Totally 360: SEGA Superstars Tennis Review

Totally 360 writes: "Sega seem to be past masters at providing the ultimate blue sky games. Sonic, Monkeyball, Samba De Amigo, Jet Set Radio – all games played under stunning sun-kissed vistas that seem to lift your mood on a rainy Sunday when you can't get out of the house for a kick about down at your local park.

Sega Superstars Tennis takes the well worn videogame tennis format, puts it in a pink pair of Elton John shades, turns on a UV lamp and showers it with drinks with little brollies in 'em. But is it a case of style over substance or is there actually a game of tennis hidden in there somewhere?"

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jinn3686d ago

i guess sega will just copy every mario sports game out there until they try to get ppl convinced for a dreamcast 2