Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku: "Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is an expanded, budget re-release of the original game which, you might recall, Kotaku’s own Tina Amini gave a no to. I tried my hand at it as well when it came out and found that while I appreciated a lot of the things it was trying to do, and felt that the game really shined at moments, that I agreed with her — it was a buggy, inconsistent and frustrating experience."

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Blastoise1859d ago

"Should you play this game? No"

Hmmmm, I already bought it. Hope I end up liking it, thought from the trailers the expansion looked really good

joab7771859d ago

I would imagine that if he didn't like the game, he wouldn't be too fond of the expansion. If u loved the game like I did, u will probably love the extra missions.

Blastoise1859d ago

Never played the original which is why I picked up this expanded edition. Plus I heard baaad things about the English voice actors so I'm looking forward to using the Japanese ones it was like £14

Canary1859d ago

I don't understand most of the complaints about the game.

Yes, it has crappy textures. Yes, it has crappy fidelity. Yes, it has crappy animations.

But the game proper is just so damned fun. And buggy? I played nearly 100 hours and never saw a single bug. It seems to me that "buggy" is being used as a euphemism for "ugly." Saw the same thing happen with Nier, and even the Yakuza games.

Xandet1859d ago

The game does have a fair share of flaws, but animations are not one of them. For a Japanese developed title the animations are actually quite fluid, helped in part by some excellent physics.

ItsMeAgain1858d ago

Should I add another complain that I don't understand, either? I've heard many people say, "the game is too hard without reasons, so it is just bad!" That is just ridiculous. Just a small percentage of gamers today like challenging experiences. The vast majority only likes hand holding, easy stuff and such.

Gems like Dragon's Dogma with no hand holding, and challenging are exceptional.

If only this one was a DLC also and not just full game again, I could have purchased it. But, I think I'll pass unless they released it as DLC.

Nevers1858d ago

I found that the flaws (textures, voice acting, trite-plot) were easily overlooked for the fun-factor. I absolutely love the mechanics and art direction. I'm very pleased with my re-purchase with only one night of exploration into the new content.

Neko_Mega1859d ago

I feel like this couldn't have just been a simple dlc then going out buying a new game. I got the normal DD for $19 bucks at Gamestop new.

ApolloTheBoss1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

I'm buying it because I have yet to play DD. Not new, of course. I'm not supporting Capcom in anyway.

Xandet1859d ago

This is one of the few Capcom titles that I actually feel obligated to pay for at full price. This series needs as much support as possible so it's not tossed in the ever-expanding black hole of past Capcom IP's. DD2 with co-op would be incredible.

execution171859d ago

one of the few good Capcom games this gen, only gripe I have with the game is the pawns saying "Goblin Arisen!" every so often... other then that its one of my fave RPGS

Summons751859d ago

No because it's absurdly hard? LOL This guy is the reason the gaming industry is bowing down to casuals, I pray he never play the Souls games.

The first dragon's dogma was great and this is only an expansion to it so I'm all for it.....this review is FAIL

Inception1859d ago

Noobs like him never stand a chance in the face of mighty demon/dark souls :D

ItsMeAgain1858d ago

Oh they do stand a chance! They stand a chance of smashing their controllers to the wall, lmfao.

SuperK1859d ago

Picking it up also. I never had the first realese but a friend did and it looked ok but i was jus knee deep in other games at the time. Hopefully it will be ok :)

Xandet1859d ago

If you're looking for an engaging story and character development, look elsewhere. But what DD lacks in coherency it makes up for 1000x in the combat. I'd go so far as to say it contains the the most enjoyable open-world combat ever developed. The pawn system is also an absolutely wonderful feature. You'll see.

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