FIFA 14: Time To Introduce Female Players?

"Events in recent months has seen the revival somewhat of the argument as to the treatment of women in video games. While I don’t necessarily think video games or their creators are sexist in nature, I do think that some developers cater blindly to a male centric audience. " |

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JeromeNtheHouse1884d ago

***Waits for a kitchen joke***

dcbronco1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

So true. Everyone step aside! Let the little --cks speak.

dorron1884d ago

Now that would be a major improvement for the franchise! I would buy a new FIFA if this should happen (and I'm the kind of guy who only buys one soccer game per gen).

SephirothX211884d ago

Isn't there the problem though that one sports game with women could lead to many more?

dangert121884d ago

To be honest i'd rather not, football is a male dominated sport don't blame gaming for the lack of female footballers in the games

Qrphe1884d ago

They might as well. Since most of their money goes into licensing music and marketing, they could at least do this.

TopDudeMan1884d ago

Well, a majority of big teams have a professional women's team, but no one really follows them. Since the game is based on real players it'd mean that the data-collectors would have to take pictures of them and the animators would have to animate every woman footballer, as well as every male footballer. It'd take too much effort for such a little reward because women's football isn't as popular.

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The story is too old to be commented.