart AR demonstration for this weekend's Super Smile Conference 2. The aim of the app has players competing against popular vocaloid idol Hatsune Miku in a game of augmented reality air hockey. It appears the game is a modified version of Sony's GDC 2012 air hockey demo."

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G20WLY1856d ago

Come on, just because it's not your type of game, there's no need to be like that. :|

Looks fun in a retro, VR Pong kinda way, just looks a little slow, but if it's for kids it's a neat idea. I like the spectator option for a 3rd Vita, hope to see that in future AR games :)

DivineAssault 1855d ago

i get u but air hockey? & its not like the US is getting it either

G20WLY1855d ago

Hmm, okay, I forgive you lol ;)