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Submitted by GameArmada 1024d ago | news

The Wii U sold 3.45 million units last year, way under the estimated 5.5 million

Gamasutra: "Although Nintendo was able to swing back to profits for the 2012 fiscal year, the company ended up recording only half of its previously forecasted income." (3DS, Dev, Industry, Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Tag Invalid, Wii U)

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majiebeast  +   1024d ago
Congrats to the retired DS you gave me some awesome games!

Sadly software ratio for the 3DS is only 1:3 lets hope their fall line up can change that cause it aint good.
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Theyellowflash30  +   1024d ago
What are you talking about? The software ratio for the 3DS is fine. Reggie Fils Aime was just bragging about how well the 3DS software is doing.

Are you counting digital sales in there?
majiebeast  +   1024d ago
Official graph with digital sales included.


Fiscal year which ends 31st March. So from launch in November till 31st March 2013.
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bicfitness  +   1024d ago
Its not doing fine. And I'm sure that if Nintendo is listing their own internal figures, they are including downloadable, retail copies games. For the record the 3DS has missed every one of its forecasts too.
LOL_WUT  +   1024d ago
Nintendo is definitely not doing good. A price cut should take care of this problem momentarily, at least till they get their act together and release more games. ;)
Unknow_Master  +   1024d ago
hey lol_wut your mama had a price cut and she still doesnt get played. so do you really think the wiiu need one.
Theyellowflash30  +   1024d ago
So if Nintendo isn't doing good with 7 Billion in profit, 99 million Wii's sold, 153 million DS's sold, 31 million 3DS sold, and 3.5 million Wii U's sold with no big first party titles out... how is Sony doing?
AsimLeonheart  +   1023d ago
You forgot to mention 7 billion YEN which is equal to only $71.4 million of net profit. Even that was due to the favourable exchange rate. The yen depreciated so every dollar earned converted into more yens than usual. Moreover, the profit fell short of the forecast by 49%. Finally the company had an operating loss of 36.4 billion yen which is equal to $366 million dollar! Investors are concerned about operating profits more because it is the profit from core operations. The net profit includes "interest earned" and "other income" which add to the profit but are not related to the business in any way. How come you forgot all this information in your post?
kirbyu  +   1024d ago
Wait. Last year? You mean the one month it was out?
GameArmada  +   1024d ago
No - this refers to the fiscal year ended March 31, rather than a regular year
SilentNegotiator  +   1024d ago
They may as well have meant that, since less than 1/2 million is from the entire 2013 timeframe.

If Nintendo hadn't lied so hard about Wii U being sold out, I wonder how few units they would have sold.
kirbyu  +   1024d ago
They weren't really sold out?

Why would Nintendo say they were then? How would they benefit from that?
PopRocks359  +   1024d ago
Ah yes, anything that doesn't penetrate that bubble of yours must mean that the producer was lying all along. Those fiends! Death to Nintendo!

Seriously, there were several reports from Nintendo and retailers talking about Wii U hardware being sold out during the first week of launch. But for some reason the possibility of the Wii U selling out week one and then being restocked more rapidly than the original Wii doesn't seem to resonate in your mind.
SilentNegotiator  +   1024d ago
"Why would Nintendo say they were then? How would they benefit from that?"

The benefit is getting people panicked into thinking that they need to rush out and get one. Creating false demand is an old, effective marketing trick.

"Seriously, there were several reports from Nintendo and retailers talking about Wii U hardware being sold out during the first week of launch"

Wowie! An entire week!?
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daclynk  +   1024d ago
Good to know its sold well during that time.i cant blame them cos they are not enough first party games out yet. Congrats to them.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1024d ago
Seems all the analysts were wrong about the big N posting a loss. Never count Nintendo out people, you'd think we'd know this by now.
zeal0us  +   1024d ago
It is a loss, 2million consoles didn't get sold that were expected to sell.

"The negative impact of the Nintendo Wii U launch also took its toll on the company's profits, with operating losses of 36.4 billion yen ($366.0 million) as a result. The depreciation of the yen was also blamed."

