Extreme Gamer: N+ Review

Extreme Gamer writes: "If you've ever been online before playing games, I'm sure you've ran into a game called N, which stands for "the way of the ninja". But if you've never played this game before have a seat and everything will be explained. You are a ninja, with no weapons, no special kicks or neck chops, you're only weapon is the ability to jump, and have plenty of control while in the air. Like most ninja's though you only have a lifetime of 90 seconds and a need to collect gold (trust me, ninjas love gold and have short lives). But obviously with the levels in the game, which at times involve a lot of planning and thinking, you'll need to increase your life.

You start with 90 seconds on the clock and each level includes 5 sublevels, and it is impossible to complete all 5 sublevels in 90 seconds, this is where your thirst for gold comes in. With each gold block collected an extra 2 seconds is added to your life, and if you collect them strategically enough you should have no problems completing levels. But your trip through levels includes more than just a key to open a door and the door; you'll also find some enemies along the way. Don't be expecting other ninjas to fight you, seeing as you have no defense, instead the levels are filled with land mines, gun and rocket turrets, moving balls of electricity and a few other traps."

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