Ordering Pizza Hut on Xbox 360: A Journey

"It’s a thinly-veiled marketing tool at best, but Pizza Hut is currently offering 15% off of orders made through the 360. I’m cheap and often hungry. “Screw it,” I said. I initiated the download." - Joe Garcia

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Snookies122059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

Are people really too lazy to just get on the dang phone and order? Lol

Though I suppose if you're getting a percentage off the food, that's a reason to do it.

WonsAuto2059d ago

Oh, I had no doubt that the process was going to be cumbersome, and it's just technology being thrown at a problem that doesn't exist. But man oh man, was I in for a treat.

nick3092059d ago

You get better deals online :)

DarkBlood2059d ago

lol consider people who can't use the phone eh.

WonsAuto2059d ago

It is significantly more confusing and time-consuming to use your Xbox instead of picking up the phone, lol.

DarkBlood2059d ago

Im specfically talking about hard of hearing people so its more time consuming and difficult for them to use a phone

this is a godsend for them and i respect the option to do something a different way

ThichQuangDuck2059d ago


Do you work for Pizza Hut? You know there is much better ways for hard of hearing people to order a pizza than to buy a xbox and make it through xbl. they could I dont know order through computer, go in and order, order with the help of a friend etc. Don't act like this is pizza huts humanitarian move

Ares84HU2059d ago

Here is a though. How about not even ordering that garbage and cook something healthy at home for yourself?? I know it's a terrible idea and who has time to actually care about their health??

DarkBlood2058d ago

@ThichQuangDuck, i was not, no need to get hasty with me trying to defend people with my similar issues. . @Ares84HU no need to be rude right.

Ares84HU2058d ago


Truth hurts buddy?? Obesity is a huge problem here in the USA and that is because junk food is so easy to get and people are lazier than ever. I'm not rude just because I point out the obvious. Whoever is offended should think about this and I have a strong feeling whoever disagreed with me is probably overweight.

DarkBlood2058d ago

@Ares84HU you would have to try harder to hurt me emotionally lol but anyways of course obesity is a problem but im not even fat this doesnt effect me since i go to the gym and so forth

but what i will assume is your temporary attitude doesnt help any. just dont worry about what other people are eating if they want to be fit,strong and healthy they can do it on thier own terms instead of having any of us force the healthy superiority on them.

Ares84HU2058d ago


I'm not trying to hurt you or anyone. I'm just pointing out facts. You got really defensive about it and that's all. Also, I'm not forcing anyone to eat healthy, I'm just suggesting that maybe that would be a better choice.

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zerocrossing2059d ago

This could actually backfire on them, I mean it's well known that many gamers have short attention spans so they'll probably get bored half way through the ordering process and go back to gamnig lol.

fr0sty2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

I find ordering a pizza on my phone to be easier. I can do it literally anywhere and the device doesn't have to boot up and connect to a network. It's "always on"... :P

The 15% off is cool, but I can't stand Pizza Hut's greasy pizza.

DragonKnight2059d ago

I don't understand how any of you could read this article and not immediately think...

As soon as I saw the title of this article I instantly thought it was a Kotaku article because of how ridiculously lame and unnecessary it is. I find out it's some random site no one's heard of and people are actually talking about ordering a pizza on a console as though that is even news at all. For goodness sake, if I wanted to talk about ordering pizza on a console I'd have talked about it 7 years ago when the PS3 came out with its built in web browser that let people do just that.

I know the summer lull is coming up, but that's no excuse to let stuff like this pass through approval. Geez.

AngelicIceDiamond2059d ago

@Snookies Its just a app bro relax. Majority of people are still doing it by phone.

Just see it as a cool way to order pizza.

Blaze9292058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

CC: Barack Obama

LMFAOOOOO. Dunno why that was so funny but the fact he included him in his help tweet...haha

Anyway, so let me get this straight. People here (N4G) are complaining, about an extra option to order Pizza? No one is forcing you to use the damn app. If you like to order over the phone then so be it!

I personally haven't ordered pizza over the phone in months - been using apps and the internet for that. If I just happen to be on the Xbox and want Pizza Hut, I'll use the app. Everytime I call, i get placed on hold - now, they're wasting 'my' time.

No one is saying, turn on your xbox, connect online, launch the app - etc etc. You all are making it sound like its a hassle or something. Don't use the damn thing then.

I personally think that's kinda creative and innovative. Xbox leading the way for console Apps. It amazes me how many Apps they have available now on the Xbox 360 compared to when it first started with Facebook and Twitter.

Oh_Yeah2058d ago

Finally xbox live offers value to the gamer.

DOMination-2058d ago

I dont think id ever order on an xbox because its probably a faff without m/k but i always order via pc because i dont really like using phones to talk to strangers. It can have its uses as i know im not alone.

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Zechs342059d ago


Do I need Xbox Live Gold for this?


Knight_Crawler2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

No, Silver will do but you will need your mamas permission to use her credit card.

LOL kids these days.

Skips2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

I don't know what's more sad.

The fact that it takes much more time and energy to order a pizza through Kinect compared to just using a phone. (Which pretty much defeats the very purpose).

Or the fact that this VERY question, actually NEEDS to be asked...

: /


Yeaup, Microsoft actually charging to use this feature would be pretty sad. lol An idea that's not so far fetched might I add.

Zechs342059d ago

Oh yeah, I feel you. Lol. I only asked it jokingly but, in a way, it kind of needs to be answered, no?

iNFAMOUZ12059d ago

yup xbox live is the best

ScubaSteve12059d ago

So we get this instead of games

GreenRanger2059d ago

Do i get timed exclusive cheese on my pizza?

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