I'm not counting Nintendo out, but I can say they are off rougher start than MS&Sony with the 360 and PS3. Not only that but Nintendo seem to be having a hard getting families who brought the Wii over to the WiiU.
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bicfitness  +   1024d ago
The only reason why they posted a profit is because the yen has depreciated so much. So when they have billions of dollars in US banks, when converted to yen they make a "profit".

Economics are fun.
Ck1x  +   1024d ago
I hope you know that you argument does go both ways and when the Yen is strong, that to has a magnifying effect on losses that these companies report. So you can't diminish the reason on one hand and then support it in another...
justiceot  +   1024d ago
Your construction of this observation is terribly flawed. The exchange rate for yen to usd in recent months was 95 yen to a dollar, compared to 85 yen to a dollar in the previous year. Are you telling us that this relatively small depreciation of about 10% would yield 7.1 billion yen in profits? It doesn't make sense, does it?

So here's the main reason: Nintendo benefited from the depreciation as the goods are relatively cheap to buy from other countries' perspective/ using other currencies.

To be honest, I'm a little disturbed seeing all these unsubstantiated statements floating around the internet and, worst of all, having people agree with them.

Here's a link to backup what I've just said: 5843
bicfitness  +   1024d ago
Google YEN to US dollar conversion. You have no idea what you're talking about justiceot. 1 dollar = 100 yen. So when the yen DEPRECIATES, even 15%, 1 dollar can equal 85 YEN. Therefore the same amount of US money is SUDDENLY WORTH SIGNIFICANTLY MORE YEN. WHICH IS WHAT NINTENDO REPORTS THEIR FINANCIALS IN.

And now multiply that by billions in US cash and yes, you can get upwards of billions of YEN, easily.


P.S. Its not "unsubstantiated", any respectable analyst has said the same thing. Its the fanboys that don't want to hear the truth.

P.S.S. Your link it to some dead article on BBC Sports. Not sure what you're aiming at there.
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justiceot  +   1024d ago

In all honesty, I'm not any sort of "fanboy" ,but just a concerned passerby. It's ludicrous: You claiming to be educated in economics. Well, I shall argue no more. But bring this up to any economist, he will shoot your opinion down with immediacy.

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PS4isKing_82  +   1024d ago
Ppl have to remember that those are amazing numbers for a console that has VERY little games for it at the moment. Just wait till the fall when the really big games start coming out. Once ppl see the new first party games come out, sales will explode. Me, I don't care about sales that much, I just want the amazing games that nintendo is gonna give us soon.

Go Nintendo!! :D
BeZdaBest  +   1024d ago
the wii u sold 3.45 million with only mario and nintendo land...2 games damn i cant wait to see what happens when the real games come out..
vishmarx  +   1024d ago
seriously ....real games????
only things that sells on nintendo are mario and zelda...
BeZdaBest  +   1024d ago
at least thats better than the top 5 selling games of the xbox 36o and ps3...IMO

xbox 36o


i dont mean in sells... i mean the quality of the games that move systems
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vishmarx  +   1024d ago
please 360 /ps3 will last over an year full of AAA titles ...
hows your wii doing?
Theyellowflash30  +   1024d ago

Donkey Kong Country Returns - 6 Million
Wii Sports Resort - 31 Million
Metroid Prime 3 Corruption - 1.7 million
Super Smash Bros Brawl - 12 million
Kirby's Epic Yarn - 2 million
Punch Out - 2 million
Pokemon Battle Revolution - 2 million

Only Mario and Zelda? Right.....
Mr_Writer85  +   1024d ago

On a console that sold 99 million units.

Bigger user base = Bigger sales.

The WiiU has a much smaller userbase so lets see how well Donkey Kong, Kirby, Star Fox etc do compared to Mario on this console shall we.

Oh and..Your Lists combined sales = 57 Million

MARIO kart Wii - 34 Million
New super MARIO bro Wii - 27 Million
MARIO Galaxy - 11 Million
MARIO Party 8 - 8 Million
MARIO Galaxy 2 - 7 Million
ZELDA TP - 7 Million
ZELDA Skyword - 4 Million

That list of Mario and Zelda games = 98 Million
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Theyellowflash30  +   1024d ago
@ Mr Writer

Having a bigger install base, doesn't diminish the fact the more than Mario and Zelda sell on Nintendo platforms.

