40° Live 08; Day Two wrap-up

Excerpt from PS3 Attitude:

"Day Two saw much of the same action as Day One. The fact is, the show was relatively small. Having said that, this was the first ever Live event and I'm sure they'll take feedback from this to ensure it's better in years to come. The UK certainly needs a single retail event right now.

We did get a chance to look round the areas we missed on the first day, which included watching the video footage of Ghostbusters and Prototype. Unfortunately, neither title was available to play. Vivendi did, however, have the Bourne Conspiracy for gamers to get their hands on. The people I spoke to were impressed with the gameplay, which combines close-quarters combat with third-person shooting and driving."

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lockload3474d ago

Bourne Conspiracy was the standout game from people i have spoken too not much else impressed at the event

resistance1003474d ago

Bourne exceeded my expectations, however i would say Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, HAZE and Rock Band stole the show.

GT5: Prologue had massive waiting times to play throughout both days. All the HAZE demo units were full all day as well.

squelchy153474d ago

played some games...but i was really disappointed by gt:5 offence sony fans...but it sucked...the AI was poor the graphics werent as good as i expected and it was amazingly slow...and the steering wheel was crap

DolphGB3473d ago were driving a Mini in London!

After having played hundreds (literally) of racing games over the last 20 years, and tried every wheel, I can tell you GT5:P is spot on and the wheel is one of the best ever.

I did see a lot of people complaining it wasn't realistic. I saw the same people trying to turn a street corner at 50 mph without braking at all. If you tried that in London, you'd crash too.

The guys I saw complain were the ones who basically couldn't drive. For the record, I managed 1:07 - the competition winners were slightly better than me at 1:05. Most of the people I saw complaining were managing 1:30 upwards. Sometimes it's not the games that's bad - it's the players! ;-)

squelchy153473d ago

i got a 1:11...thats not bad for someone who hasnt used a steering wheel in games since the first GTs for ps1

it wasnt the time trial i thought wasnt was the actual racing against the AI...the AI was hopeless