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Digital Dragons - Michał Drobot (Guerrilla Games) - Killzone: Shadow Fall - Lighting

FULL Presentation of Killzone: Shadow Fall - Lighting (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

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Sandmano  +   896d ago
Can't wait to see what their doing with the multiplayer. Mercenary is going to set up shadow fall really nice this Fall, cabt wait!!
PLASTICA-MAN  +   896d ago
Watching this presentation clearly proves that KZ:SF has the best lighting system so far and it is subject to even get better. Upcoming games will even get better in that area and other domains too.
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Ken22  +   896d ago
@Skarlett Oh boy,now you've done it...
Pandamobile  +   896d ago
"Watching this presentation clearly proves that KZ:SF has the best lighting system so far"

This isn't really true. What you see in the presentation is the same sort of thing we've seen in games like Crysis 2/3, Battlefield 3 and some newer Unreal Engine 3 games.

The significance of this for Guerilla Games is that previous iterations in the Killzone franchise have relied heavily on pre-computed lighting and shading to achieve the look and style of the games, but now they've managed to push that forward into the world of real-time lighting and shading which is far more flexible for artists and designers.

i.e., Similar lighting quality to previous generation's pre-calculated solutions, now functional in real-time with a greater emphasis on dynamic lighting and player interaction.
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Jughead3416  +   896d ago
I don't know. Kojima and Fox Engine also had a pretty impressive lighting system. One thing that's for sure is, the PS4 will have amazing visuals.
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user7693958  +   896d ago
KZSF is the most advanced game seen so far.. it's not a tech demo but I actual game and I will be playable in few months.. wow the raytrycing is amazing in KZSF plus everything is easier to do and faster :) I'm glad.. Any gamer should be glas!!!
Other games will have better tech? I hope so.. this is a launch tittle and It just the beginning of next gen.

GG show us your new IP XD... I can't believe they are ready to show it.. this guys are making the games faster now, just like ND..
I hope is a great new IP whatever it's I hope it has a mature theme and a very rich fantasy Universe may appeal to more people.. I think most do not like KZ because is way to real... but I love the realistic mature theme over a fake fantasy one.. I will not mind for a dark fantasy theme since they already have a realistic one.
ahhhh show it show it now!!! lol
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IcyEyes  +   896d ago
I wonder how many people here are able to (really) understand what he talking about ...

Anyway, its a very, very nice vid and KZ:SF will be another masterpiece!
Pandamobile  +   896d ago
I'm sure for 99.9% of N4G users, these sort of submissions go way over their heads to the point where they just don't care, or completely misinterpret the information being presented.

For the other 0.01% of us, they're great for seeing behind the curtains, so to speak, of up-and-coming games and potentially lead to more developers adopting the techniques being presented.

I always appreciate the more technical submissions, especially when they're focused on lighting <3
IcyEyes  +   896d ago
I agree with you, technical submissions are awesome, but this place will turn in a desert if too many tech story will pop up :D
Dark_Overlord  +   895d ago

What about the remaining 0.09%

Where'd they go :D
Pandamobile  +   895d ago
Sorry, I meant 0.1 lol
Maddens Raiders  +   896d ago
Been playing -
this series since the Helghast invaded Vekta and Templar, Rico, and Lugar were sent in to clean it up (you too Col. Hackha). All I want to know at this point after following the stories of each game so closely, is where the F **K is Visari, Stahl, Sev, and Rico? And what's up w/ Visari's daughter and that look she had on her face when Scolar touched her hand in KZ3 and why he had different colored eyes???? The questions may seem trivial to some and of course Shadow Fall looks great but what the hell?? Who's going to avenge Natko's and Garza's deaths? Did Rico and Sev get promoted yet and what the hell happened to fine ass Jammer?

Shadow Fall looks freaking amazing and fantastic blah, blah, blah but I need some attention to detail and story telling here folks. What gives? Why isn't anyone talking about any of this? And don't give me that "it'll be solved through the story of mercenary" crap b/c it is not.


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Sevir  +   896d ago
Youll have to wait for KZ4
This is Shadow Shadow Fall, takes place 30 years after KZ3.
Azfargh  +   895d ago
Well, look at the bright side:

This Kz actually feels futuristic!

Kz1 was already, I know, but the military technology should be at least 20 years ahead from their time... and the weapons shown on kz2 and 3 looks remarkably OLD (machine guns with the same design as nowdays military? Sniper rifles without any significant step towards many years of refinement...? Oh Guerilla... you make sure that Kz titles are only a pretty face...)

But you know... I really miss Luger and Hakka... and Radec should make an appearance somehow... after all, it does not REALLY shows him as dead (like a cutscene or a huge, brutal wound).
insertnamehurr  +   896d ago
@Skarlett I love its draw distance, looks cool as fk! Something they couldnt achieve on ps360.
SmokeyMcBear  +   896d ago
stfd (shut the front door)... 1500k.. so what.. 1.5 million? Geez. PS4 is nice guys, but you people are way over the top.
HammadTheBeast  +   896d ago
Internet bro.

He meant $1500 as we all know.

GABRIEL1030  +   896d ago
more hype for my hyped body, I cant wait.
MrDead  +   896d ago
The amazing thing about all this is that KZ:SF will probably be the worst looking game Guerrilla will produce for the PS4.

