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Soul Sacrifice: 15 Hours and Counting | IGN

IGN: "If the first 15 hours of Soul Sacrifice have taught me anything, it’s that this PS Vita game is deep. If you’re outside of Japan, you really only have access to one other game in the Monster Hunter-like genre on Vita – Ragnarok Odyssey – and Soul Sacrifice bests it in just about every conceivable way. Sure, Soul Sacrifice suffers from bouts of repetition, like any game that requires endless amounts of fighting on familiar maps battling enemies that are, at times, mere palette-swaps of each other. But it’s the game’s peripheral depth that’s kept me intrigued so far, and this depth might just turn out to be its hallmark." (PS Vita, Soul Sacrifice)

sherimae2413  +   762d ago
nice to see soul sacrifice getting some recognition ^_^
i hope this game sells well worldwide..
and i hope sony consider this to be a new franchise exclusive to ps vita ^_^
Myst  +   762d ago
I hope so as well and I can not wait for this game to land!
Army_of_Darkness  +   762d ago
Damn, it looks really Good for a hand held game!
Android and iphone games ain't got shit on the vita! Can't wait to get one soon.
PeaSFor  +   761d ago
buying it in a heartbeat, im already 12hrs into the demo
camel_toad  +   762d ago
I'm so home bound I haven't bought a handheld since the Atari Lynx (yep I'm way old) so I'd really like to see a port of this to psn.

Looks great.
eferreira  +   762d ago
I still have a lynx with some sealed games. Hd remake of kung food pls lol
ApolloTheBoss  +   762d ago
BuffMordecai  +   762d ago
This game surprised me in its quality, I'll be buying this for both me and a friend.
Snookies12  +   762d ago
I can be your friend. :D

Lol, sorry... Couldn't help it...
Salooh  +   762d ago
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jon1234  +   761d ago
WOAH!! im doing the same too haha, glad too see im not the only one who just cant stand to play this game on their own :)
majiebeast  +   762d ago
Didnt expect any less from Inafune.
Williamson  +   762d ago
Ign Vita reviews usually suck, it seems as if they find the lamest complaints just to downgrade the score.
eferreira  +   762d ago
got gravity rush for free from plus. Really enjoyed it but the game isn't a 10 pr 9. The graphics are great, story is funny and interesting. Controls only lack when in combat. I'd say they were pretty accurate. I'd give it a 7.8-8
Williamson  +   762d ago
Well I respect your opinion but its easily a 9-9.5 for me. The game gave me an experience that no other game has, and the controls arent perfect but not a big deal. People complain about often missing with the gravity kick...well they need to aim better.
DwopeMunky  +   761d ago
To be fair IGN have a really strong playstation team, Colin, Greg and Andrew seem really down to earth and love games. If they say they don't think a game is good it is more than likely just their personal opinion and it should not stop you from playing a game your interested in.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   761d ago
Yeah they seem to hate Vita games on IGN.
They gave Ragnarok Odyssey 5/10 because he couldn't level up (no grinding) and there was no story (it's a quest game) really bugged me that review did.
They also gave hotshots/everybodys golf a 6.5/10 because he said it was too hard for him -_-

I'm guessing they will be giving Soul Sacrifice either a 7/10 or 7.5/10.
Either way I'm buying Soul Sacrifice day one, screw IGN.
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SolidDuck  +   762d ago
Vita has some other games I want to play, but this is the first game on vita that I have to play. I plan on picking this and a vita up very soon.
shammgod  +   761d ago
I heard they are packaging a bundle with the vita and this game. This game is sick
belac09  +   762d ago
i love this game, im 15 hours into it as well. i am sooo excited for the full game!
Omar91  +   762d ago
I put in several hours into the demo, watched some videos, read some previews, and still cant get into this game. It seems great for those who enjoy it, but I guess this game just isn't for me :/
ApolloTheBoss  +   762d ago
To each his own, I guess. A shame you didn't like it.
Omar91  +   762d ago
I know I wish I did though.
Sh00terMcGavin  +   762d ago
@Omar91 I'm right there with you. Was so excited about this game. Played the demo and just couldn't get into it.
Omar91  +   762d ago
At least I'm not alone lol
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   761d ago
You tried the multiplayer?
games like these are focused on co-op play.
patsrule316  +   761d ago
It took me a long while to get into it. At first, I didn't really understand what I was doing. I've never played Monster Hunter or any of the similar games. I am more used to RPGS like Skyrim, Dragon Age, Witcher etc, so this game is very different. So it took me a long while to figure out the mechanics of the game. I found it very helpful once I figured out a few things: that I should use the mind's eye to see all of the grabs around the battlefield, That it is ok if you die and sacrifice yourself (you can even get rewards for doing so, you can use that special ability (I forget what it is called) when your health gets low that does major damages but lowers your defense in half, that after the battle when you use that ability, you need to use the tears from the book to remove the penalty (I almost stopped playing the game because I didn't realize how this worked and was getting destroyed really quickly on the 6th mission).

I unlocked multiplayer, but haven't tried it yet. Just the single player became a lot more fun once I really got the hang of what I was doing. Definitely buying this one.
Rezka  +   762d ago
This game needs all the recognition it needs in the western world c:
DivineAssault  +   762d ago
Im getting this bad boy on day 1 baby! Super pumped & cant wait play it
isarai  +   762d ago
This game alone makes me want a Vita, but as a very frugal consumer i have to wait till there's a bit more games on the Vita that i want
chicagOriginal  +   762d ago
I'll buy dat for a dollar!!!
Smokingunz  +   761d ago
I played the demo and I found this to be a weird and complex game! I also didn't like how repetitive it was and you fight in the same closed in maps, which sucks.if they made a more of an adventure game with actually levels and sections you can advance in, itll be fine.
one2thr  +   761d ago
Your reliving memories, within someone's journal...

s.n. Day one buy here, especially after having this great weapons set-up
o-Sunny-o  +   761d ago
I don't like Monster Hunter but I DO like Soul Sacrifice. I'm ready for the game I'll trade my soul for it!
arbitor365  +   761d ago
one thing that surprised me about the demo was how good the story was. I was not expecting it

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DivineAssault  +   761d ago
I think im going to get the strategy guide for this game too.. I wont use it until i complete the story at least once but ill use it when i want to go back & collect anything i missed the 1st time..

I hope work doesnt tie me up when this comes out.. I want to play this non stop on my days off
AndreausAhazard  +   759d ago
i find in monster hunter the swords and weapons are too large and slow it annoys me. SS i enjoy it more just for that reason.

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