Gaijinworks Still “Working on Getting the two Lunars onto PSN”, Class of Heroes 2 in Sony QA

Getting Class of Heroes 2 onto the PlayStation Network and into the hands of gamers has been a bit of a stressful situation for Gaijinworks and MonkeyPaw Games, as they’ve “had a completed game for months”, but due to a licensing issue with the opening song in the opening animation that was discovered days before going live on the PSN, it’s been in limbo. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1823d ago

Yeah, they (and MonkeyPaw) do all the grunt work to give us these games that should be imported anyways.

dbjj120881823d ago

Hurrrryyyyy SONY QA HURRY

Omegabalmung1823d ago

I needs my Lunar games :(

Chrono1823d ago

How did Lunar 1 get released on iTunes but not on PSN?

TheoreticalParticle1823d ago

iTunes doesn't have a certification process that is anywhere near as stringent as a console manufacturer.

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