5 Reasons Why Battlefield Is Better Than Call of Duty

Gary Swaby from writes: When it comes to first-person shooters there is none more redundant that the military based shooter. The concept has been done so many times by a number of different publishers ever since 3D environments were possible. However in 2013, I feel like publishers have significantly cut down on putting out generic military shooters. The reason being is because there is only one military based shooter that dominates the market every single year, and that game is Call of Duty.

I'm a Call of Duty player myself, and have been since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Therefore, I can fully understand the appeal of these games. The single player offers some of the most exhilarating action set-pieces and the multiplayer is addictive. Call of Duty changed the face of military based first-person shooters, to the extent that every FPS now follows their formula.

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ElectroJade1860d ago

Hopefully the upcoming Battlefield 4 becomes the successor to the CoD franchise..

ZodTheRipper1859d ago

Hell no. I don't want Battlefield to be anything like CoD.

C4BL31858d ago

Nor do I want the community from COD in BF.

KillerBBs1857d ago

is Battle field a client side server.
COD Black Ops 2 is and it is horrible if you have a great connection.
Client side servers should be outlawed.

But I have a trick if you are running 50mb or better.
LAG your connection to 12mb... no more no less and see the improvements. WOW its incredable.

T21857d ago

@killerBBs - so true I have high speed cable and I got punished for it in BOPS2... I had turned to league play for a while but it's so full of try-hards it loses fun after a while. That is one dusty game on my shelf.

HannibalBarca1859d ago

I thought this was already a well known fact

SolidStoner1858d ago

any smart grown up human being, after playing COD and later Battlefield can truly and honestly say that BF is more mature, complex and realistic game!

fossilfern1858d ago

I would very loosely called BF realistic but yes BF is fantastic nonetheless

VersaVulture891857d ago

While I'm pretty bad at the multiplayer aspect of Battlefield, with the experience I had with it, I can say that it's one of... if not the most strategic shooter I've ever played. I'll probably suck at Battlefield 4's multiplayer, but I'll try it out anyway.

T21857d ago

@versaV - not sure why people disagreed, unless they don't feel its' strategic? Anyway, like any game it takes some practice and you become better with some sights/attach for your gun. Also you need a good squad, join a squad with varied perks and don't try to run and gun at first.... good luck

Max-Zorin1858d ago

Everything is better than COD. Even Superman 64.

coolmast3r1858d ago

Which COD exactly? The first three games of this series were fantastic and innovative. Just saying. If you talking about this diarrhea coming out of COD franchise for the last 5 years then I completely agree with you.

Kurt Russell1857d ago

After Modern Warfare (original) it doesn't feel like it has gone anywhere. It is fun, but it's also an empty husk of a game. I can enjoy it, and I see why others do... but then I find myself huddled in the shower crying afterwards.

objdadon1858d ago

While I enjoyed the change of pace that battlefield provided, it just isn't as fast pace, fun, and addictive as cod. People don't understand it is the formula that keeps cod surviving. This is why it only changes minimal from each release. Battlefield is different and that's what I like about it but most of my hours are put into the love/hate fast paced kill streak cod!

Legion1858d ago

They said the same of Quake... look where that is now.

T21857d ago

I see where objadon is coming from that is what drew me to cod4, but it's pretty badly degraded to kids hiding to earn kill streaks. And the connection issues ruined it in the last few ones.

fsfsxii1858d ago

I don't want anymore shooter craze.

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The story is too old to be commented.