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The Incredible Comeback: Why The Hulk Deserves Another Game

It's been too long since Ultimate Destruction gave us a magnificent excuse to cause absolute chaos with the Hulk. Why haven't we seen anything like it since? Click to find out!

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Community1615d ago
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Tonester9251615d ago

All I want is a gory Marvel game. Maybe a Marvel Civil War RPG.

But blood and gore like X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

VINNIEPAZ1615d ago

Loved the hell outta Ultimate Destruction. So fun to run around and destroy things.

Gaming1011615d ago

The team who made Ultimate Destruction are too busy making those Prototype games which... haven't really worked to reel people in the way the Hulk did.
One thing you will never see is a gory Marvel game that doesn't fit the character or the comics. It's because of the target audience being so young, some parents actually monitor what their kids play and so your sales will drop if you make an M rated superhero game. Wolverine's Origins game was great fun, but it was awkward taking your kids to the PG movie, only for them to not be old enough to play the game when they got home.

g2gshow1615d ago


you can say that again

prototype wasn't bad but they did their best work with hulk

reborn12131615d ago

I think one of the problems with a hulk game, and in movies, is that he overpowered. I have loved comics since I was child and I still currently collect them. including Hulk. He is a very overpowered character with very few weaknesses if any. He can adapt to almost anything, he's indestructible with an imesurable strenght level (it grows with anger) how do you make a game challenging with a character who has no weaknesses? I think avengers did it best. he's great it small doses.

Calahad1615d ago

I think you misunderstand what makes the Hulk an interesting character. The Hulk has plenty of weaknesses, just none physical. The Jekyll and Hyde dynamic is what makes him an interesting character. Remember, his strength is determined by his anger and resolve.

jeffgoldwin1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

1 tranq dart, he goes down. Like in the comics and anime. Plus, someone like superman could always fling him into outer space.

But I do agree hulk is overpowered. Not sure why the writers made both hulk and superman evolve over the decades to be invincible to so many things over the years. It's gotten to be kinda too much now at this point for a good storyline.

Calahad1615d ago

You should really read some recent (last ten years) to see how these characters have indeed "evolved." Trust me, their strength is only part of what makes them interesting.

SilentNegotiator1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Are you sure you've played Ultimate Destruction?
That game was pretty darn hard.

Besides, that's what people that know nothing about Hulk (or Superman) always say. But he DOES have weaknesses and is NOT really immortal.

jeffgoldwin1615d ago

No1 here said immortal. But rather, overpowered and invincible to lots of things. Having only a few weaknesses. Big ol' difference.

SilentNegotiator1614d ago

Ultimate destruction showed that they don't have to adhere 100%. That game worked great with no balance issues (at least, not in favor of the Hulk/player!).

Max-Zorin1615d ago

I'm the minority, but I would love a sequel to Marvel Nemesis: Rise of The Imperfects.

Calahad1615d ago

As am I. I loved the the presentation.

Serjikal_Strike1615d ago

I thought the studio that made the hulk games closed?
I know there's others out there that can do a new one..
It would be nice... Also a new prototype would be cool too