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Where Did You Go? - Nintendo Wii U's success

We're five months into the Nintendo Wii U launch, but success is nowhere to be found. Why is that? Pixel Enemy's Williams Pelegrin attempts to figure out where the system's success has gone. (Nintendo, Tag Invalid, Wii U)

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gpturbo81  +   856d ago
i want to print this article out just to wipe my ass with it.
RyuCloudStrife   856d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
AngelicIceDiamond  +   856d ago
Noticed how the the Wii U is targeted towards a family. All that talk about catering to the core at E3 was all hot air? From what it looks like the Wii U is LARGELY a casual console with core functionality.

I know its just one promotion but this is a pretty clear what Nintendo really wants.

Nintendo's E3 will be VERY interesting now. Regarding which audience they're targeting with their system.
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harrisk954  +   856d ago
the article makes very good points. But, like most who comment on articles on N4G, you most likely did not read it and are just looking at the title.

To summarize the article:

1. Lack of a coherent online infrastructure and the fact that your Nintendo Network ID can only be tied to one Wii U console.

2. Confusing advertising. If you are not reading gaming website or publications (which is true of most people), you look at the ads and it is very convoluted. Is the WiiU just a gamepad accessory? Is it a new console? The author cites an ad: “When you have the GamePad, it’s easier.” Why? Why is it easier? Parents buying the WiiU for their kids would have no idea what this even means.

3. Lack of games and no real "system sellers" yet, 5 months into the life of the system. (And to add my own point to this, there is very little third-party support and what there is is shrinking.)

4. He argues that $300 is too expensive for a system that only has 8GB of internal storage, although he writes that he understands the GamePad is not cheap to manufacture, but he wishes that Nintendo had a $350 that came with a 120GB hard drive. 8 GB is just too small if you want to have any sort of online game store like Sony and MS.

He concludes that he is not predicting the end of the WiiU (like many other articles have), and that he thinks that the Wii U is a great system with an incredible amount of potential stored in the system.

All VALID points and in no way bashing Nintendo or the WiiU.
gpturbo81  +   855d ago
i always read then comment. do you assume then question like a dirty piggy? his points dont mean anything to me. i have this, i know what it can do. these articles in general are more than redundant,lazy, annoying. toilet paper.
harrisk954  +   855d ago
Dude... you are one angry individual.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   856d ago
This guy missed the worst thing about Nintendo.

Nintendo is going out and kidnapping Families off the street and Forcing them to play WiiU! :O


I guess their is a valid point to be made with most of the things written. The advertisement is close to what WiiU always needed (except I think they should focus on the features too).

As far as the games go-
E3 should reveal


Kind of Joking with all or nothing.
IMO Zelda, and SMT X Fire Emblem, RETRO, and Monolith Soft is a plenty of "ALL".

But I am sure others want more.

LOL_WUT  +   856d ago
"Family compensated for participation" ;)
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   856d ago
Yeah, Compensated with their lives.

"Gansta' Reggie wants you to say good things about the console, Gasta' Reggie would hate for anything to happen to such a fine family." ;)


I love Nintendo and I want a WiiU (see above comment) I just could imagine a Mean Nintendo (under Iwata).
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Williaint  +   856d ago
I could imagine Reggie behind the scenes, fully dressed in a Tingle Suit, threatening them to "Say something nice, or I'll kick your ass"...
PS4isKing_82  +   856d ago
I love my wiiu. Just can't wait for the new smash bros., 3d Mario, Mario party u, Mario kart, and hopefully new wave race, pilot wings and donkey kong installments soon too. My ps4 will take care of my 3rd party needs, but my wiiu can only give me Nintendo games.
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ziratul  +   856d ago
Wii U will be better than Wii just wait. You can't judge a product in 6 month cycle! Waiting new Zelda, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong country returns, Skyward Sword HD, and old Zelda Remakes. WII U IS NEXT GEN. PS4 and XBOX720 are not - they are only upgraded version of previous consoles (more ram, better gpu). Wii U is giving us brand new gameplay experience and that's NEXTGEN!
MasterCornholio  +   856d ago
Looks like you ate too many Trufula seeds for breakfast. What's the matter big guy is Sony chopping down your precious trees?

