More LIVE photo's

Here are some more images from todays LIVE event.

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whoelse3658d ago

OMG, it gets worse and worse for Microsoft!

Mr Playboy3658d ago

The PS2 also had the same problem (DRE)

ICUP3658d ago

What's your point?

The ps2 was last gen

l thought the 360 is suppose to be next gen guess not.

Mr Playboy3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

"What's your point? "


I think it's a common problem with the winning console

ICUP3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Oh please..

Please don't compare your sh!tty 360 to ps2 on "winning console" is like comparing a piece of sh!t to a diamond.

360= 17 to 18 million

ps2= over 120 million

and the Wii and PS3 outsell your "winning console" worldwide.


sonarus3658d ago

hahaha so that is the new excuse for msoft when they have problems. This is the second time 360's have been brought out to a public event and have failed one way or the other and you still defend them blidnly. That is just sad. I would think msoft would manufacture super 360's that didn't break down for special occasions. I cannot wait for E3 and while they are demoing something on stage RROD flashes. Then shane kim or who ever is doing the msoft demo says don't worry folks happens to the ps2 as well just means we are winning. Besides its not about hardware its about content and community

BlaST_ProCesSiNG-3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

C'mon U guys, leave Microsoft alone. I'm kinda starting to feel sorry for em now...

NOTT!!! (runs back to Kazakstan)

EDIT: WTF!?! 0.1? I must be at the Nexus of the Universe!

XBOX 3603658d ago

I think what Mr. Playboy is trying to say is the 360 is last-gen, like the PS2.


zane5473658d ago

Well, there isn't any kinda verification that was actually at the event, interestingly its the only really close-up shot.

Take of parallells what you will. Microsoft have shady hardware and great software, PS3 is the other way around.

I'm having many problems with my 360 scratching disks, but it is an old model. Hopefully however, I'm not forced to trade in for a ps3, 360's got some great games out there.

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whoelse3658d ago

It was yes. Read more about it on

doodle3658d ago

that x360 should be called FIX ME BOX 360 and is truely fit for repiar shop

What an embarrassment--even the PLAY event showcases DEFECTIVE 360s

iAmPS33658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Microsoft it's changing its marketing focus for the 360

This is the new AD, they hope to sell a lot of consoles like this:

Mr Playboy3658d ago

good work droids

$ony is really proud of yea

crazy250003658d ago

have a little laugh once in a while..

doodle3658d ago

MS is really proud to have an XFUC like you

even after sending in your x360 50/60 times for repairs you still fight for it.

However your numbers are very few and i am sure all the x360s will be traded in for PS3s by the end of this year in europe

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