Nintendo puts out more Mario games, so of course there will be a higher sales ratio of Mario compared to a Donkey Kong or Kirby.
jcnba28  +   1024d ago
Exactly...real games.
lilbroRx  +   1024d ago
@Mr_Witer, funny how you call out user base for dismissing Wii sales(out of context I might add, since most of those sales were achieved when the console had only half its current market share), but then fail to apply the same logic to the Wii U sales vs. other consoles.

Biased nitpicking much?

Also, "Mario" isn't a game genre. He is a character/mascot that appears in games of mulitple genre's. Its also only 11 million, far lower than what you are trying to miscronture it as, for Zelda.

If you are going to right off all of the games sales as "Mario and Zelda" then I could do the same with the PS3/360 by saying "Gun games".

What percentage of 360/PS3 games sales is "Gun games"?
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millzy102  +   1024d ago
go check the list of game units sold that nintendo has posted then tell me its only mario and zelda that sells (by the way there's only one zelda in the rather big list) this is why nintendo is not doomed.
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Crillvirus81  +   1024d ago
Yup your right with only one game really cause nobody really liked Nintendo land and it still was a better selling launch than any of the past its numbers beat ps3 and 360 first 5 months on sale numbers just wait till the holidays I don't think ms or Sony new console can beat the price of a wii u plus Mario 3d a Mario kart and Zelda ww hd and don't let smash bro come out this holiday cause then there really in trouble lol
Mr_Writer85  +   1024d ago
But PS3 was only released in Japan and U.S in its first 4 months.

So if you do the numbers form Nov 2006 to April 2007 for PS3 and Nov 2012 to April 2013 for the WiiU.

You find *drum roll*

WiiU - 2,938,657 units sold
PS3 - 3,236,080 units sold

The WiiU has to sell another 297,423 units from today 24th to the 30th to have sold more in its first 6 months of relase to out do the PS3.

And again please bare in mind that for the first 4 months the PS3 wasnt released in Europe, unlike the WiiU :)
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vork77   1024d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
vishmarx  +   1024d ago
i still cant see why people defend this console so much...
1! good reason?
good tech?
good games?
good price?
good online services?

BeZdaBest  +   1024d ago
its simple nintendo still manages to keep games fun.. while others think that graphics an power are fun...

im only defending the fact that its way to early to judge.6 months. if that was the case then the ps3 would have been deemed a failure in its first 2 years of life??. how bout the vita is it a failure it sold about 5 million in a year an 2 months???

damn i have 3 failures because they aint sold billions...

now to answer some of your question as best as i can...

1) best tech IN a Nintendo system
2) If you know Anything bout nintendo its to have a little patience..the games are coming
3)proven fact MOST Nintendo systems cost cheaper than the competition..
4)like you said its good.. could use some work but hey its Free..
PirateThom  +   1024d ago
The PS3 and Vita were and are deemed failures.

The Wii U is faring no better.
oof46  +   1024d ago
Is it too hard for everyone to play on their platform of choice and be content?
Peanuts110  +   1024d ago
You know you want to buy a Wii U. Stop denying yourselves.
Do the Wii U.
MasterCornholio  +   1024d ago
I'm sorry Dave but Nintendo has to provide me with some compelling software before I even ponder about purchasing one. On the other hand Sony with their PS4 reveal has peaked my interest so all I need now is a price and a date.

Motorola RAZR i
contradictory  +   1024d ago
that's not very good...
well, it'll still turn around at some point
StraightedgeSES  +   1024d ago
Hopefully Nintendo can turn things around like they did the 3DS
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Animal Mutha 76  +   1024d ago
It's not doing that badly. But could be better. I don't think the console is bad technology or design wise, but it's just not enough of a difference to what's already available. It's kind of a meh product without a killer feature.

