Extreme Gamer: Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Review

Extreme Gamer writes: "Lost Planet: Extreme Condition takes place on the distant snow covered planet called E.D.N. III. E.D.N. III is a newly found planet that is being colonized by the human race. It's not all quiet on E.D.N. III as another alien race know as the Akrid occupy the same space. The Akrid are a hostile race of intellegent bug creatures that come in an assortment of size and shapes sharing a hartred for humans and a hunger to kill. In design, the Akrid look they have been borrowed from the set of Starship Troopers, so fighting them will take the same persistence as Lt. Johnny Rico and the crew from the movie.

Your character is a survivor of an Akrid attack named Wayne. The giant Akrid known as Green Eye was behind the attack that also claimed the life of his father. With your memory lost, except the fact that Green Eye killed your father, you seek revenge against the creatures. This unravels a plot that is a deep then your typical shooter, but nothing too complex. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition storyline generates enough interest balanced between defening yourself against the alein creatures in the harsh conditions of the enviroment while hunting down rouge human militant movements."

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