Vivid Entertainment to Welcome ‘Last of Us’ Developer to 2013 Line Up

Analog Addiction writes: "Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has today announced a collaboration with Vivid Ideas, the creative industries and business event pillar of Vivid Sydney. Together they will host a panel event entitled ‘The Making of…a blockbuster game‘, where Naughty Dog developer of the highly anticipated The Last of Us will be present."

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darthv721364d ago

when i saw that I started thinking, any relation to....

Majin-vegeta1364d ago

Time to scout teh Interwebz;).

zebramocha1364d ago

More like the lust of us.

RBlue_Desire1364d ago

I can already see that happening..........

calibypolege1364d ago ShowReplies(1)
mediate-this1364d ago

Nice nice.... Wait wait, wrong Vivid. But nice nonethe less

0pie1364d ago

its funny to see everyone thinking its all about the porn company haha