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Heavenly Sword Movie Points to Likely (Once Was) Video Game Sequel on PS4

VG Republic Writes: Sony has no issues when it comes to exclusive titles, with a number of games that most companies salivate to replicate. They have so many that one of the more popular early exclusives released in 2007, Heavenly Sword, has been allowed to lay dormant... until now. An animated movie has crept on to the scene, first reported by Eurogamer, of Nariko's story that will be a Direct-To-DVD release being published by Blockade aside the upcoming theatrical release of Ratchet and Clank. Why after six years though are we seeing our first sightings of Nariko, especially after Ninja Theory scrapped their sequel to the original to work on their remake of the Devil May Cry Series, DmC? The timing of the announcement for the Heavenly Sword movie is perplexing but the greater thought process beyond producing a movie that hasn't seen a game release since 2007 points, likely, to the fact that the Heavenly Sword sequel that once was is now looking probable for the PS4. (Dev, Heavenly Sword 2, Next-Gen, PS4)

Abash  +   898d ago
Heavenly Sword is an IP that has a lot of potential, it just needs to separate itself from feeling like God of War in various ways. I bet on the PS4 they can do a lot more with the game's design and gameplay, making it a unique experience that does a lot of things that God of War doesnt.

Im hoping though that Sony gets people re-interested in the series by porting Heavenly Sword to PS Vita with Trophy support and bonus content like new modes and missions
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fr0sty  +   897d ago
The game had great acting, and for an early PS3 title it did a fantastic job of creating a cinematic experience. The gameplay was a bit hollow, hack, slash and steering weapons with sixaxis was about all they had to offer, but it was still a great title. I definitely would like to see a sequel where more variety is put into the gameplay elements.
HammadTheBeast  +   897d ago
Just like the Ratchet and Clank movie, I suspect the game to come soon before or after the movie.
1OddWorld  +   898d ago
I had a lot of fun playing Heavenly Sword. It does feel a little like God of War, but I think we can all agree this character is so much hotter. Also, I had a ton of fun steering the arrows and cannons. This game was so beautiful to see in action and is one of my favorites from the PS3.

If they create a sequel it would be a must buy for me, and from some of the comments I have read from people being burnt out on playing God of War maybe a new look is the change of pace they need. The way she moves as she obliterates thousands of enemies at the same time was just epic.

If you like my post or agree please bubble me. I like to share my thoughts and three bubbles is just not enough.
Sorry for begging.
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Omar91  +   897d ago
I'm sorry but I have to disagree. The worst part about this game was the fact that there was the use of six axis in things such as steering the arrows and cannons. Thankfully they gave you the option to turn that off, otherwise I probably would of never finished the game.
The_Infected  +   898d ago
I don't understand if everyone wants Heavenly Sword 2 why don't Sony have a studio make it?
Qrphe  +   897d ago
For the same reason we haven't had another Shenmue or Earthbound game: publisher doesn't think it'll sell enough.
The_Infected  +   897d ago
I know I really liked Heavenly Sword. I wish they'd make another one especially on PS4. It would look so good:)
Minato-Namikaze  +   897d ago
Heavenly sword is NT's best selling game ironically.
southernbanana  +   897d ago
I have to agree with you Kratos. :-( Heavenly Sword was such a great game. But like Shenmue I can only hope another game will be made.
Godmars290  +   897d ago
Because Ninja Theory under-delivered with the game. The potential for something great was there, but there just wasn't enough substance.

And NT seems to be more about style than substance.

No, they're more about talking up some as the next sensation, how much work and effort they've put into it, then blaming others be it a publisher like Sony or the fans when the game falls short of expectations. Though the usual criticism is that the game's too simplistic in some fashion.

But what really hurts is that they get the story right. Have the right voice talent who deliver it well enough, as well as have decent enough plots. Though again much of it is very shallow. Little to no substance.
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Root  +   897d ago
I got the impression Ninja Thoery were all about talk and how to p*** off as many fans as they can :D
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strigoi814  +   897d ago
Santa Monica would take over this series for sure..
Root  +   897d ago
Heavenly Sword 2....escaping hell like NT's original sequel idea would be amazing

Having it open world aswell would separate it's self from God of War more.

Nariko has to come back....but they better not use that god awful voice actress from Playstation All Stars.
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Nodoze  +   897d ago
Sony should have put out a new Heavenly Sword instead of GoW Ascension. Sony Santa Monica should have been the ones to produce it.

I think we have seen enough GoW for awhile.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   897d ago
Geez a man would remind you that GoW has had only 2 games this gen. Re-releases have made people think there's been more than there actually have been
NaAsAr  +   897d ago
I really hope Sony opts for sequel to this game on ps4. It would be nice to also re-release the original game along side this potential sequel on ps4 to show what the developers intended it to perform like.
ACESupERIC  +   897d ago
I don't wanna see a sequel with nariko in it. She died just like she was supposed to. She did what she needed to do and died a noble and glorious death. Dont tarnish it by dragging her back from tbe dead. Maybe a different protagonist a little further down the timeline would work. I just don't wanna see them sequel a great game to death. Look at god of war for an example. Albeit a great series, ascension is proof of the phrase"sometimes, dead is better" Just my opinion. Dont hate
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ACESupERIC  +   897d ago
What's with the disagree and no elaboration? Speak up please
razor76  +   896d ago
opinions are like a--h-l-s everybody has one and ,no one thinks their s--t stinks, I could see a new character being cool but,a look into her past would be cool in my opinion as well. lol
Williamson  +   897d ago
So much potential with the heavenly sword franchise and its a shame to watch it go to waste.
XIIIWARRIOR41  +   897d ago
We should start a petition to get trophies for Heavenly Sword. Hey- if they (SONY) allowed it for Metal Gear then why not.
panbit86  +   897d ago
I think Ready At Dawn Studio would be great with a HS sequel!
Sevir  +   897d ago
but they are working on a new ip
HS2 was in pre-production by Ninja Theory and SCE Cambridge(Guerrilla Games Cambridge) back in 2008 before Sony and the New(now) Head of NT, Tameem, cause the project to get placed on the back burner and severing the 3 game deal they had with Sony.

HS was written as a trilogy and Nina Kristensen (the former head) of the company penned it that way!
Ace_Pheonix  +   896d ago
Tameem is driving the company straight to hell. If they thought it was bad before, I really wonder what they think of themselves now. Everyone hates that guy.
WeskerChildReborned  +   897d ago
Well it would be a good time too if they are deciding to make a movie, they could make the movie, attract more of a fanbase, and around that time have a new game announced.
Rhezin  +   896d ago
YES! NT were fools to ever scrap more Heavenly Sword. It's their best IP. They'd be wise to make a franchise outta that series.

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