Next-gen 'Aliens' game looking bloody brilliant

'Aliens : Colonial Marines' is coming to the next-gen platforms, but it's going to be a bit of a fair old wait until it's 2009 release. Plenty of time then for us to salivate over every little piece of information and drool over some rather glossy looking screenshots.

Developed by FPS veterans Gearbox Studios, and published by SEGA - 'Aliens : Colonial Marines' is built on the almost industry standard Unreal Engine 3. This of course means it's all looking rather lovely so far, but then again - so did Turok and look what happened there!


Some scans can be found on this Russian gaming site.

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M1am1U3533d ago

I've been waiting for a AAA Alien game for many years. This one, so far, is looking like it might fit the bill. Here's to to hoping that they do the franchise justice and give Alien fans what they deserve.

IrishAssa3533d ago

Maybe u should give Aliens vs Predator 2 a try if u havnt already... I know its old but that game is very fun on all 3 campeigns it got like 9.0-9.5 on gamespot. Well just an opinion

M1am1U3533d ago

Aliens vs. Predator was an amazing game. I've been wishing for another great Alien game since then. It did the Alien franchise justice (and the Predator franchise, too for that matter.). That's why I hope this game shapes up to be as good as what's been revealed so far.

I_killed_TheMart3533d ago

..Cane, are you just lookin for more bubbles?

InYourMom3533d ago

Lol Unreal Engine on the PS3.

destroyah3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 looks better than every 360 game.

And please, don't waste your time replying to me. You obviously know nothing about good engines if you're defending UE3. Typical 360 owner coming to the defense of utter garbage.

Chad Warden3533d ago

Oh dang InYourDad got served.

InYourMom3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Oh yeah chubby Chad I sure got served and you would know all about serving.. Looks like you took a few extra "servings" yourself.

UT3 doesn't look as good as Gears of War or even something like COD4.

Yeah, don't bother replying to you because your whole arguement is so weak that it can easily be blown open. Typical PS3 owner talking up their games like they are something they aren't. I have a PS3 and you can't pull the wool over my eyes. Rainbow Six Vegas is just another example of how poor the UE engine runs on the PS3 while the 360 version suffers no problems.

Maybe you should check out the latest UE3 updates from the tech demo. The water alone put's anything on consoles to shame. I imagine with Gears 2 hit's it will set the benchmark once again just like Gears 1 did.

Gorgon3533d ago

Just wait for Rage to see what a game engine can do.

HuntTheWumpus3533d ago

sounds like InYourMom had the last laugh. Talk about a reverse pwnage.

"chubby chad" RFOL

mullet3533d ago

Are you seriously trying to say something positive about Unreal Engine 3? UT3 doesn't look as good as Gears of War even though Mark Rein confirmed it does? I pretty much stopped there. You 360 fanboys are in such denial that it's ridiculous. Gears of War looks like trash in comparison to most PS3 games. 360 exclusives don't even look better than multi-plats.

heyheyhey3533d ago

let me fix this for both of you (InYourMom and destroyah)

-----------> Open Zone

good day

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SuicidalTendencies3533d ago

I wouldn't expect anything less from Gearbox. They make Brothers in Arms and those games are always the best quality games.

benny o klaatt3533d ago

that would be the 30th anniversary of the aliens franchise. can't wait! 4 player co-op? sweeeeeeet.

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