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Is the Ratchet and Clank Movie Too Late

IGN- The IGN PlayStation Team assembles to discuss if the world will still care about a Lombax and a robot in the year 2015. (Culture, Dev, Industry, Ratchet and Clank)

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Prodigy-X  +   765d ago
No its not (IGN)orant.
sinncross  +   765d ago
hmm I would argue that the film should have been made closer to the PS2 era, to help build up the brand to a wider audience.

It still can now, and most likely will, but I would say that the ideal time would have been a few year ago. Still, looking forward to this... trailer was great, but wish it was 2014 and not 2015!
Army_of_Darkness  +   765d ago
IGN is ridiculous..It's never to late.
It wasn't to late for wreck it ralph, transformers, evil dead or any Walt Disney 3d remakes, so I can't see why ratchet and clank would be a problem??
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shivvy24  +   765d ago
if insomniac is planning a 2015 release of a next gen ratchet then its gonna be great for marketing , i think were gonna see a new generation of kids playing the ratchet games like we did back in the ps2 era! look at skylanders, it bought back spyro for a new gen of kids ( but they ruined spyro , insom wont do that )
SilentNegotiator  +   765d ago
It would have been smarter to have released the movies before (or without the existence of, better yet) the turds that were All 4 One and Full Frontal Assault.
sengoku  +   764d ago
ratchet and clank games have always had great cut scene.
an full sized movie could be an epic.
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darthv72  +   764d ago
i would hope
that a tv series can be spun off the movie if successful. Seeing it as a regular program on cartoon network or another network would be good.

Like lego has made star wars into a series, R&C could be just as good if done the same way in CG.

I know its too soon to say it but 'hopefully' it doesnt turn out like final fantasy movie. Im sure sony would back the project to make it a success where as FF failed.
MattyG  +   765d ago
Way to use a years old irrelevant joke without even considering what they have to say. Did you even watch the video before making your little joke? They actually bring up some really good points.
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_QQ_  +   765d ago
It is N4g, they don't realize they are the IGNorant ones.
dboyc310  +   765d ago
Better late than never. I'll be 23 by the time it comes out which makes me wish I was rather in my teens. I'm still seeing it regardless but would have had a good time if I was younger. The teaser trailer did have me smiling until the end so I'm just happy it's being made. I'm positive my little nephew will love it though.
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shivvy24  +   765d ago
ill be 22 :D
poopsack  +   765d ago
This was actually a great video and pretty insightful but hey why read past the title?
Dj7FairyTail  +   765d ago
Yes it is late.
Pokemon had a movie 4-5 years after it debut on Gameboy.
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jerethdagryphon  +   765d ago
:) lombaxtastic
smashcrashbash  +   765d ago
Why would you think that? Everyone doesn't have to know who Ratchet and Clank are them to know if it's good movie and anyone who likes Ratchet and Clank will be a bonus.
TheGOODKyle  +   765d ago
I'm surprised anyone cares about IGN's opinion in 2013.
MattyG  +   765d ago
I really hope this ends up being good. It seems like animation is the best way to go for game movies, since you don't need look-a-like actors and whatnot. They can almost perfectly replicate the feel of games(especially cartoony ones like Ratchet & Clank) better with animation than they can with real world effects/actors/sets/etc.
majiebeast  +   765d ago
Its not too late but it wouldve been a better fit for the launch of tools of destruction or ACIT.
colonel179  +   764d ago
The best time would have been after ACIT. Everyone loved Ratchet and Clank then, and it was pretty relevant. However, people could take it as another animated movie which can be a great movie it they make it like the games.

The only thing that must be done is to market it right. They already have the teaser, so they should put it up in apple trailers, and spread the word
Godmars290  +   765d ago
Who doesn't think that this isn't going to tie in with a new game?
MattyG  +   765d ago
I dunno. I bet one will release around the time of the movie, but they won't be related. I'm pretty sure the movie is following the story of the first game, and I can't see them remaking it just for the movie. I could be wrong though.
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Omar91  +   765d ago
I agree I think the point is that they will make a game but not related to the film.
Omar91  +   765d ago
I honestly think it could be a E3 announcement or maybe later on along the lines. But yes This may tie in with a new game.

I feel like Insomniac are trying to in a way "reboot" the series by bringing in this movie to broaden the audience. A new game will also help bring the ratchet and clank series back to the Ps2 era if done correctly.

On a side note, watching that video made me want to play A crack in Time again! I forgot how amazing that game was!
Y_5150  +   765d ago
Well PlayStationBlog has stated that it's sort of a retelling of the origins story (The first R&C game)
Williamson  +   765d ago
Playing through R&C games always felt like watching a movie. The voice actors are a good match for the characters as well.
Y_5150  +   765d ago
Yes next, Sly Cooper animated series. They did good with the animated shorts for Sly 4!
izumo_lee  +   765d ago
Yeah one can say that a movie should have come out either last gen or earlier this gen. Fans of the games & the characters could say better late than never.

As for the film itself, if it is well made & is high quality people who have never heard of the games will enjoy the film just cause it is a good movie. Maybe if it goes well a new generation of fans may be made that will go back & play the older games & the possible new ones.

I'm looking forward to this. The games stories & characters have always been well written & hilarious. I wouldn't believe that a film would be made of the series. Now that it has been confirmed I'm pleasantly surprised.

It is kinda smart that Sony is doing this with some of their franchises. They have always had a dedicated following but to try to make these characters more mainstream may make them more recognizable in the same lines as a Mario or a Master Chief. To make characters like Ratchet & Clank & whoever more household names.
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yesmynameissumo  +   765d ago
Riderz1337  +   765d ago
It's never too late =).
jakmckratos  +   765d ago
I want it. I dont even care if it's good. It's legit the first movie based off a game I actually like
CandyCaptain  +   765d ago
I'd say no. As their target audience won't be necessarily be those that actually play the games. It'll be the families who take their kids to CGI/kid movies. It'll make money regardless cause of that. Fans of the series will just be the cherry on top really.
dcortz2027  +   765d ago
Better late than never, plus it will be aimed at the new generation of kids/gamers as well as the long time Playstation/Ratchet fans. Good marketing move for Sony IMO. It will get much more people interested in the PS4 and the future R&C games.
strigoi814  +   765d ago
Nope if Sony will plan to resurrect the series..hopefully my intuition is good..i just hope media molecule take over..
KongRudi  +   765d ago
It's might be perfect timing.

If the movie is as good as the games, alot of people will love the movie. And by then PS3 will probably be pretty low priced, if parents want to buy the platform they can get 5-6 R&C games for their kids, and the Bluray movie offcourse. :P
Cajun Chicken  +   764d ago
Personally, can't wait.
saimcheeda  +   764d ago
I loved the announcement
Thats a guarenteed watch for me come 2015!
jacksons98  +   764d ago
Ratchet and Clank has always had great humor! Movie sounds great to me

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