Battlefield 4 will be at the EBGames Expo from 4 to 6 October 2013 written:

In the land of kangaroos.

DICE has announced its presence with a booth dedicated to the event Australian EBGames Expo to promote Battlefield 4, fourth and awaited installment in the series coming this Fall on the major platforms.

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shivvy241823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

BTW in australia, no there are no kangaroos etc in our backyards, they are in the zoo or the wild like all other animals! No spiders here dont have health bars and i rarely come across a spider! No we dont say " put the shrimp on the barbie " and we dont really say "G'day mate" alot! But we do have a Ranga running our country( you guys call read head gingers, we call em Ranga short for Orangutan)! Preach = Complete

10V3N0M011823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Ok, I think that was slightly off-topic but I'll go with it. Yeah I live in South Africa and indeed maybe people think I ride a Lion to work and carry luggage with my elephant but then again who doesn't want to sound that awesome ;)

Also I typically don't wear a loincloth, only when I go for a swim