Beyond: Two Souls Script

Quantic Dream have sent out a representative script showing the length of their new game, Beyond: Two Souls and it is ridiculously long.

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Donnieboi1857d ago

I looked at that pic of the script, and that thing is seriously the size of 6 bibles stacked up! :O

Snookies121857d ago

That is crazy! Wow, this game is going to be long as heck if that script is anything to go by...

joab7771857d ago

That's insane. Its probably because of all the different directions that you can go. It would b interesting to know how much is repeated. Either way though that's a lot of work. And I have no doubts in its quality. Hopefully itsells well. U knohere's hoping it is quite profitable.

WeAreLegion1857d ago

Heavy Rain's script was also 2,000 pages. Can't wait!