New The Elder Scrolls Online Trailer Features the Beautiful Voice of Malukah

Inspired by the lore of The Elder Scrolls Online, composer and singer Malukah created "The Beauty of Dawn." She performs it in this video, accompanied by footage from the game.

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1856d ago
Blacktric1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

"the Beautiful Voice of Malukah"

Just no.

kane_13711856d ago

idk, she really gets that mixed opinion.
In a way her voice works for the whole bards feeling and all.
But also is pretty sharp and can easily be annoying.

Blacktric1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

"But also is pretty sharp and can easily be annoying."

Exactly the reason why I don't like her and find her extremely overrated.

But then again it's just my opinion and nothing more.

_LarZen_1856d ago

You should make a petition for Justin Bieber then?


Blacktric1856d ago

le epik retort mate xDxD


Drazz1856d ago

Great voice, she must be pretty good if the developers/publishers officially hired her to make another song for them...