AMD launches a screaming-fast graphics card with 8.6B transistors

by Dean Takahashi

Advanced Micro Devices is launching a new high-end graphics card today with some serious horsepower. The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based chip maker says it has retaken the crown for the world’s fastest graphics card.

The AMD Radeon HD 7990 card, with two chips, has more than 8.6 billion transistors, and it has 4,096 stream processors that can produce 8.2 teraflops of computing power. It can support 4K resolutions on the newest monitors and TVs, and can run six displays at once.

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AkatsukiPain1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I kinda found this paragraph interesting.

"AMD also has its graphics chips in the upcoming Sony PlayStation 4. Nekechuk said that AMD’s 7990 cards were in PCs that Electronic Arts used to demo its upcoming Battlefield 4 video game. In scenes from games like the top-selling BioShock Infinite (pictured), AMD showed how the lighting was more crisp and details more fleshed out using the 7990."

Shinra Tensei

RBlue_Desire1735d ago

I wonder if they mean, that maybe its 7990's chip they will be using on PS4 albeit with less clock speed and bandwidth for cost reduction.

gamernova1735d ago

Lmao Really? Is that what you read? The only thing involving the ps4 was the first sentence :P

RBlue_Desire1735d ago

xD sadly yes, I am a bit slow reader.

I am just hopeful (and bit delusional) that ps4 will delivering more than it is right now.

r1sh121735d ago

AMD were a bit unlucky in the past few years.
in 2005/6 they were about to overtake inel as the number 1 chip maker, intel stepped up and AMD got comfortable.
THey have been playing catch up every since, the ATI (Now AMD) graphics division have caught up and are biting away.
The best deal for AMD is to have their hardware in the ps4/xbox 720 - the downside..
They may level peg the graphics cards :/

But they have some exciting technology coming like video rendering in the cloud.

Nvidia have become too cocky and think they are the greatest.
This proves they arent and AMD have partnered with ARM so expect Nvidia to have some serious competition

B-radical1735d ago

Lol amd can release any card they went be on as many consoles as they want. Nvidia will still be number 1 im not saying this as fanboy or anything. But its the truth. They will make a butload money of consoles tho.

Arai1736d ago

"AMD is going to package the graphics card with dual Tahiti-based chips for $999, and it will throw in eight high-end PC games for free: BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, Hitman Absolution, Sleeping Dogs, and Deus Ex Human Revolution."

That's a great deal IMO and goes well with such a beast of a card.

RBlue_Desire1735d ago

So approximately $320 worth of stuff with that graphic card.

But Anyone who is buying that card, i guess would have already got most of those games.

gamernova1735d ago

Ebay lol But that is a really good deal. Makes me want to jump from my green team 670.

Neixus1735d ago

For the people that drop in to read quick, the card was used in the bf4 presentation, they played Bf4 at over 60 fps on 4k resolution.. o.O

GameOn1735d ago

I think they used two actually.

GameOn1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

chcolatesnw, lol chill man. Nobody mentioned any console and I'm pretty sure they did use two 7990's for that demo.

Truehellfire1735d ago

It was actually two 7990's used in the Battlefield demo. Still, pretty impressive considering how much more demanding 4k is compared to standard 1080p or even 1440/1600p.

chcolatesnw1735d ago

You guys are fcukn retarded! They used a dual GPU card = single 7990 (since it has 2 gpu's one one pcb). And it ran at 3k not 4k you doofus. And it was </= 60fps, since there were clear drops in fps if you watched the less compressed 2.5gb 1800p/60ps video.
And for "I wonder if they mean, that maybe its 7990's chip they will be using on PS4 albeit with less clock speed and bandwidth for cost reduction."
They will use crappy 100$ gpu like the 7790/7850.
You console fanboys think yo ps4 gonna be beast when in fact its gonna be a trashy LAPTOP 8 core APU at 1.6GHz with low end of the low end GPU. HAHAHA. low settings 720p 30fps BF4 for you!!!

lonesoul651735d ago


ya know...does it make you feel better to name call? IF you have a correct answer then reason to be a jerk. Funny how people with knowledge have to try and make others feel small. Lighten up my friend or your credible information just gets discredited by a poor attitude.

