Xbit Labs: MSI X48 Platinum Mainboard Review

Intel X48 Express chipset hasn't been officially announced yet, so until then MSI has all the time to fix the BIOS issues and may even roll out a new mainboard revision of the MSI X48 Platinum. The really sad thing is that mainboards based on Intel flagship chipsets such as X48 Express and X38 Express do not look as attractive as their younger relatives from the Intel P35 Express series.

The chipset price is very high, around $70, which is twice as much as the price of P35. If this is the price of the chipset alone, then the mainboard based on it will start at around $350 or even $400. And why would people go for the flagship solution if it doesn't differ that much from the well established Intel P35 based product neither in speed nor in functionality?

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