Road Redemption targeting Wii U, pending Kickstarter success

Dave Hinkle of writes: Road Redemption, a spiritual successor to Road Rash currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, will be ported to Wii U as well as PC/Mac/Linux.

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darthv721696d ago

Looks interesting. I am beginning to like these pseudo spin offs like road redemption and 90's arcade racer.

Now if there can be a kickstarter started for a thunder blade type of game, seeing as sega doesnt seem interested in rebooting that one.

Bigpappy1696d ago

Oh My. Can't get my boner to go down. I loved Road Rash. This looks really good, but they should loose the guns and swords. How does someone get beheaded and get back in the game? Plus it will only invite unnecessary political attention to the game. But I might just support it any way because I like combat biking. Why no one went in this direction last gen is a huge mystery to me. No brainer to make one of these games and have it online.

YodaCracker1696d ago

I read the title as "Red Dead Redemption targeting Wii U".

majiebeast1696d ago

Thats cool. hope they would consider a psn version.

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