Nintendo's Plan To Make The 3DS Stand Out From The iPhone

It feels as though Nintendo's 3DS handheld game system has "arrived." Over the last few months, the library of 3DS games available has reached some sort of critical mass, and it seems there's a well-made, fun game for just about every type of gamer. But the spectre of the iPhone and Apple's App store lingers. Can Nintendo really hope to compete long-term with such popular, widely used competitors?

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sherimae24131857d ago

dont worry the 3ds can compete its great handheld afterall ^_^

Muffins12231857d ago

I think there just going to add more and more phone features to it every genration. Maybe Nintendo will get into the phone business and they will market them as gaming phones with buttons or something

lashes2ashes1857d ago

I really hope that they are not that stupid. I love Nintendo but when it comes to cutting edge tech they are always way behind. The phone market would eat them alive. Just look at blackberry for example.

jcnba281856d ago

Time to buy a 3DS, I've been putting it off way too long now.

brettyd1856d ago

I wan't to buy one too, I just know as soon as I do Nintendo will release another redesign.

jcnba281856d ago

I feel the exact same way lol but I can't think what Nintendo could improve from the 3ds xl besides adding another circle pad. But most games dont even need a second circle pad so I might wait until after E3 just incase they announce another model. But if I get a 3ds xl and Nintendo announces another model you can easily trade it in to gamestop and upgrade.

Zha1tan1856d ago

All they need to do is confirm Pokemon X & Y has all the generations of pokemon and I will rush out to buy one.

mamotte1856d ago

All they have to do is get Skype for 3DS. Been dreaming with it since the DSi has a microphone.

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