Motorola RAZR i
AsimLeonheart  +   856d ago
Wii U fans have created there own definition of next-gen, just to keep themselves happy. For decades, next-gen has meant more RAM, better CPU and better GPU. You guys just dont want to accept that definition because your console of choice is lagging in that department. Regarding the games, cant you think of a better fictional list? Did you buy the console for rehashes, remakes and HD remasters? Moreover, what will Nintendo do after those games are released? Release another batch of the same games after 4 more years? What will you do between those releases? Since Nintendo does not have third party support, they will not be able to maintain a steady stream of games based on first party alone. Such a kind of console does not appeals to the masses and only Nintendo fans will buy it even when the first party games are released. Be rational and realistic please.
millzy102  +   856d ago
well the Gpu is better than current gen in Wii u and it has more ram than current gen so by your own defenition the Wii u is next gen, the CPU is about the same (even at lower clock speed) however ps4 CPU is worse than PS3 cell in raw power so does that mean ps4 is not next gen, I think not, there has always been a weaker system in each gen, the ps1 was a lot weaker than n64 but it is part of the same gen, ps2 weaker than GameCube and Xbox but part of the same gen, Wii a lot weaker than ps3 and Xbox but again apart of the same gen, generations of consoles have nothing to do with power as systems in each gen rarely have the same power. and why is it when Nintendo announce 1 hd remake that is all they now release, I own a lot more hd remakes on ps3 than Nintendo has announced, look I play nintendo and Sony and all this shit is stupid.
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AsimLeonheart  +   856d ago
The concept of next-gen is not as complicated as you guys have made it out to be. A console is not compared only to its predecessor but also competitors. In order to be considered next-gen it should have beaten PS360 by a significant margin in terms of power because those consoles are considered current-gen. I agree that there is always a weaker console but if Wii and Wii U are next-gen as you call them then why cant they run the games available on the same-gen competing consoles as they exist? Why are almost all the third party next-gen games skipping the Wii U? The answer is that it is too weak to run them without making serious compromises. The concept of next gen-gen is not some philosophical paradox; it is simple common sense. A console that is significantly more powerful than its predecessor and competitors, that can run games that look significantly better than any of its predecessor's or competitors' offerings.
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madjedi  +   856d ago
No the wii was a new gameplay experience, the wii u is a rehash of either tablets or the ds take your pick.

Funny you paint the ps4/720 with the same shit different day implication, then post this.

" Waiting new Zelda, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong country returns, Skyward Sword HD, and old Zelda Remakes" Are new ips not wanted?

"WII U IS NEXT GEN. PS4 and XBOX720 are not - they are only upgraded version of previous consoles (more ram, better gpu)." Wtf do you think the wii u is stupid.

Last gen it was all about the motion controls for the nintendo crowd, now it is a expensive tablet-like gamepad. It's a tool to play games with nothing more.

What is with the unhealthy obsession with controllers with the nintendo crowd. It is the ips that make nintendo unique to gamers not a goofy controller.

It is the next gen nintendo system fine, but in regards to the rest of the gaming industry Ps4/720 and even pc(kills everyone else), it is not a next gen system in regards to power. Good enough for nintendo isn't good enough for the rest of the industry in regards to consoles.

Wii u doing wii numbers, that ship sailed long ago, why does this dead horse continue to be brought up. The wii u is missing 2 factors the wii had it isn't cheap and it obviously isn't instantly appealing to everyone.
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MikeyDucati1  +   856d ago
Why is it so surprising about Wii U? We hoped for something more but when we got the spec sheets, it should have told you that they were picking right up after Wii. It's a casual system. It's not hardcore, it's something that you buy and keep on your shelf. Then when you want casual you pull it out to play. No one does casual well like Nintendo. I just don't know what people were expecting. This is Nintendo we are talking about here. It's not like this is brand new.
Orionsangel  +   856d ago
I wish Nintendo fanboys would just be honest with themselves, but they were never will be, because they have money invested in the Wii U. No one wants the system they bought for a lot of money to fail. They'll convince themselves to no end that the Wii U was a success. They'll find every loop hole of information they can to try and convince you that the Wii U was huge, Haha!

