You’re not just entitled to your Nintendo Opinion - You must argue your beliefs

Over the past few months we have seen some pretty bad articles on Nintendo”s Wii U console. The typical “Doom and Gloom” articles that states a opinion on the events of what will happen with the Wii U. However in the recent days we have seen a new form of bad opinion articles. The over the top positive and lack of educated judgement article appeared on the internet.

Inside this article we explore why you need to have more just a thrown out opinion and why you need to back up your claims.

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Rearden1854d ago

"You’re not entitled to your Nintendo Opinion" -- says a Nintendo opinion.

zeal0us1854d ago

It just the title of the article.

"In summary when I write and when people write opinion articles they must be able to argue their points with reason and logic. Not come to conclusions that make no sense based on no data of three consoles on the market field. Be opened mind and understand when your thoughts have been proven wrong"

If only majority of gaming journalism was that way. Nowadays some to most gaming sites don't care about being right or wrong but rather how many hits they get.

Also Chris, when the average N4G user sees "You’re not entitled to your Nintendo Opinion" in the description area. They will more than likely make a comment like the one above me without even reading the article.

christicehurst1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Thanks for your feedback. I do believe as my article states you need more than just the entitlement to make wild statement. you nee to back them up.I will add more to the title.

PSVita1854d ago

This is a gaming site and people get ridiculously passionate about a hobby but hey to each his own. It's more of a rumor site anyways, I need to start only coming on around big events.

morganfell1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

But chris that is the problem. There are few actual technical articles written in gaming these days. Other than the sparse pieces from Beyond 3D or some such rare site, gaming journalism has become nothing more than one massive wahhhh!!!! fest with arrogant children throwing their opinions around like their dirty laundry and then having a conniption when that same opinion is questioned.

Reviews in particular are simply a collection of one ridiculous person's likes and dislikes. Gone are the days of justified and objective analysis tempered by the steady hand of a true editor. And there certainly are no written or imagined standards to which a reviewer must adhere.

These small minded writers crank out articles and believe you should simply agree the way most people do with some inane remark made by their favorite celebrity - because these writers do at the end of the day believe they have some higher societal standing. After all, they are on THE INTERNET! Their opinion is more important than the game itself!

No,the best source of information these days happens to be the developer. At least there the tempered line is easy to spot and you are not giving a webhit to the ever growing pile of trash that is all forms of journalism these days.

stragomccloud1853d ago

The problem with fanboys is they are angered when good games won't come to their console. Regardless of what their choice console is.

I think this about sums it up:

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MultiConsoleGamer1854d ago

You don't have to justify your opinions or tastes to anyone. And anyone who think otherwise is a person you should ignore.

sway_z1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

The Wii U is steadily becoming irrelevant and you can blame Nintendo for it.

Not only did Nintendo launch with a very basic spec (even by 2007 standards), they also have hardly any games to champion the system some 5-6 months later.

To make matters worse, hardly any of the esteemed 3rd party publishers/developers have a remote interest in Wii U.

No Nintendo presence @E3 is a further kick in the teeth for Ninty fans. The once great Nintendo is stuck in consoles past.

The Wii U seems resigned to catering for the hardcore Ninty fans, just like every other Nintendo system prior to the SNES.

Fans will argue the Wii sold extremely well, and they'd be right. because Wii was released at the perfect time, when many we're looking for something different, but a high proportion of Wii purchasers were not gamers, and have no intention of purchasing Wii U.

IMO The ancient Gamecube is far better than the Wii U and that was 3 generations ago.

I have no issue with Wii U fans, I am very disappointed with Nintendo (again) and I don't need to own the console to comment. MS/Sony mess up too, and I comment when it's warranted.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...

I don't comment on N4G for popularity, so your disagrees/agrees are welcome ;)

stragomccloud1853d ago

You can't count a system out when the company hasn't even released its system sellers. That said, if you are disappointed with what is on the horizon, then you have lost something important. That part of the gamers that craves fun and diversity. I am sorry for your loss.

Again, regarding the "irrelevancy" of the Wii U, You can count the system out, when the "system sellers" release and the system sales don't improve.

For now, there is insufficient data.

I point to the PS3 and 3DS as the most recent examples.

koehler831854d ago

I'm pretty sure you are entitled to your Nintendo opinion.

I just don't want to hear it, either way.

stragomccloud1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

We should always be open to hearing opinions regardless of how we feel about them. Assuming they are logical and well thought out.

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