Sacred Citadel Review (PSLS)

"Sacred Citadel is easy to get into and very easy to lose track of time while playing. Sacred Citadel is also very fun. The easy move set, complemented by the addition of a dodge roll; combined with the Action RPG elements and encased by really good local and online ease of entry make for a truly fun title to keep any player busy for at least an afternoon. Until your friends get online or crash on the couch, and then Sacred Citadel sees another play. And another. And maybe one more round before you head to bed, just to rack up a few more kills for the Vanquisher title." -Russ of PSLS

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alexcosborn1823d ago

Great review. It's a fun game!

dbjj120881823d ago

Fair review. I'm having fun with friends.

ftwrthtx1823d ago

Great review. This game is fun online or on the couch with friends.