Raymond: Splinter Cell popularity held back by its complexity


There is a feeling among executives at Ubisoft that the Splinter Cell video games should be more popular.

The stealth spy action series was for a time one of Ubisoft's premier franchises, but in recent years it has fallen behind the likes of Far Cry and flagship series Assassin's Creed in Ubisoft's IP pecking order.

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shadowwizard1854d ago

Sorry Jade, but that's just bullsh!t.

OccludedGamer1854d ago

Whilst I agree that it isn't overly complex, a lot of the last half of the article mentions how we can play it closer to the originals too. If she can appease the action fanbase and make a better SC game then Conviction I'd be interested.

Blaze9291854d ago

that's freaking crazy. The reason most people complained about SP: Conviction was about the fact that it was TOO EASY.

So now that this is said I don't even know how to feel about the upcoming Blacklist. Chaos Theory. They need to realize why that is still the highest rated in the series.

otherZinc1854d ago

I love the Splinter Cell Series to death!
Along with Ghost Recon & Rainbow Six.

I'm so glad they pushed Rainbow Six back to Next Gen so they could keep the fantastic co-op feature of Terrorist Hunt & other great co-op modes.

Ghost Recon:FS was ruined due to the lack of the great co-op mode that was in Ghost Recon:AW.

Splinter Cell:Blacklist is scaring me because I'm not hearing anything about a co-op mode. The PS3 remake of SC lacked co-op features found in the original game as did Doom 3 Remake.

I hope co-op is in Blacklist as it was in Splinter Cell:Conviction, my son & I played it to death!

So Jade: for me, next time, talk Co-op in Splinter Cell:Blacklist, thanks.

Reborn1854d ago

I'd hardly call Conviction.. complex.

The only thing holding it back is...the publishers/devs themselves.

Root1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Yup because they want more money and making the game as action like and easy as they can will attract more sales.

See this is why I hate when developers this gen use an IP but change the game so much it doesn't resemble what it was all about. Create a new IP idiots. It just saddens me people will go along with it and if you complain you are considered a whiner....sorry for caring about a franchise I used to love.

LastDance1854d ago

if it were more like COD, it would be more successful

joab7771854d ago

That's what it is. Then they tell you that our posts r the minority and that most loved conviction etc. If that's true, then no need for this lecture. If there is a perfectionist mode, though, that would be cool b/c I figured it would be another 3rd oerson action game.

Darrius Cole1854d ago

Has anybody considered that Splinter Cell was never really held back. Maybe it just is what it is. Trying to turn it into Call of Duty without giving it the Call of Duty marketing budget is not going to gain you any sales.

Jade just can't allow herself to get upset because Splinter Cell is not doing Metal Gear Solid numbers. Metal Gear Solid has Kojima-san, and Splinter Cell has...Ubisoft.

THamm1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Games are just that, GAMES. Trying to be too realistic gets a tad dull. That's why I prefer MGS because it mixes the right blend of realistic elements and totally fantasy elements as well. It makes great storytelling and attention to characters who will compel you to remember them through the series. As for gameplay, they are trying to get people to play but some things are left better unchanged if they worked before

Irishguy951854d ago


Movies are just that, MOVIES.

Silly argument imo. There are room for all types of everything in any media form

Jek_Porkins1854d ago

Metal Gear is as complex a game and story as I've ever played, but they are some of the most popular games around.

asyouburn1854d ago

The writing in mgs is so much more memorable. I've played every splinter cell but conviction, and honestly I can't remember any of the antagonists names. Mgs on the other hand, I could tell you whatever you wanted to know about the story. So, there's that

cleft51854d ago

Games need to be made for dumb people clearly. Just goes to show that no matter the gender of the exec, the stupidity factor remains the same.

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