GameOn1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )
Now if you can count you will see two graphics cards hence you are the retard here.

NaAsAr1735d ago

A screaming fast single dual gpu card that happens to be getting beat by its little twin brothers(7970 crossfire)

the latter a cheaper option btw.

ATi_Elite1735d ago

OK for $999 I better get something GREAT cause that's a lot recycled cans and lawn mowing. After trolling Benchmarks all day long the HD7990:

TOTALLY beats the CRAP outta GTX690 and Titan CLearly. Also beats GTX680 sli in a lot of test at 1600p. Even on Triple Monitor set-ups the HD7990 is still Lord and Master.

ONly a HD7970 ghz CFX beats out a HD7990 in performance and Price.

AMD has manhandled Nvidia this Gen and only Nvidia GTX700 series will regain the crown while AMD will have GREAT cards for super Cheap thus making GTX700 not so attractive.

Oh by the way 8 FREE top quality Games is UNREAL. Such a sweat deal for those with DEEP Pockets.

HD7970 Ghz CFX, HD7990, HD7970 Ghz, HD7790 AMD has a monster Enthusiast solution Line-up and the HD7790 is a Boss at the $129 level.

Good Job AMD.

Dasteru1735d ago

Hate to say it but AMD is a year late to the game to be considered the winner of the PC GPU gen.

The GTX690 dominated the entire gen, Titan is a single GPU midway card to the 700-series. The GTX780 will be releasing soon and AMD will be clinging to Nvidia's ass as usual.

ATi_Elite1735d ago


HD 7970GHZ CFX Never lost! It beats the GTX690 GTX680 SLI and Titan and cost LESS than all of them too.

Besides AMD always releases it's HDx990 card late and they still sell like HOT CAKES.

I own AMD and Nvidia and I don't know what planet you line on but here on Earth AMD has won these last two GPU Gen's.

AMD GPU price and performance is unmatched by Nvidia

Dasteru1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )


HD 7970CFX is a 3rd party manufacturer overclock of the normal Ghz edition with added VRam. It doesn't follow official AMD specs and therfore doesn't count.

If a 3rd party like XFX decided to do the same thing with the GTX690 it would destroy the CFX easily.

The only reason it hasn't happened is because Nvidia doesn't allow 3rd parties to freely modify their cards beyond spec like AMD does.

Just to add: The 7970CFX isn't better than sli'd 680s anyway, just checked some benches and the CFX comes out very slightly ahead in a few areas but gets completely slaughtered by near double in others.


"AMD's CrossFire is scaling better than nVidia's SLI looking at both synthetic (5%) and games (0-2 %) benchmarks in average. When you look closer at the different benchmarks, one by one, AMD is doing a better job for the scaling than nVidia. It was quite often that we had a very close to 200 % improvement. But there is a dark side - that's why on average the scaling is very close to nVidia - CrossFire is not always working well. For exemple as you may have seen in the graphs under Batman and Skyrim - which are quite old now - drivers should be optimized. Reality shows that they haven't been optimized and there is a downscaling with CrossFire, which means that with two cards the performance was worse than with one card. This gives AMD a big disadvantage. On the other hand we didn't have any problems with SLI, it was working well with all games we tested.

Looking at the performance index you clearly see that the GTX 680 SLI is the fastest dual graphics solution. Now from a performance/watts point of view new nVidia graphics card are clearly winning. As for the price/performance ratio at the moment both HD 7950 and GTX 670 are at the same level offering the best performance/price ratio. Then comes the HD 7970 and the GTX 680 not that far behind.

So the best single card at the moment from all those points of view is clearly the GTX 670 which is dominating. Now for those who want pure performance not looking at the price or power consumption the GTX 680 SLI is clearly the best choice"

Dasteru1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Accidently double posted the second to last link, here is the intended last one.

AMDs drivers also suck bad. Even when you do get better performance out of them, the compatibility and stability issues make it not worth it.

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