Optimism Turned to Doubt in New Developer for Batman: Arkham Origins

VG Republic Writes: Today brought forth by two, unnamed, sources via Kotaku was the news that Batman: Arkham Origins will indeed attempt to lengthen the experience of the upcoming title; not in a way that would be hoped for by many fans in ways, like Assassin’s Creed III did it with the Tyranny of George Washington Saga, but instead through adding a multiplayer experience to the game. The optimism that we once had in the newly anointed Warner Brothers Studios to develop the game instead of Rocksteady, possibly being able to do even more with an already terrific series, has now been cast with doubt in the wake of the news. There is no reason to implement a multiplayer experience into a game that doesn’t need it to succeed. Instead, there are plenty of ways to increase the experience and lengthen the amount of time that gamers stay in-touch with the title, not to mention the fact more money as well, but multiplayer is something that now feels forced into a package that has a proven track record, including both games receiving Game of the Year nomination nods, without it

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PockyKing1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Dang, give em a chance to at least show us what they're working on before we go ahead and doubt the developer. Not every game that incorporates multiplayer is bad. In fact, the games that have incorporated it in recent years have done pretty well. Assassin's Creed's multiplayer is pretty good, same with Mass Effect 3, God of War: Ascension etc.

I could see some fun modes coming out of mp for Batman. More than likely though it'll be some sort of co-op survival mode.

JonahNL1676d ago

"In fact, the games that have incorporated it in recent years have done pretty well."

I'll give you that, but I'd rather have them spend their resources on the singleplayer component and refine that. Bioshock 2, anyone?

LOGICWINS1675d ago

Who says that both single player/multiplayer components can't be exceptional? Ascension and Uncharted 2(at least in the beginning until ND's consistent patches made it worse) are good examples.

Root1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I can't see a single good thing coming out of multiplayer in Batman....I mean come on look at history

Bioshock 2, Dead Space 2, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Mass Effect 3, Tomb Raider etc

All games (good and bad) which really didn't need multiplayer. Why should we keep putting up with this trend when we know the outcome.

The only multiplayer that was added to a single player game which ended up being pretty good was in Uncharted 2. Even then though with Uncharted 3 they went overboard and added COD like things which made it gimmick like instead of it being about skill like Uncharted 2

It just seems like WarnerBros is getting a tad greedy with Batmans success and when you see a dev/company get greedy and do nothing about it....EA, Capcom, Sqaure Enix etc the worst happens and we suffer

joab7771675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

They already had great additional content with challenge rooms etc. This stinks of another cash grab. Half the game is set in Arkham City already. I am sure it will be good b/c Rocksteady built a gem. But this is definitely an opportunity to use a successful IP to get some revenue. And mp is the proof. Just look at GoW ascension. That company has never failed at anything. They put focus on multiplayer and it bombs. Tomb raider, good game, multiplayer is generic amd all the dlc, prescious time and money is spent on an afterthought.

Now that I think about it. Irrational has been getting picked apart lately. But we should commend them for dropping multiplayer and attempting amoney grab. Instead they realized that it would be too difficult and the quality didn't meet their approval so they axed it and focused on what we care about...sp dlc. Honestly, for me if Irrational or any company put a ton of care into sp dlc that improved on gameplay, story and experience, ppl would forever continue to support them. It would be better than selling hats and gold guns.

violents1675d ago

I liked the GOW multiplayer and the SP didn't suffer at all from it being added. I think it did not do as well as previous games because people like you assumed it would be a lesser game because they put in a MP. The SP is awesome and the MP is a lot of fun and doesn't feel like some tacked on garbage.

Why does MP always have to be a "cash grab" with you guys? Is it possible they may have had an actual good idea for the MP and thought fans might like it? Yes but time will tell I suppose.

It just seems really disheartening to see that so many jump on the hate train just because they add a feature that you don't see the point in. At least wait for some details to come out before you just assume its garbage.

g2gshow1675d ago

they need to stick with the program get the first tittle out then start thinking about extra .multiplayer? hey shouldn't even be thinking about this right now
making the single player experience the best it should be should be what they eat sh** &sleep

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IIC0mPLeXII1675d ago

Apparently single player dlc escapes developers nowadays. Or they are just lazy. Its just sad that gamers who beat a game once, on the easiest difficulty trounce a game because they consider it to collect dust without multiplayer. Oh well that's what casual gamers do.

GodsPerfectK7ng1675d ago

the game is not even out!!!

Xklaw1675d ago

The only multiplayer mode i would like to see in a Batman game would be a co-op mode, where a friend could join in as robin or any other character, to help complete certain task as it often happens in the comics.

ApolloTheBoss1675d ago

"Sources form Kotaku"

That's all I needed to read.

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