I'm concerned that once PS4 and nextbox launches it could just get swamped and forgotten about or become a budget 'toy' aimed at children which is fine if Nintendo wants that but the profits will only come from the mass market.

I'd like to buy one but not for gaming, just to add to my collection. I'll wait until they are bargain basement.
Kennytaur  +   1024d ago
That's what happen when you release a console without a killer app.
Jek_Porkins  +   1024d ago
Actually it puts the Wii U around the same spot as the Xbox 360 and PS3 were at the same time. It isn't as bad as people try to make it out to be, nobody can say the 360 or PS3 have poor sales, it can just take time to get momentum and some games.
Dno  +   1024d ago
dude your wrong
its less then ps3 and ps3 was 600 dollars with TWO other systems fighting for our dollars and the ps3 WAS NOT OUT in the whole world yet like wii u was.

Huge difference.
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Jek_Porkins  +   1024d ago
Look at total units sold 6 months into the consoles being available, Wii U is right on par with the PS3 and 360, almost identical numbers actually.
Mr_Writer85  +   1024d ago
So the WiiU sold more in 6 months on the world market then the PS3 did in 2? Again I think it needs pointing out that for the first 4 of those 6 months the PS3 wasn't available in Europe. Unlike the WiiU.

And this is a fair reflection on the WiiU's progress how?
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Jek_Porkins  +   1024d ago
I'm just pointing out that people are talking as if the Wii U is doing horrid overall and it isn't, it's actually on par with two other very successful consoles (PS3/360).

I think people are crazy if they thought the Wii U was going to sell as good as the Wii, they are totally different consoles that came out in different times, the economy was better in 2006, the Wii was innovative with motion controls and had a price point of $249, which is very appealing to the masses.

The Wii U can catch on fire with some quality software and maybe a slight price reduction to entice some of the people who are on the fence.
Dno  +   1024d ago
dude it was 600 doallars... does that not count... and it was not out in 1 of the major regions. that is the point

Add what sony sold its first 6 months in all 3 major regions bro.
Jek_Porkins  +   1024d ago
Did I ask for excuses or the why and how of it? No, I did not. I said they are about equal after 6 months and they are.

I understand how N4G is, but the fact of the matter is that Nintendo is going to be fine, they posted profit, they own the best selling handheld console like always, they are coming off a 100 million unit selling console, they are on par with the PS3 and Xbox 360 at the six month mark. PERIOD.

Now if I had said "Please give me excuses as to why they are equal", you might have a point, but I was just pointing out hard data facts.
Dno  +   1024d ago
you are right this is how N4G is
lets ignore the fact that ps3 was 600 bucks.

lets ignore the fact that ps3 was not out in a MAJOR region (the region ps3 sold the most in)

Lets just cut those 2 major factors out to make my point correct.

N4G at its finest.

You sir are wrong. that is the only PERIOD....
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Qrphe  +   1024d ago
Not to mention inflation, $600 from 2006 is really $680 nowadays.
kagamer79  +   1024d ago
Why even care? If you clearly dislike nintendo. What does their sales,hardware,or games matter to you at all? Its no big secret nintendo is more of a casual console so is that reason enough to hate it? If nintendo fanboys would quit vehemently denying obvious flaws nintendo has and other fanboys would quit bashing it cause its not the technical marvel they feel it should be, then these flame bait articles wouldn't get hits. Its common sense if you throw a rock at a bee hive your gonna stir them up right?
josephayal  +   1024d ago
3.4M in 45 days? holy crap
avengers1978  +   1024d ago
Since its launch in November... They are talking fiscal year witch ends march 31st. A little over 2 million less then what Nintendo had projected. And sales are still slumping they need there E3 to show games that will move consoles
skyrimer  +   1024d ago
I think that once MS and Sony start showing the big guns Ninty is going to be in huge trouble, still I really hope Nintendo manages to get back in the ring, that would mean that a bucketload of amazing games are coming for it
truthhurts7400   1024d ago | Spam
Munnkyman  +   1024d ago
Nintendo better have a huge e3 or i will be pissed like last year and the year before.

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