This is just the beginning.
CGI-Quality  +   896d ago
Meant to agree (stupid keyboard)!

Anyway, 100% agree.
Daves  +   896d ago
I was also told that audio is passed to the GPU with occlusion in mind, audio behind a wall will be filtered (muffled), break the wall and audio won't be. Simplest terms I can describe.

Gonna be great all round.
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mayberry  +   896d ago
Killzone sf looks like another immersive masterpiece. Great job GG!
Bathyj  +   896d ago
New IP reconfirmed.

2nd wave game perhaps. Cant wait to hear more about that.
Sevir  +   896d ago
Am I the only one who heard Michał Drobot say that
They are a studio in Amsterdam that's working on 2 ps4 titles, KZ:Shadow Fall and an unannounced New Ip that they unfortunately are unable to talk about? Did anyone else catch that.

I guess KZ3 is the last PS3 game from GG.
Cryptcuzz  +   896d ago
Yes indeed they are working on two games. Shadow Fall and an unannounced IP.

Hmm...wondering what it could be, will it be another FPS or something in a different genre?

Personally, I would like them to do a survival horror game. With their expertise in high graphics fidelity and lighting, one can only imagine how scary (sweet) a game that would be.
DivineAssault  +   896d ago
very impressive vita title
Sevir  +   896d ago
So i just watched the entire presentation
These guys are extremely talented. Seriously with the new rendering pipelines they could retrofit kz3 assets with all the new post processing techniques. And this entire new engine supports real time ray tracing in a 3 tier system. This is the stuff reserved for a high end PC. And here its being applied to a console, dedicated to gaming and game development. As CD Project said, the PS4 is in its performance a high end PC. :) all the PC fanboys certainly aren't here spewing numbers and frame rates because all the work and technical articles goes way over their heads
user7693958  +   896d ago
Well said!
I have been saying this over and over..
I meant just by watching the game play demo you can well KZSF is in a hole new level..
if you can't see this, you are blinded by hate.

look what I found..
"On June 12, 2008 Intel demonstrated a special version of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, titled Quake Wars: Ray Traced, using ray tracing for rendering, running in basic HD (720p) resolution. ETQW operated at 14-29 frames per second. The demonstration ran on a 16-core (4 socket, 4 core) Xeon Tigerton system running at 2.93 GHz.["
lol a old gen game could not even handle such a tech in a 2008 super PC even been 720p.. it runs from 14-29fps and no game is doing in it so far.

1)KZSF has amazing graphics not cheap and old quake visuals.
2)it will be running on full 1080p
3) solid 30fps
4) no game has implemented real time raytrycing, KZSF is the first one.. i search for it and could not find any.
5)kilometers of environments looking this good is not possible on any high end pc jet.. never seen and this is a fact.

by all this fact.. if you still have the balls to say the PS4 is not a high end PC than You can't be taken serious.

ps. wait I found a game using raytricing tech, the first game using such a tech, i guess KZSF will not be the first one after all.

and kepler the $1k video card will be able to finally do use amazing tech in real time just like KZSF is doing and PS4 can do..

ps.. this made my sad day (barsa played really bad, some cheating but congrats bayer! they play good) a better day.. it feels good! I feel good :)
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Sevir  +   896d ago
Ray Tracing has been implimented in games on the PS3
but not in real time. Warhawk did it for its volumetric clouds but those were pre baked assest and GT5 did ray tracing in its post processed replay vids after races.

KZ:SF being a launch title for PS4 running at 1080 and 30fps does real time ray tracing in every instance through out the game. thats pretty impressive for a system pc fanboys right off as a low end pc and a mid range GPU as if consoles were always the sum of their parts
Bathyj  +   896d ago
Well they are impressive "games" no doubt, but not on the same level as Killzone. Has anyone implemented Raytracing on the scale that Guerrilla are going to?
Pandamobile  +   896d ago

Crytek used (pioneered, I'm pretty sure) the same technique Guerrilla Games is using for the real-time reflections in Crysis 2 back in 2011.

This is the first time it's been implemented on a console though.

Some of you seem to be confused about the capacity in which raytracing is present in games these days. This is NOT the sort of raytracing that has been heralded in as the next step in rendering. That's still a ways off. While you can do real-time raytracing in tech demos at interactive framerates, games using such a renderer are a good ways off.

The raytracing reflection technique Crytek and Guerrilla are using is just that. A means to do reflections in a dynamic environment. These games are still rasterized.

In other words: Don't believe any of the things you read in AraK's comments. It's all misinformation.
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hesido  +   895d ago
Difference between Quake Wars Ray Tracing and Killzone SF is that Quake Wars demonstration was a pure ray tracer, whereas Killzone uses ray tracing to enhance the results of the rasterization renderer.

It is used for reflections of dynamic objects and fix gloss bleeding, in additon to the pre-rendered local cubemaps and skybox reflections which don't require ray-tracing. The ray-tracing is done at half resolution. The results are very cleverly mixed using a mask to decide how much of the reflection is contributed by the ray tracer at any given point. The results look really spectacular, for example the reflection of the soldier of the small wet patch at the beginning is made possible through ray-tracing.
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uuaschbaer  +   895d ago
Other than depicting light rays as vectors they appear to know what they're doing. Presumably. I can't quite tell what they're doing.

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