That being said, just because the Wii U isn't doing so well right now. Doesn't mean it can't in the future, but be honest. This launch and the last 5 months could have been better for the Wii U. It's just that no one is excited for it. I just hope the Wii U's reception isn't the precursor to what awaits the 720 and PS4.
_-EDMIX-_  +   856d ago
at this point Nintendo is doomed to fail. the lost a casual to iPad and Kinect. having ports on the Wii U actually only make sense so long as PlayStation 3 360 still primarily exist, but with Playstation 4 in 720 releasing at the ending of this year the third party support obviously dwindling, there is clearly going to be a cut off point in that point actually started before either PlayStation 4 or 720 even released.

how can anyone support a system thats not only selling poorly but the actual idea behind the system can be used on really anything? iPad Xbox surface PSV-PS3 etc. I'm sorry but with lack of third party support a cheap gimmick that no one is clearly purchasing a system for it's doomed to fail regardless of the IP's Nintendo decides to release.

one needs to also take into consideration the 8 gigs of ram it will be utilized an acceptable across all 3 high end systems next gen. just based on the sake of competition no developer is going to use less RAM just to support a Wii U port. the games that will release that take full advantage of that RAM will be designed around it no turning back there may not be another way to just alter it to work on Ii U.

one also need to take into consideration that even with a high install base they will not get that support. that even with 100 million units and still didn't get Mass Effect Assassin's Creed any of the main Resident Evil's or Dead Space etc. so with less units and another gap in hardware somehow that's going to change? Its a joke you have to be an idiot to believe such a thing. the system will get less support than the we got mind you so we got no support because of hardware was just too weak in the money didn't add up for a port. always remember this call of duty 4: tried it on the Wii years later.....it still failed.

the Wii U is the Wii this gen just like the Wii was last gen it's no different, it's actually even far worse because of the sheer amount of RAM on the higher end system in that they no longer have a large install bhat will happen this gen if it continues this way.
_-EDMIX-_  +   856d ago
for obvious reasons the Wii U will GameCube this generation simple as that. no ridiculous casual crowd no third party support it will be left behind. I don't think Nintendo has a problem with this at the end of the day they're trying to sell a product. and to be honest it's not like most of you were going to be buying 3rd party games on the system anyway. which is pretty much exactly why Nintendo made a last gen powered system to avoid getting competition you clearly buy a Wii U for only Nintendo games just as Nintendo wanted and intended. Why make a nice high and system so you could play battlefield 4? Or other next gen games? the only want you buying and forcing on Nintendo games therefore didnt make a system back support next gen games. which was quite genius if you think about it business wise they're basically cutting out the competition in using the excuse of having a less powerful system to sho away powerful games and third party competition take a look back at the best selling Wii games and you're clearly see they are Nintendo published. Nintendo is pretty much at war with third parties for control over the content on their system. instead of fighting with them they will simply make a less powerful system to avoid ports from other systems.

there's a huge reason why call of duty 4: failed on the Wii it's because it looked like crap in comparison to the rest of the games I have no doubt in my mind if the we were able to produce a superior version of that game that it would had sold well. this is clearly what Nintendo wants.

Nintendo its not a dumb company if they truly wanted 3rd party support in to compete with Sony and Microsoft why would they make there system in line with the current gen systems? I mean any idiot could clearly see your putting yourself in the same position you were just in last gen. I mean really did you really think the PlayStation 4 in 720 would just have 512mb more RAM? Are you out of your mind? Lol. they clearly knew exactly what they were doing there was no accident Nintendo knows what they want and clearly do not want third party support in the same respect that their fans want it they want their fans buying Nintendo video games.

I'm nothing more than a mere gamer I'm not Nintendo do you really think a multi-billion dollar company would make such a clear as day mistake? I mean anyone of us can write out exactly what will happen this generation if things continue this way.
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manjizz1995  +   855d ago
Nintendo just no more please

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