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Raymond: Splinter Cell popularity held back by its complexity


There is a feeling among executives at Ubisoft that the Splinter Cell video games should be more popular.

The stealth spy action series was for a time one of Ubisoft's premier franchises, but in recent years it has fallen behind the likes of Far Cry and flagship series Assassin's Creed in Ubisoft's IP pecking order. (Jade Raymond, PC, PS3, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Wii U, Xbox 360)

shadowwizard  +   706d ago
Sorry Jade, but that's just bullsh!t.
OccludedGamer  +   706d ago
Whilst I agree that it isn't overly complex, a lot of the last half of the article mentions how we can play it closer to the originals too. If she can appease the action fanbase and make a better SC game then Conviction I'd be interested.
Blaze929  +   706d ago
that's freaking crazy. The reason most people complained about SP: Conviction was about the fact that it was TOO EASY.

So now that this is said I don't even know how to feel about the upcoming Blacklist. Chaos Theory. They need to realize why that is still the highest rated in the series.
otherZinc  +   706d ago
I love the Splinter Cell Series to death!
Along with Ghost Recon & Rainbow Six.

I'm so glad they pushed Rainbow Six back to Next Gen so they could keep the fantastic co-op feature of Terrorist Hunt & other great co-op modes.

Ghost Recon:FS was ruined due to the lack of the great co-op mode that was in Ghost Recon:AW.

Splinter Cell:Blacklist is scaring me because I'm not hearing anything about a co-op mode. The PS3 remake of SC lacked co-op features found in the original game as did Doom 3 Remake.

I hope co-op is in Blacklist as it was in Splinter Cell:Conviction, my son & I played it to death!

So Jade: for me, next time, talk Co-op in Splinter Cell:Blacklist, thanks.
Reborn  +   706d ago
I'd hardly call Conviction.. complex.

The only thing holding it back is...the publishers/devs themselves.
Root  +   706d ago
Yup because they want more money and making the game as action like and easy as they can will attract more sales.

See this is why I hate when developers this gen use an IP but change the game so much it doesn't resemble what it was all about. Create a new IP idiots. It just saddens me people will go along with it and if you complain you are considered a whiner....sorry for caring about a franchise I used to love.
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LastDance  +   706d ago
if it were more like COD, it would be more successful
joab777  +   706d ago
That's what it is. Then they tell you that our posts r the minority and that most loved conviction etc. If that's true, then no need for this lecture. If there is a perfectionist mode, though, that would be cool b/c I figured it would be another 3rd oerson action game.
Darrius Cole  +   706d ago
Has anybody considered that Splinter Cell was never really held back. Maybe it just is what it is. Trying to turn it into Call of Duty without giving it the Call of Duty marketing budget is not going to gain you any sales.

Jade just can't allow herself to get upset because Splinter Cell is not doing Metal Gear Solid numbers. Metal Gear Solid has Kojima-san, and Splinter Cell has...Ubisoft.
THamm  +   706d ago
Games are just that, GAMES. Trying to be too realistic gets a tad dull. That's why I prefer MGS because it mixes the right blend of realistic elements and totally fantasy elements as well. It makes great storytelling and attention to characters who will compel you to remember them through the series. As for gameplay, they are trying to get people to play but some things are left better unchanged if they worked before
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Irishguy95  +   706d ago

Movies are just that, MOVIES.

Silly argument imo. There are room for all types of everything in any media form
Jek_Porkins  +   706d ago
Metal Gear is as complex a game and story as I've ever played, but they are some of the most popular games around.
asyouburn  +   706d ago
The writing in mgs is so much more memorable. I've played every splinter cell but conviction, and honestly I can't remember any of the antagonists names. Mgs on the other hand, I could tell you whatever you wanted to know about the story. So, there's that
THamm  +   705d ago
Right on!
cleft5  +   706d ago
Games need to be made for dumb people clearly. Just goes to show that no matter the gender of the exec, the stupidity factor remains the same.
Shadonic  +   706d ago
IDK how they cant realize that putting more action oriented approches in stealth games that people buy because of the stealth isnt going to help them and really its only hurt them more. I can understand they want to reach a larger market but at the least put in a classic playstyle for the fans that have been there since the origional trilogy. We dont want a plathora of action games when the average player already has like 5 or six of them already. All i know is once thief comes out or other games that keep to its roots of stealth come out theres going to be a load of "Is this the new splinter cell" or " Splinter cell just isnt liked by the market this generation or something" articles. It saddens me to see all of the games that I've grown up with turn into to something like this in persuit of Money or just current market appeal towards speed and action. It's already been proved that action is not the only thing that draws players in. Just look at journey or minecraft or the walking dead ( not the latest one). They have the templet for succes but they dont want to fallow it.
juegosmajicos  +   706d ago
"I can understand they want to reach a larger market but at the least put in a classic playstyle for the fans that have been there since the origional trilogy."

If you read the story, you can see that they DID. It's up to them to prove it with some gameplay videos, but at the very least they're making the claim that, yes, you can play this with as much careful thinking and challenge as the original Splinter Cell games, and there IS a game mode specifically for that as well.
Shadonic  +   705d ago
from what Ive seen from my extensive research on the trailers they have brought back classic elements like the whistling and dragging bodies after there knocked out. I'm talking about the steady movement required when crouching behind someone like in the classics. The cover to cover movement just reminds me of that one time sneaking option in gears 1 where you had to move from cover to cover without being seen or you could go gun blazing. That's basically the feel that I get from this style of SC. I dont believe its bad game neither was conviction I enjoyed it but it just didn't feel like the splinter-cell I knew. I remember seeing the leaked early alpha game play which had no mark and execute and felt really life like You could hide under tables pick up objects like trash cans to knock people out and the animation was freaking amazing. It also had a nice new take having missions where you had to blend in kind of like assassins creed with the environment and people to accomplish your missions.
kassler  +   706d ago
The "mark and execute" feature seems very complex.
GodsPerfectK7ng  +   706d ago
And because Sam Fisher never ages and yearly installments of the series. Unlike Solid Snake jade he gets old like a human does, and also jade sit on my face please :)!!!
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oOMICHAELOo  +   706d ago
Conviction was the worse Splinter Cell yet. I liked it, but it wasn't true to it's roots. If they keep it original & not try to be anything but Splinter Cell I'm all in.
ape007  +   706d ago
splinter cell chaos theory is the best SC game ever and one of the absolute greatest games of all time sold very very well
Cueil  +   706d ago
This is crazy talk... when I read it this is what I see...
"Raymond: Splinter Cell popularity held back by its
Awesome" and there in lies the problem... they've been veering away from what made the franchise popular since it's peek Chaos Theory
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BrianC6234  +   706d ago
I have never cared much about Splinter Cell. Too boring. Weren't they just trying to make a Metal Gear Solid type of game anyway? Might as well just play Metal Gear Solid.
Heavenly King  +   706d ago
a game is not ONLY about the gameplay! They need to have a bigger scope story-wise. Terrorists against USA?! really DAFAQ! They need to make it more global. And the game needs to be more open, and not just point A-B mission accomplished, and then they teleport you to another location.

Also, they need to add Boss fights in this game.
Kantankoras  +   705d ago
let's totally ignore the fact that Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (likely it's peak of 'complexity') was one of the highest rated, most beloved, (and I would imagine) best selling titles on the original Xbox.

Kantankoras  +   705d ago



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