How Important Is Music in Video Games?


"Music has an impact on people that many other mediums do not. It’s capable of both evoking emotional response with softer melodies and pumping blood through your veins with its faster beats. Music can set tone faster than anything else, be it visual aesthetics or good writing, is capable of doing. This is because it draws on a primal part of our brains and uses our own feelings and memories to craft the message it’s trying to convey to us, and by using our own mental brush to paint the image it brings a much clearer one to life."


Added the Interview with Bioshock Composer Garry Schyman

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csreynolds1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Extremely important. It's presence (or in some cases absence) works to create or enhance an atmosphere - be it tense, exciting, frightening, peaceful or otherwise. If there's music where there shouldn't be, no music where there should be, or if the soundtrack/playlist doesn't fit with what's happening on screen, it can affect how the player feels about what he/she is playing entirely.

Try playing Journey with the sound muted and you'll understand what I mean.

Drazz1888d ago

Mirror's Edge would have been a lot less awesome with crap music.

Why o why1888d ago

Ill match that mirrors edge and raise you with my shadow of the colossus

darthv721888d ago

I can't imagine what Halo would have been like if the music was all futuristic and techno. The orchestral tones really set the mood for the different parts of the game.

Much like can anyone really think of star wars with a different style of music than what we are accustomed to?

Blaze9291888d ago

it really depends on the game to be honest. I couldn't have imagine Heavy Rain without the soundtrack it had but instead with generic royalty free tuneage like some games...

Roccetarius1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Heavy Rain had a soundtrack? It must've been forgettable to me then, because i can't remember.

3 Examples that springs to mind, from the same franchise are these:

1) Bioshock - The Ocean On His Shoulders
2) Bioshock 2 - Pairbond
3) Bioshock Infinite - Elizabeth

There's a ton of other soundtracks i like, more so than anything they play in a radio today. Thing is though, that list would be massive. :P

Drazz1888d ago

imagine if mass effect's music sucked....

GodsPerfectK7ng1888d ago

Music is very FFFFFNNNN important I would say!!!!

iRocket1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Very. Some of the most amazing moments are crowned by the music. The wonderful scifi/orchestra-soundtrack really makes the game live. Same goes for such games as FTL, where the ambience music creates the "space" feel. Also in Command & Conquer, who can forget the awesome Hell March?

cervantes991888d ago

Very, very important!

In fact, I'm at work listening to the Doom 64 Soundtrack at my desk. It is so freaking atmospheric.


IronFistChinMi1888d ago

I remember back in the Megadrive days, I'd boot up games like Streets of Rage, Revenge of Shinobi and just listen to the tracks via the options menu. Shame this feature has been lost, but I guess with the ascent of orchestras and famous composers being used, publishers would rather sell you the OST.

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